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  2. Upgrade Stereo head unit

    I replaced my original Sony with another Sony unit specifically for the BlueTooth capability. It was easy to swap it out, no changes or cutting the console. The sound is good - I'm out on the water so the engine is running, waves are splashing, etc. - don't need to be an audiophile to listen to Alan Jackson at 30 mph. I BT Audio from my Android and life is good.
  3. Upgrade Stereo head unit

    So I have the original deck and the aux. port does not work any longer so time to upgrade. One thing that is a must is blue tooth. The deck that is currently in the boat is the Sony CDX-M60UI. It is mounted under the raised helm with a remote mounted above. The remote is the Sony marine RM-X60M, I also have a USB port above which is the only way I can currently play music (besides CD's) since the Aux. does not work. My question is how do I choose a deck to make sure the current remote and USB work with the new deck? Or even better, does anyone have suggestions for a deck? My speakers are powered by an amp so I am not concerned with having top of the line. Just need a good blue tooth deck that will be compatible with the remote and USB port. Thanks!!
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  5. Anodized Rub Rails

    I have the heavy duty rub rail on mine, and am so glad I have it. Fenders don't always stay in the right places when docked, and the rub rails have saved me many times. BTW: You can clean the rubber on the rub rail easily with acetone. Makes them look brand spankin' new. Easy to do.
  6. Adding Electric Anchor

    Welcome to the forum Tracy! How did you lose 2 anchors? Jus curious.......
  7. Adding Electric Anchor

    You always want to anchor off of the bow, as that will be the pointing into the current/tide. Anchoring off of the stern could cause a boat to swamp, as it will inevitably end up swinging around into the current, and since the stern is the lowest part of the boat it will quickly lead to problems. You also have the engine mounted back there so it's only adding to the problem. Anchor off the bow. As far as mounting a windlass, I think it's a great idea - especially if you're anchoring in any kind of depth. When I go fishing, a lot of times I'll be in 40-60' of water. That's about 150' of rode that I'm putting out to get a 3:1 scope. That's a LOT of line to pull in when it's time to move the boat! How did you lose the anchors?
  8. Adding Electric Anchor

    I would think you could have someFabracation shop make you a mount that's removable that you could mount a rear electric anchor. I have not checked but I'm sure your not the first person that wanted a rear electric anchor. Have you checked to see if a add on exists
  9. Adding Electric Anchor

    Welcome to the forum! Have a few patience and I'm sure you can get some suggestions here! I think Semp just put on his new boat, probably has a few pics on here somewhere! I certainly wouldn't be any help with this!!
  10. Anodized Rub Rails

    Semper: that's good to know, thanks for the info. Depending on where the OPis located shipping might cost more then the part if your pricing is correct.For the record I think bennington has been pretty fair with prices when it comes to Aluminum. I have had to buy a few pieces of plastic trim and some other do' dad's and they were both with in reason as far as cost go's. And someone else else brought up a good point. If your replacing all the Aluminum it might be a good time if your boat Dosent have a rub rail to upgrade to the stainless rub rail.
  11. Adding Electric Anchor

    I have a 21 SSX APG Fish and Cruise Pontoon. We lost two anchors last season. A friend suggested to get a MinnKota DH-40 PontoonAnchor Winch. Has anyone tried this? Did you mount just one? On the front or back? We did get tired of swinging around all of the time when we threw our anchor off the front.I was thinking about getting two of them but we have the extended aft deck and I wasn't sure where to put it. One side has the ladder. Is this not a wise thing to do??? I don't want to wreck my boat. This young lady is tired of hauling in and losing the anchor, though.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Tracy
  12. BennTexx upholstery

    Depends on what your seats are made of Swingback. See Jack's post above if you have the new Bentexx. For those with the older vinylBennington recommends the 303 product line
  13. BennTexx upholstery

    I was told awhile back by a company that does vinyl reupholstering that the best thing you use for "care and feeding" of vinyl is to use mineral oil (yeah, the stuff used in Fleet enemas). It conditions the vinyland keeps it nice and soft. We've been using it down here in the hot Florida environmentfor a couple of years and it works great. We continue to use it whenever we clean the boat (about once/month it gets a full spa treatment). Buy it in big bottles at WalMart. For mildew we use a product called Marine 31. I have not seen anything on the market do a better job of mitigating and preventing mildew like this stuff. Gets rid of existing mildew without damaging the stitching (bleach will eat and destroy the stitching on the seats). As I said before, your playpen cover is your best defense.
  14. new owner question

    I was thinking from what I have read on this forum, that the forum built regardless of budget, after all it is not our money.
  15. BennTexx upholstery

    I have been searching their site ,I cant find any recommendations for protecting .
  16. BennTexx upholstery

    All of this is great information on cleaning but what is the recommended product for protection if any?
  17. Got a really UGLY curve ball thrown at me today

    This has me thinking about the dock here at OC. I have a rental that people bring their boats too. And we have neighbors with powered lifts up and down the channel. I just found this web site that has caught my attention, I'm thinking about installing on of these on our system. Never want to regret anything when it involves the kids playing in our channel behind the houses. Corrosion is also a concern!
  18. BennTexx upholstery

    Some have had trouble opening
  19. Hustler trailer problem

    ^^^^^ This ^^^^^
  20. BennTexx upholstery
  21. Got a really UGLY curve ball thrown at me today

    Yes. That's what leads me to believe it was a combination of the two - mostly that joker's power cord. As Matt said, the current will take the path of least resistance, so the port pontoon being closest to the other boat would start to get eaten up first. I'm guessing the current was slight, but there was enough there to start eating away at the pontoon.
  22. new owner question

    SW Florida (mainly Collier County) were burning pretty good, and they had mandatory evacuations. Those were lifted this morning as the rain that we had yesterday and what's to come today has knocked it down pretty good. That's to the south and east of where we are.
  23. BennTexx upholstery

    Is the 303 vinyl protectant still recommended for the new simtex vinyl used by Bennington?
  24. I love it!

    Keep an eye on the slides on the bottom of the Bow Gate Seat . Mine got wet ,rusted and stained my carpet . I had 303 on the carpet stains came right out . I also switched the slides to plastic ones
  25. I love it!

    MInefit perfectly. just make sure you secure it. Makinghard turns tends to tiltit, allowing it to slide towards the console.I just took a bungee cord and secured between the seat andthe back. I toyed with mounting mine to the floor permanently.
  26. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Happy belated Remediation and HBD Minneboater!
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