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  2. practice, practice, practice. Kaydano has an awesome practice drill he does in a secluded cove and pool noodles.
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  4. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    Our bay and most of the lake is ice free now. Come on spring!!
  5. That's part of my plan, but when the wind is coming from anywhere between South and WNW with authority, there's sizeable waves to contend with. I've only been on a pontoon boat once in my life, and never driven one. I'm told that the wind has more effect on a 'toon than the average boat. I'm going to have a learning curve to climb!
  6. Call me anything you want, just don't call me late for supper!
  7. VF150 vs. F150

    Go with the power assist and yes it can be added. I believe Goldenrod has that same length boat and he was able to get it from the factory that way. As for the motorsIcan't chime in there aside from saying we have the F200 and love it. It will be a completely different animal compared to the 93.
  8. The Winshield Fiasco of 2016

    Bummer to hear it didn't work out. My buddy has a 214ss Monterey and it is a beautiful boat, it just doesn't compare to the ride of a tri-toon. (Even an S series with SPS). You talk about the 250 making the boat look like it is doing a wheelie, how was that chaparral getting on plane????? If it's anything like 99.99999999% of bow riders it went nose high. My buddy comments all the time how fast and smooth ours gets on plane. They are in their early 30's and if they were to do it over again they'd have a pontoon. I wouldn't rule out an S with SPS. They are nice boats and now you can put 250hp on the back of one.
  9. The Winshield Fiasco of 2016

    Get you some of these!!! Inexpensive and all aboard can have one.
  10. It's worth being called a wimp and having power assist.
  11. As far as getting herinto the slip. I always got mine started in the slip, at an angle, killed the power, jumped off and guided it her into my slip by hand. I did have walking access on both sides and roof supports to hold onto.
  12. Fire away. Someone will answer. Great forum.
  13. Yes, the constant feedback to the wheel is something I would not miss. But, if I trim it right, it goes away. I guess the opposite is true, without feedback, might be hard to hit the most efficient trim position.
  14. The Winshield Fiasco of 2016

    Nautical, I want the windshield for the same reason as you. I would have considered trying to have one fabricated for my RLi but it just didn't seem right to protect only me while others froze. They haven't been out that long so finding a used windscreen Bennington may not be that easy. Also I would imagine that eventually they will become available on the G and then the S models
  15. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Feb. 22nd stormtiger(67)
  16. The Winshield Fiasco of 2016

    Of coarse we'll forgive the bad decision. We all make bad decisions! And most of the time,bad decisions usually cost you.Any way,welcome back to the Bennington Pontoon side. If you really liked the ride of the old Benny,then you probably want to stay withe the heavier R or Q series boats. And of coarse, once a ESP owner,always a ESP owner. I know I couldn't go back! What ever your decision on a new boat this time, try to sea trial a like boat first before moving ahead. PADS is really a bad problem around this forum. Your case was a little more complicated. As always,ask the questions.I'm sure someonewill give some type of feed back.
  17. Hi guys, been lurking for a while. Getting ready to pull the trigger on a new 21SL SPS, and am having trouble getting any information from the dealer or finding any information on the web about the benefits of the SHO motor. Its a pretty big difference in price, and from the information I've read the low and mid range power curve is better. I know this would be a benefit, but was wondering if anyone has had both motors to just get a little reassurance. I am also wondering about the Seastar Power Assist. I did not see it available as an option on the builder, and my dealer wasn't sure if I could special order it either. If possible to get on the S model, I was throwing the idea around of just running the F150b with the PWR/A system. My old boat was a '93 JC tritoon with a 150 Mariner. Am I correct to assume that the 21 /SPS/150 package will be a completely different animal in regards to power and handling? At first I said nothing less than 200 on the next boat, but the cost is out of my range. Thank you Buck
  18. The Winshield Fiasco of 2016

    A real sob story. Get your tissues ready. I'm writing all of this in hopes to prevent another from suffering the same tragedy. If I can spare just ONE boat owner . . . There were a couple of things I didn't like about my 2013 22RLCP. I liked the floorplan on paper but not after a few uses. I didn't care that the boat had carpet . . . at first. I never used the sunpad or the changing room under it. I didn't like that I had to stare at a large sticker that said I couldn't use the port side captain's chairs while underway (the only reason I liked the floorplan on paper in the first place). That's about it. Oh, I didn't like the way it sat in the water with the heavy 250HP hanging off the back . . .like it was always trying to "pop a wheelie." I wanted a REAL boat. I wanted a boat that LOOKED like a BOAT. I didn't want to be driving a minivan, I wanted a CORVETTE. Well, there were only a couple of minor things I didn't like about the Benny I had but after only 3 days I found there was almost nothing I likedabout the boat that replaced it. I'm not going to list them and then ask you to help me find a buyer but suffice to say I'm a pontoon guy after all. There's nothing wrong with the boat, it performs as it should, it's just not for us. So how did this happen? My wife and I wanted a windshield (I want to say only she wanted the windshield but she might see this someday or I might get ratted out so I kind of wanted it too, okay?). See, while it was fun going 47 to 49 mph once in a while, whenever I did, the balmy NC weather in Julyturned into Maine weather in April. The supersonic speed made my face distort like in that old movie where the guy sabotaged the centrifugal training machine and the other guy almost died in it when it went really fast. I can't remember the name of the film or plot or the cast but I remember that stupid scene for some stupid reason. I tried to buy another pontoon. Manitou and Bennington both had models with Windshields but YIKES they added boo koo bucks to the price. I sold my boat in the high 40s and would have had to pay mid 70s for a windshield model. It didn't offer much more than my RLCPeither. So here I was, kicked out of the Bennington club by yours truly, all for a windshield I couldn't have. So like Richard Gere in Officer and a Gentleman - - I HAD NOWHERE ELSE TO GO. Now THAT movie I remember well. I turned to the only boat that would have me and my budget . . . yes, a (GASP) fiberglass bowrider. I shopped my little butt off and bought what I thought was a great boat. Great looks, great ride (sorry, no - don't do test drives on Tuesday mornings) and (cue the sunshine and high pitched string chords) a shiny, chrome lined (wait for it . . . . ) WINDSHIELD! Not only that but it has a door below the windshield to cut the boat in half and block even MORE evil airflow. I mean even Bubble Boy would be proud (yeah, I saw that too). So here I am in the exact same position I found myself a year ago . . . trying to sell a near new boat that I don't want and maybe keep enough money to undo this mistake and come home to you guys (if you'd even HAVE someone like me after such a betrayal). If I'm lucky I'll be able to find something decent in the mid 60s. Ride is very important to us or I would just go with an S class with SPS but after having (and losing) the ESP, it makes sense to go back to it even though I'm sure the SPS is pretty close. Moral of the story, if the wind is bothering you, put on a set of goggles. Maybe get a scarf like Snoopy so when you fly your Sopwith Camel around the lake you could look cool and not go down the same road I went down.
  19. F300 vs. 250 SHO

    I don't know . . . I think that old saying was back when 90 HP ruled the water. My vote is go with the 250 and keep your toons clean. I had the 3.3 Yamaha 250 on my 22RLCP and when the toons were clean it reached 49(the 4.3L SHO should do even better?)Going that fast was kind of fun but it was just a gee whiz/been there done thatthing because nobody enjoyed going that fast. That started the windshield fiasco and if you followed my story from last year, you know what happened there. Now I will probably seek out a 250 again when I correct the windshield fiasco (I think I'm going to start a thread with that title when I'm done here) because as soon as my toons got dirty, my top speed was 42. Also, as others have pointed out, the HP to SPEED graph is hardly linear. You can add 50 HP to the top and only gain 2 to 4 mph. Besides, isn't that 300HP the "Offshore" line rather than the more aggressive SHO line? Wouldn't a 250HP SHO perform closer to the non SHO 300HP?
  20. F300 vs. 250 SHO

    On Friday my wife and I are test driving a boat we saw at theboat show. It has a 350 Mercury Verado on the back. As big as that monster of a motor weighs about 80 lbs. less than my I/O. Looking forward to experiencing the hole shot and seeing what kind of numbers it can put up. I'll report back.......
  21. Phone storage solution

    May sound too simple but I use the I ring. the simple adhesive hook holds the phone vertical on the side and a 2 foot iPhone cord from monoprice is long enough to not get around your foot and keeps the phone out of the sun
  22. What model do you own (or want to)

    Definitely! I hope to launch my Benny on Memorial Day weekend, a traditional camp-opening time in Maine. I have 6 weeks vacation in July and August off and plan to put some hours on. I'm going to hate to take it out of the lake for the 140 mile round trip for the Yamaha's 20 hour service.
  23. @ kaydano You killed me with this: "But if you are bumping your budget limit" The poor budget limit was blown up long ago :-( But this is going to be my first and only 'toon, so I want to get it the way I want it. I'm going to get the basic Sea Star because I'll be keeping my boat on a lift much of the time, and the lift is only 9' inside. Could get tricky in the wind. With the full power assist, it's more of having one less thing to go wrong if I don't need it. And if I ever do, I can install the power steering pump and associated myself. You all have been very forthcoming and I really appreciate it! I just hope you don't get sick of my questions. I have done searches and read past threads on subjects, but there's always something . . . !
  24. I'm sorry Tom. We never made it to that side of the boat show. We spent about 7 hrs in the strictly sail side then went over to the separate yacht show. The yacht show was a whole different sightof wealth than I could ever fathom. We saw Luna sitting at port-2nd largest exploration class yacht behind Gates new one. 545 million build price in 2010. Unequipped with the helicopters. Yes plural, toys, and submarines I found unique at the Sail show that the boats we were there to see, you had to have a dealer appt and willing to giveersonalinfo just to hoard.They didn't just allow anybody onto the larger sailboats. What's scary about PADS is when your wife doesn't object. There will be a lot more thought and research done before I put down the deposit that is larger than my current Benny purchase price alone.
  25. New member with new benny on order

    Hope your lake water level returns soon. Were you able to look the new toon over yet? Did everything turn out as you expected? We are really looking forward to being on the river in our new benny this summer.
  26. My first Bennington had feedback cable steering, that means that when a wave hits the motor it throws the steeing off and you are constantly correcting, { I boat on a rough lake} I installed no feedback and it was like night and day. My new boat will have hydraulic, I test drove one last fall and it suits me fine.
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