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  3. Welcome aboard. Black is just soot marks from starting/stopping welds. I've seen hundreds of these black spots on a ton of toon welds (not just Benningtons).
  4. Landscaper: how much time would you estimate that one has to dedicate to maintaining the polished toons? Example each time you pull out do you have to wipe them down? And if so how long do you spend?
  5. Welcome to the forum Kami. Do you have a pic of the welds?
  6. Hi, Just bought a new Bennington (our second) and the welds on the lifting strikes are terrible with black marks and everything. Marina we bought from is trying to tell us that is normal?!? Any thoughts and is there a phone number to contact Bennington directly?
  7. I tried going without Sharkhide and the toons were hazy after just a few hours in the water. Didn't matter that I wiped them down as soon as it was back on the trailer, the only thing that brought them back to full shine was another round of Gord's. Applying Sharkhide was a compromise, I lost the "just polished" mirror finish but it also saved me from becoming a slave to it.
  8. I'm still jealous. I have the tools, but after hearing how much pain is involved with the work, both during, and the after effects, I'm still procrastinating. ...but just looking at those is an inspiration. I wish it wasn't close to 100 degrees here...but then again, what's good procrastination without better excuses?
  9. I grew up in California in the 60's not far from San Francisco. I had a friend who had a bad acid trip once.
  10. I powered on with your trailer.
  11. Very nice. Looks like the perfect setup for driving a pontoon onto the trailer. Think I'll pursue since we trailer every time we go boating.
  12. Pretty cool Alan! Great product! But we have always floated it on. We have done it so many times over the years.........We could do it in our sleep! Ha!
  13. Howdy! We live around Charlotte, NC and have been hearing tells of this secret lake paradise called Lake Jocassee in SC. I believe the boat access is in Devil's Fork state park. It's not a bad drive for us to do a day trip; however, I would like to make a weekend of it. I've heard of folks camping on the lake and I've looked at staying in the state park in a cabin. Right now, finding lodging is an issue. Does anyone in the area have any lodging recommendations and most importantly, how is the lake and is there any must destinations while on the lake? Since I'm pulling my boat, staying overnight at a Holiday Inn and leaving my boat and Yeti's on the boat is something I would like to avoid. Ideally, I would like to find a house or cabin that is close to the lake boat ramp. I'm even up for doing a two - three day trip during the week. Thank you for any recommendations or advice!
  14. I used to float it on, but that was because I have a wonderful boat ramp. At night by myself, pushing the boat from the dock and running to catch it at the launch wasn't the smoothest operation. I finally bit the bullet and bought a loader from 4C Innovations. Not cheap, but MUCH nicer than anything else I could find and has really made loading the boat a lot of fun. It works great in calm or windy conditions. Here's a link. I worked with them on a tritoon package and they drove from Kentucky to the Charlotte area of NC to custom install it. (That was part of the updated design and instructions.) This is by far the best thing I have ever done for my trailer and the safety and care of loading/unloading my boat.
  15. Welcome to the group! Nice looking boat you have there,love that black!
  16. That's what we use and everyone at our lake spots always compliment us on it. Besides the look and build, it even cooks great! My only regret is I bought the bigger size. It works fantastic, but when we have floats and tubes, the smaller profile Q would be a better fit. I also suggest getting one with the temperature gauge. Good luck on your choice!
  17. I agree, biggest issue is making sure to leave the access open when in storage. We've not had to run out bilge much; however, I've opened the door to some major stinkage. (I caused that by throwing wet floats and life jackets in and forgetting about them.) By simply leaving the door open when stored, those smell issues have gone away. One other bit of advice, when I first got my boat, I threw a bunch of the cheap life jackets in the in-toon storage. The issue I had was I left the paper manuals on the life jackets. Eventually they got damp and the paper disintegrated below the plastic floor covering. It coated the inside of the toon with fragments of paper and clogged the bilge. It was ZERO fun getting my adult body in there to scrape and clean all those paper fragments out. I hope this is one lesson you don't have to learn! Other than that, the in-toon storage is worth it's weight in gold to us! Enjoy your new Benni!
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  19. Do the SLXP's with the horizontal 80/20 upholstery have the cup holders built in to the cut out part? I can't remember when I saw one if it did or not. Appreciate any feedback/pics thanks
  20. Lake Norman is much better than Wylie, and much larger. If you need a realtor let me know. She can set you up to view what's available in your parameters.
  21. Welcome to the club, I suspect you are going to have a great summer. This forum is a great source of information. Ask any questions and I guarantee you someone will have an answer.
  22. I was born and raised in San Jose, leaving there in 1969 for a career in the US Army then the Post Office. We retired here around 5 years ago and love it. Depending on where you live on the lake you will have deep water and can boat year round if that is your desire. Check out If you send me an email I can try and email some other info about Lake.
  23. Mike , I was looking at Lake Greenwood to retire on, Ive actually on a mailing list with Emerald real estate for waterfront property would you mind expressing your thoughts on area . I was originally looking at Lake Wylie near Charlotte but property has become very pricey in the last few years
  24. Congrats!
  25. Hurry Back To Bennington!

  26. Welcome
  27. Welcome to the club!
  28. Minnesota is known as the land of 10000 lakes. I lived in St. Cloud in the late 70's, it was a very pretty area. Been to long to make any specific Lake recommendations. I seem to remember that the closer ones were small. We used to go north to "Leech Lake." Big lake, beautiful tourist type area, no leechs that I remember.
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