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  2. Just had the dock and cantilever pontoon lift installed for the season and my Bennington 20 foot SLi is coming next week. I am concerned because the lift rails are quite hight above the water line. I am afraid I won't be able to get the pontoon on the lift with the rails this high. The lift is at its lowest level and the top of the rails appear to be about 6 to 8 inches above the water level. The Bennington has 25 inch pontoons. Thanks for any advice you can give. I live on a river and the bottom of the river shifts year to year.
  3. Anyone install a power steering kit on their boat that didn't have power steering before?? Wondering how hard it is to install and how it works??
  4. Yeah, it was quite the trip home. We were living up in Punta Gorda, FL and went down to Ft. Myers with another couple for a day of boating, beach, lunch & dinner. When we were getting ready to come back home, we pulled in to a marina at Ft. Myers Beach and filled up both tanks. It was just before sunset, and we decided to take the outside Gulf route home instead of the inside ICW route. It was going to be a fantastic sunset as there was not a cloud in the sky, and by being on the outside the next piece of land to our west would have been Texas. So we all get settled in and begin our passage heading west, just south of Sanibel Island when suddenly I get an engine alarm. Turns out we have a ton of water in our fuel tanks. I hailed TowBoatUS on VHF and it takes about 45 minutes for them to get to us. By now it's dark. They hook up the bridle and off we go at 6 kts. I believe the actual distance that they towed us was on the order of 40 miles. As we're going along we had a dolphin following us alongside which was fun to watch. We also learned about what "dew point" meant and how it works. We were drenched from it without a cloud in the sky. Every inch of the surface of the boat was soaked in dew! Along the way, we had happened to move forward in the boat onto to bow seats. When we did, the TowBoatUS captain that was towing us called me on the radio and asked me if we had just done anything on the boat, because we were suddenly doing 7.5 kts - which was a 20% increase in our speed! Moving 4 adults from the stern to the bow made a huge difference. We got back to our dock about 3:30 am. The next day I drained about 5 gallons of water out of tank #1, and about 3 gallons out of tank #1. My neighbor recommended something for the fuel (can't remember what it was now) that would prevent any remaining water from separating from the fuel, so we used the remaining 40+ gallons without incident. I believe I remember seeing a bill for around $1,800 for that night - but it was included in my Unlimited Gold TowBoatUS membership so all it cost me was a $50 tip to each captain.
  5. HBD mtudb and Landscaper!!!
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  7. You don't forget something like that, huh?
  8. Thanks for the info. Perhaps I'll start throwing the switch.
  9. Happy Birthday Mtubd & Landscaper
  10. On my previous boat, the master battery switch cut off everything except the radio memory and the bilge pump.
  11. Mine are red ,to match the boat
  12. Michiman I have a kmc 10 radio and I don't lose any settings when I turn off the battery switch.
  13. I was gonna say "nice pedicure Jack".
  14. This looks like it would fit your needs nicely. It gets great reviews. Also looks like they have great tech support.
  15. When I was towed by TowBoatUS some years ago, they used a bridle and tied it off to both bow cleats. That was a 7-hour tow. They actually had to hand us off to another TowBoatUS as we went into a different county. That guy tied it off in the exact same fashion, and we had a very safe and smooth ride home. We refueled and got two tanks of bad fuel about 35 miles from home.
  16. My Matador Red cover seemed to have survived our first season with only minor bird messes. Actually, they seemed to prefer sitting on our ladder and doing their business there, but not very much mess thankfully.
  17. Six of one, half dozen of the other appears to be the rule on this one. We have the dual set-up and after one season I had no issues with just turning off the helm switches rather than the main perko. I guess I just never thought about doing it so I'm not sure if I just got lucky or what. Not being the sharpest tool, I'm assuming that I'd have to reset my radio settings if I decided to play it really safe and turn off the perko switch, correct?
  18. Nice build to go along with such a beautiful lake! Hard to standout in that neighborhood but I think you'll do it with that new Benny!
  19. Length of tow line is a very serious concern too. With the types of careless boaters I've seen, and heard of on this site, I wouldn't want it too long. We know the stories of reckless boaters cutting in front / behind other boats! I think the u-bolts are the strongest option, but that's if you are the tower, what about if you are the towee? Would you want to be towed by your cleats? I wouldn't. Maybe the pontoon eyelets? Do we all still have that u-bolt on the second cross member? Maybe usable on a two toon boat, but is it really usable on a tri-toon model? All good questions to know the answer to BEFORE you need the answer! Hopefully TB will chime in. Also great comment about the sharp knife.
  20. Sharp build! Enjoy!!
  21. I need a way to charge my batteries but have no shore power. The boat is in the lake all summer and we have a decent stereo system that drains them. I'm curious if anyone out there uses solar to charge/maintain their batteries? Im very green in this area and not sure if I should look into a panel with a controller to power a small charger or if there's a panel direct option without a controller that connects directly to the batteries? Any ideas welcomed. Many thanks
  22. I perused a little more and saw these as well, might be alright for holding bumpers if they work, plus they work for you blackout folks
  23. After being in the slip for 16 days ,Finally got out onto Burt Lake Friday ( not my feet )
  24. Unfortunately, we seem to need a box of these things. Heck, even my son had a summer wedding over my objections. His lame excuse was that was what his bride wanted... You know how that marriage is going to go!
  25. Happy Birthday Landscaper!
  26. Nice going Semp, you have another HAPPY new member.
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