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  2. I have a 2000 2075LX with a Johnson 70. I'm looking for updated info on adding a third log to this older boat. Thanks for any help. I will add some pics later.
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  4. Last boat I had was a 5.0 Mercruiser with a Bravo 3 out drive (dual props). No issues in 7 years other than the computer went out one time. Other than that, 22 years of Mercruiser I/Os with no issues.
  5. My door is 9' high and 10' wide and I have to lay my Bimini all the way flat and I don't have more than a few inches to clear. I'm on a 23" high bunk trailer (14" wheels) so you may be a little lower.
  6. I'm probably stretching it here but does anyone know the max height of a pontoon boat on trailer with the bimini in lowest position. I'm not near my boat and have a chance to grab indoor heated storage at a good price but the ceiling is 8'.
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  8. We have a bilge pump in our I/O compartment. Water only gets in if we are constantly in and out of the water and it seeps down there. But there was one time where the pick up tube of the speedometer was not working properly and it was bringing water into the compartment. At the end of the day when we took the plug out we couldn't figure out where the water was coming from.......
  9. No one wants maintenance issues. When one does have trouble, they usually want prompt service. If getting parts in your area is an issue, you won't be happy. My .02. Good luck.
  10. Good point. I'll call the marina tomorrow on the lake I plan to keep the boat and get their thoughts on parts, preference between the two etc.
  11. Before I bought it, the dealer keeps all of the new boats uncovered, in the lot. Very easily could have been the rain water. They just never got it out during prep.
  12. Both. You can set manual or auto.
  13. That's the basic size I use and they work well. These come with quality line as well.
  14. Very sharp!! Love the pics
  15. Very nice!!
  16. I have a 2017 slxp with sps package and Yamaha 115... same use as you and we are very happy with the size and performance.
  17. Last boat had a merc I/O in Bayliner and I have to say it was trouble free for 9 years just did the normal maintenance. The Volvos in the area I boat are slim to none and parts are the same. Best of luck in your search!
  18. Looking good!
  19. NIce boat, great combo with the SPS and the 150 Yamaha. We have a 22' with the SPS package and a 150 Yamaha and love it. Happy Boating.
  20. Howdy everyone! We just ordered a 2018 SLX 21, with a Merc 90HP Commander Benny. Will arrive in November of 2017. Will need to learn about boating for the next 10 months before we put in next May, 2018. We figured it would be best to build the boat online and order it from our local dealer here in West Michigan. It has been a GREAT experience working with the local dealer. We are taking the online course to be prepared next spring. Any suggestions from you experienced Benningtonn users as to what size fenders we should purchase?. I have studied the multitude of styles, shapes and sizes and am leaning toward a Taylor Made 6.5 X 23 style. 3 of them. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.
  21. I am currently running a 22SLX with a 150 Yamaha and I have the SPS package. It pulls tubes and skis fantastic and has plenty of get up and go... I have seen another around with 115 hp and it performs well. I think on a 20ft boat with SPS a 115 will do a fine job. Like was mentioned above, if it's in the budget a 22 ft and a 150 hp is a nice setup.
  22. Just wondering if anyone has a Bennington with the Volvo Penta Duo Prop setup. I did a search and it came up empty. I had this combination in my Seaswirl Striper. It was a beautiful thing and trouble free for the 4 years I owned the boat. The other option Bennington offers in an I/O is the Mercury V-8. I had a 50 horse mercury outboard on a Klamath boat in 2008 and it was nothing but problems, so I'm a little hesitant on the Mercury I/O, plus I don't really know much about them. Thoughts on either would be appreciated.
  23. Pete La Vance auto repair on 35 and seventh ave. just into Neptune from Neptune city. Was across from Frank and Bettys toy store. My whole family is from the area. All went to Manasquan high
  24. My previous boat was a 22' SSRX with the express toon package. I had a Mercury 115 and we were very happy with it. Pulled tubes with no problems at all.
  25. What was the name of the shop and what was it? Lived in Brielle in the 80's with wife #2 and in Pt Pleasant in the early 90's. Then Neptune with current wife and then to Jackson until 2006 when we moved to Lake Norman.
  26. I think if you're maxing out the hp for the hull size plus pushing for a higher performance 115 you should be fine, I've seen multiple boats this summer with 3 logs and 115 and the owners seemed happy with them. Obviously the 150 would be a little faster but if it doesn't fit the budget I think you're on the right track. Best thing you can do is keep an eye out and test ride the similar configuration and see what YOU think. I given many a test ride for my dealer, quite a few led to sales. If you ask any owner I'm sure they'd take you for a spin! Just my 2 cents!
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