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    You may be aware that Bennington is experiencing unprecedented demand this year. As a result, a few of our suppliers are struggling to keep pace with our production plan, which in some cases is causing delays in completing boats at our normal pace. Certain models are experiencing longer delays than others, potentially as much as several weeks. Bennington remains committed to producing the highest quality boats in the industry and we cannot cut corners in an effort to rush boats out the door. We continue to look for ways to improve our delivery schedule wherever possible without sacrificing our important quality standards. Our dealers and retail customers are our first priority and we apologize sincerely for not meeting some delivery expectations recently...every one of you, your family and friends and your happiness on the water is important to us. We will do everything in our power to deliver boats in a timely manner.
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    Thanks to Bob Sell @ F&S Yamaha & Marine for teaching me about the Quick Clip trick. This is a video I made for using the quick clips, how to stow cover neatly by rolling, and unrolling for easy covering. Note: This is the way I've uncovered and covered for a couple years and it's pretty fast and simple, vs. balling up the cover then trying to figure out the front from the rear. As I state in the video, if you don't have a side door zipper, get one installed. It makes a world of difference. 3-1/2 years of climbing in on hands and knees ..... no more. Now I can just stoop down, and walk in. Just an FYI ... time to uncover and roll .... MAYBE 4-5 minutes. Time to unroll and cover, again MAYBE 4-5 minutes. If you roll it up as shown, there's no guesswork to unrolling. The rear is always at the outer edge of the roll with the puddle strap.
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    Finally remembered to snap a couple pics of the lights, Bennington did well on the RGB setup.
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    Perfect Monday on Lake Norman. Sunny and 88 degrees. Spent about 8 hrs.on the water before tucking her away for another day........
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    Sitting on the couch last evening, watching some television while my wife was scrolling through her iPad. She looked at me and said, "I think I've found our upgraded pontoon!" She showed me a video of it. It was truly loaded, oh, and BTW, it had a 300 Merc perched on the back. I said "now, we really don't need a 300. A 150 will do just fine". She said if we are going to upgrade, we need to "upgrade". My eyes Widened! Isn't she a sweet wife?
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    Well, I did it. I took down the 'for sale' ads late last week. I still have one potential buyer that is looking into it, but barring some incredible offer and a major change in how I'm feeling about it, I'm keeping my Bennington for a long, long time. I've never been more excited to get her out on the water. I have some huge work projects that wrap up at the end of May and then we'll be back to once a month, 5-6 day Lake Powell trips into Fall. I can't wait to get back out there.
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    Not sure where to start this recollection of events so here goes..........Our boat has been sitting in our back yard waiting for the water levels at the marina to drop so they can open the slips for the season. As I'm sulking and pondering why I remain in this area (oh yea, kids still in school) and finished nearly every pre-season polishing and buffing possible (to include the yearly 303 fabric guard on the playpen cover) I realize that a line of intense thunderstorms with tornado warnings are rapidly moving our way. Winds were pretty intense and I find that one of the poles punched through the top cap to the playpen cover and there is a huge amount of water pooled in the middle side portion of the cover - probably enough to fill a kids little plastic pool. Two things make this worthy of a potential commercial for the 303 fabric guard product. One, the fact that not a drip of water seeped through that cover and the inside of the boat was bone dry and two, a rather disturbing visual was me inside the boat (picture a rather big portly guy) shoving my back up into that water from inside the boat trying to get it to drain off the side while making some newly discovered grunts and groans along with a few f bombs from underneath that cover. I exit the boat - sliding out the back and down the ladder to find my wife and son standing there shaking their heads while my wife explains that two neighbors asked her if I was ok. I'm seriously going to need some therapy if I don't get that thing in the water soon. If you have ever experienced winters in Syracuse, NY you'll understand my need to get out on the boat. Just thought I'd share and hopefully provide some comic relief for the night.
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    Due to extremely heavy rains we didn't get to enjoy the new boat any over the weekend. I was hoping to get some good pictures out in the sun but that's going to have to wait. Snapped a couple of it under the roof though.
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    We picked up the boat this morning. Got it to our cottage. Managed to knock down the first 2 hours of break in on our Mercury. AND we are fully ready for Memorial Day weekend on the water. During Orienations #1 During Orientation #2 During Orientation #3 Cottage on Lift #1 Cottage on Lift #2 Youngest son enjoying our maiden voyage My Thumbs Up on the New Boat
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    Ha! That's Funny, I didn't realize it was in the shot. I actually brought that along for the guy that was Rigging and Prepping my boat. I figured that's the kind of guy that you want to take care of. I had my sales guy ask him what kind of Brew he liked, and figured it couldn't hurt to hook him up with a little gratitude.
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    Nope, afraid my wife might grab it and shoot me
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    My "unholy trinity" are cars, guns, and watches. Here are some of the cars currently in the garage. I'm a sucker for those red cars.
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    FLASH! Took the boat to another dealer today. His service guy took a look at it and said..... "I'm pretty sure these pontoons can be repaired. We have a company who does our aluminum welding work and I'd like you to take it over to him while you're here." I took the boat over to him and he took a good look at it, pounded on the walls of each section of each pontoon and said that the holes are small enough that they can be aluminum welded and sealed. He's going to pressure test each of the sections, see what other leaks there are and we'll go from there. As it stands now, he said he doesn't see the cost exceeding $4,000 tops - assuming that there are no surprises under the keel (which he said he didn't expect to see, based on the rest of the pontoons. The only problem is that he has a 3 week backlog. In addition, he's going to buff/shine all 3 tubes (I was going to do this after the soda blasting), and do the Sharkhide. He said that we should not try and remove any material to try and smooth out the pitting. He said we're better off using any epoxy to smooth that all out and just bottom-coat the boat again. If we try and buff/smooth them out, we could cause more problems. So we're back to bottom painting. I've got to run but will post more when I return. GREAT NEWS!
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    Thanks all. I contacted the dealer this morning and we are heading over there shortly to review their inventory and see what, if anything, we can work out. Even if it ends up that it can't be worked out, the way the dealer has handled this so far has been absolutely amazing. I was very impressed by their professionalism and the fact that they said several times that they want to be sure I'm happy. I probably would not have contacted the dealer if not for this forum and your suggestion to do so; I would have though it fruitless/silly....but you are right; the dealer wants us to be happy. Will let you know what happens.
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    Its over Up North too ,48 this morning @ 9:00 AM when we put it in . 1st one in at our marina
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    Winter is now officially over for this guy. Our friends were out on their new Benny yesterday too.
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    It's fun to see the reaction people have when they see it, everywhere we went Saturday I had people gathered around. I went to the slip to uncover it Saturday morning and had 2 guys standing there drooling over it and waited for me to uncover it and look at the rest of the boat. Yea I was smiling just a little
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    We ordered our first Bennington and can not wait to check it out in May. Nothing special, 20 SFNPX with a small 50 Merc. Just wanted a small pontoon for cruising and fishing since it will just be the two of us and our two labs. I am pretty sure it will be just as much fun for us as the bigger ones are for others!!!
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    From the album mattb

    Spent a few hours on Alum Creek Lake. Daughter caught a little bass, had some lunch, (not the bass), Benni performed great, got up to 39.6 mph 3/4 tank, and the three of us, 4 with the dog. Lovin it!!
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    I'm not sure how to start this, but wanted to share it with a group who would possibly support this great dealership, his family and friends in such a sorrowful moment. I was on Facebook the other day and a story hit my newsfeed that the owner of the dealership where I ordered my Bennington had passed away unexpectedly on 5/17/2017! I was in total shock as I read the brief story. His name was Jerry Woods and we met through a referral from one of the Bennington representatives. We talked countless times on the phone and I had the honor and privilege of working with him to complete my order on March 31, 2017. He instantly put me at ease and we struck up a very good relationship in our conversations and meetings. He was the type of gentleman you feel completely at ease with and instantly can tell he was a man who valued honestly and friendship, while still running a very successful marina and boat dealership. He was very patient with me and helped me land on the right boat for our family. More importantly, after reading all of the comments on his legacy page, it is clear he treated all of his friends and customers with this same respect and honesty. I guess I am asking for y'alls thoughts and prayers for his wife Diana, and the entire Woods family during this tough time. He has a sign above the dealership entrance that says "enter as strangers, leave as friends" - it certainly was true in my (and many, many others) case. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/jerry-woods-obituary?pid=1000000185407356&view=guestbook&page=2
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    Well, as it is we got one day yesterday that was sunny but cool, and I spent most of the day flipping the goggles up and down and wiping drool from the Pillow Top Captains chair and the wheel I have only one picture to post for this week as the weather is quite nasty today and the week looks not much better. 48.6 GPS but running up into the 6000's, waiting for the correct Prop, which should be in later in the week. This thing jumps out of the water literally can't wait for the RX 4 17P as the Cyclone 16 isn't enough prop for it.
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    I'm with Spoiledrotten. As citizen of the USA it is your responsibility to protect your family, home and property. The police are only able to react once a crime has already been committed and in many cases it's too late.
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    Yes, I always carry, everywhere. We go to sandbars many times and for several hours. You never know what or who is slipping through the woods of the swamp. For that reason, I carry. And yes, since I'm head of security at my church, I carry there as well. Churches are being attacked all across our country. If people will attack groups at a church, they'll surely attack a couple on a lone sand bar. I hope I never have to use mine to defend from an attack, but I like knowing that the odds won't be completely in the thug's or wild animal's favor.
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    My family was always into the water. I was born in the Chicago area and my Dad's side of the family had a cottage in lower Michigan about three hours from the City. We took many vacations there with the 1964 Mark Twain Merc Cruiser. My Mom's side of the family was also enjoyed the water. I have fond memories traveling and being on the lake of the Ozarks with my grandfather and my family. I learned to water ski when I was 5 years old and my brothers and sister were all in water skis by the age of 5. In 1976 we visited some friends of the family in southern Wisconsin who live on a lake. My Mom fell in love with it and my Dad did also so in 1976 they purchased a lake front home in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. I was 11 at the time and for the next 12 years it was like living at a resort during the summer time. Those high school and college years with the lake were incredibly fun. The parents had to sell the lake place in 1987 as my mom was fairly ill at the time and needed a kidney transplant. We kept the pontoon boat and had slipped still on the same lake in Wisconsin. It was a short drive from Northern Illinois to have a great day on the lake. My brother put his own pontoon on the lake also. I usually just joined either my Dad or my brother on his. I moved away for work in the late 90's but always looked forward to getting home for some lake time. Ended up moving several times and landed in Kansas City, MO. I met my wife in 2005 and she had some lake view property and she said she was looking for someone with a boat . We were the perfect match! She loved the water I loved the water so I purchased my first Bennington back in 2006. We have built a real nice place there through additional land purchases with a 5 mile view of the lake. This was getting back to my roots for me having the boat on the lake. We go down every weekend from March through September and it least once a month year round. I inherited the same kidney disease that my mother had and received a Kidney Transplant in 2010. At the age of 53, I have lived longer than anyone in my family who was unfortunate enough to get the disease. I have always been responsible financially and like others of have said in their posts tomorrow is not promised to anyone. My pads episode this past year was part of that understanding in making sure i grab life and live while I can! There is no where that gives me serenity like being on a boat on the lake does.
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    On a lighter note,several years ago. I dropped the kids of at a bar named Seacrets. I went in for a drink with some friends that rode with me. Ended coming out an hour later to find a naked couple having sex on the floor. As I came in the side door,my buddy was untying the bow lines. As the couple stood up trying to gather clothing. My buddy opened the front gate and announced "I guess you have to do the walk of shame to the young lady" while the guy was offering to buy us a drink. It's amazing how that little sun dress slipped on as she walked to the front gate. Second part of this outing that wasn't fun,my buddy told our wives about it over breakfast. So guess who had to RUG DOCTOR the carpet on the old boat before they would go out again. And I didn't even get mad! LOL
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    Got the boat in at the dealership today and we raised the motor up 2 holes and changed out the prop for a 16 pitch enertia. Unfortunately the wind was horrible today (25-30mph gusts) and due to all the rains last weekend the water wasn't safe to be really trying the boat out. We did manage to get some short runs in and there is a very noticeable difference. Last week on the setup we left the dealership with we had about 40 gallons of fuel on board and managed to see 51 mph once briefly on the speedo with only the wife and myself. Later we had 6 adults and the puppy plus some gear and saw 49 mph. Today in terrible conditions we had a completely full tank of fuel and hit 51-52 anytime I got to try it for a second, actually 52.2 mph. I think we will see 53-54 on good water with this setup. The 16p enertia did great, I don't think we lost any performance from takeoff or any acceleration and after raising the motor we're still turning 6300-6400 rpms. I would love to try a 17 pitch but the dealer didn't have one in stock. I'm going to run this setup until after the break in period is over and hopefully find a 17 pitch to demo. The weather is supposed to be good here Saturday and hopefully the water has a lot less floating objects by then so I can get some more numbers.
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    We were able to finally get the new 23 RCW in the water and get the first initial break in on the Yamaha completed. The weather condition were not very good very windy and cool to cold but that did not deter us. My initial performance numbers were very good considering the awful conditions.I had 55 gallons of few fuel and 3 adults and a 100 pound dog. My top speed was 49.3( this was just me on the boat with the dog all other numbers were with 3 adults and dog) at 5900 RPMs and that was with about 28 gallons of fuel. Early numbers at 5,800 RPMs were between 47.3 and 48.5. I would call it a strong 45 to 47 MPH and with good conditions and proper trimming you can hit 49 to 50. I will post my detaied specs in the spec thread. Although, I had been around boats and lakes my whole life and have lived on lakes for large portion of my life, I never understood prop science until I joined this forum. I am always amazed at the wisdom in this community. I attached some pics from Maiden Voyage weekend. The one pic of the speed was on the first day and the worst winds with about 48 gallons of fuel. Very good reading regardless.
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    We contemplated a triple but figured we'd lose too much speed .....
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    My 2012 2575QCW came with 4 kicker speakers and a Sony X-plod deck and Wired remote. It's the cheep entry level system you can't expect much. i figured I was gonna put a high end system in my boat so don't spend any money on stuff you just going to not use. Well I'll fast forward to almost 5 years later. I'm still rocking basically "the stock system" and I'm totally happy with it. So if you have crappy "stock sound" and you don't wanna spend any money here is some advice. I was turned onto the Sony MEX XB100BT head unit from a Fourm member. I have been running it for some time and wanted to report back. In my opinion your stock head unit has NO power. That's 1/2 of the reason your system sounds like crap. Remove your stock head unit and throw it away. The Sony Mex XB100BT has 100 watts of power. Plenty of power to push your 4 stock speakers that's 25 watts per speaker. (For your 4 channel stock system) Your not gonna win any stereo contest but it's a far cry better then what you have now if your system is bone stock. simply removing your stock head unit and swapping it out for a new high power head unit will make a big difference. And they are only $198 on Amazon. Now if you have the stock kicker speakers or newer offerings your in luck that's the other 50% of the equation. (Descent Speakers) If you have deasent speakers and just enough power to push them your golden. Most people that have a 2012 or newer boat have good enough speakers to make it happen. Another bonus is low power draw for a system that sounds this good you typically need a Amp and that means more power draw. I have 1 Group 31 deep cycle battery in my boat.(stock battery is a Group 24) That 1 Group 31 battery has more then enough power to play your stereo at a reasonable volume ALL DAY LONG. And still start your boat at the end of the day. I can tell you this because I have done it for the past 4+ years so. (Full Disclosure) I keep a jump start pack handy, so that if I ever have run flat I have somthing up my sleeve. Only 3 potential down sides that I can see that would hinder Fourm members #1 the new high power head unit asks you to run a larger gauge power wire to the Headunit. So if your batterys are not close your gonna have to pull a wire. Not a big deal but it's not plug and play. #2 if your boat came with a factory Sony dash or lounger remote your gonna need to swap it out for a new one, because the Orignal RM-X60M is not compatible with the new MEX XB100BT head unit. if you want the convenience of a dash mounted remote you need to find a Sony RM-X11M. This brings me to the last down side to this install. #3 The Orignal Sony RM-X60M remote is a larger remote. The RM-X11M is a smaller and you would need to fab up a filler plate to mount the new remote. All down sides considered I still think is a worth while upgrade. Here are some pictures of my remote retro fit. here is what your dash looks like after you remove the stock remote I made this filler piece out of Abs plastic Then I coverd it with some vinyl I had laying around. Here it is in the Dash
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    There was spam activity in the Personal Message area yesterday, and we are having a security expert look at this today. In the meantime we have temporarily disabled private messages so it should keep the spam from hitting. If you see anything hitting the live site please post a message in this topic. (We are monitoring) If the spam becomes a larger issue we can bring the board offline until it is resolved. ALSO, we plan to update the Forum software this summer...looking forward to a facelift! Thanks, TB
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    Yeah, but if you are a responsible gun owner no one ever knows you are carrying anyway, until you need them to know Most concealed carry owners don't get all in a panic either if an establishment says no carrying allowed, because they will never know you are carrying. If something went down, I would rather be alive and just pay the damn fine
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    Our new dock goes in this upcoming Monday. Lift is going in the end of this upcoming week. Weather permitting, we finally take delivery of our new boat next Monday. Who knows, I may be able to finally post pictures...? Been dying to see it, get in it, etc... since it arrived at the dealership and went into storage back in March. Our only worry is that the weather forecast may not facilitate the delivery day. Keeping my fingers crossed. If weather doesn't mess it up, we will have it Monday 5/22, and we will be up and running on the water Memorial Day weekend.
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    Always carry, and don't like anyone trying to make people feel that they are doing anything wrong by exercising their right to do so. As far as drinking goes, drinking causes more problems on the water than firearms ever have.
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    I'm planning on toting an AR, being in a very remote area where law enforcement response time would likely be measured in hours. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!
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    Not always, but most of the time. I have a Concealed Weapon License (CWL) here in FL. Often times I'll go out with my 1911 in my bag. The interesting thing in FL is that if you are fishing, you can legally open carry your firearm. I would not want to fall in the water with it on, so I leave it in my bag. If I were going to come across a need for it, I figure I'll have ample time to get it out. I'm not out looking for any trouble, but I'm of the school "better to have and not need, than to need and not have".
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    BigKahuna, I thank you for your service as a citizen of this great Nation. Thanks to all Law enforcement . Times are certainly changing.
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    I was under idle comming back to our marina. It was pitch black outside. We were winding down from a good eve. We had the music real low and we're just haveing a conversation with some friends. And I heard what sounded like a Cow mooooo. I quickly turned down the music and asked everyone "Did you hear that" ? Everyone said No. hear what? I thought I must have heard a cow (we have them around the lake). I put the boat back in gear and turn the music back up and right then Moooooo again this time much louder Much closer. This time everyone hears it. I throw the boat in neutral turn off the music and inspect. It's a Dumb A$$ drunk idiot swimming directly in front of me in the middle of the lake. The moooooing i heard is his was of telling me I'm about to run his a$$ over!!! I was so relieved I didn't run him over. I say out to him hey are you ok! He yells back F" you. I was laughing. Ok buddy have a nice swim. On my way back to the dock it made me think. If I would have run him over, (totally his fault) and I would have had even 1 oz of booze in my system you know I would have been up a creek. Be safe out their people even when you least expect it a idiot can ruin your life.
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    With the heavy rains last week, my design was put to the test and passed. Over 11 inches in 8 days.
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    Your next step...run immediately to the nearest Bennington dealer and close the deal before she changes her mind!!!
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    I don't think he even knows about the forum. (He used to work for Citizens too!!! We hired in together and have stayed friends since) I did consult them on their purchase before they pulled the trigger. They came down and I took their family out for a ride and went over the must haves. So they ended up with sps, a 150 and power steering!!! Once they get past the break in period it will be a good comparison between the 150 and 200 as they are both 24 S series with the SPS package. I'll have to do a video drag race this summer.
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    I have boated on this lake for many years, and in the roughest weather without hitting a dock head on. I have put my share of scratches on the pontoons. This new boat was ordered last September and paid for 2 weeks ago. I also rent my boat slip off the same marina. Anger would have been the easiest emotion to express at the time, but as I have aged I realize that staying calm and rational works most of the time. I can't guarantee that I won't lose my temper, but I will wait until I find out what the repair process is. This marina sells alot of Benningtons so I am hoping that may have some bearing on getting the needed parts/repairs done in a timely fashion. Thanks for everyone's support on this forum.
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    Mine was at the ramp, but still an idiot, cause every now and then you see them there. Sitting at the courtesy dock waiting for friends to come back with a pizza. Full size GM van, conversion type, 1500 series, pulling an older deeeeep V cruiser 27-28', and a two up jet ski trailer behind that. Proceeds to back it all down the ramp, well, try and try and try again, again, again, you get the picture. Of course, this took up two lanes of a 4 lane ramp on a summer Friday afternoon. Finally gets the skis afloat, and then the fun ensues. No posi, one tire going up in smoke, back down a little try again, smoke again, again, again, you get the picture, he finally gets out. All the while, one ski is out and idling around, the other wont start. Of course, they are standing in the water in the lane of the ramp, just a crankin and crankin, you get the, oh never mind. Finally,,, kills the battery. Go get the portable, kills the portable. Pizza shows up, I'm gone. I'll never claim to be a genius... I am so damn glad i'm not a freaking IDIOT. But if you are... do you know it???
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    Panthergirl said we should have followed them to their car, climbed in it and start taking pics .......
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    I really would hate to see you post up next year "I bought my toon in MN. and took it to AZ., now I have a problem and I'm pushed to the rear of the line as the AZ. dealer is taking care of his customers first" Even if you have to spend a little more $$, don't make that mistake. Call the dealer back and follow up. Don't assume they don't care. Maybe they thought you were a tire kicker and not completely serious. We all get busy, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease. As for rebates, spiffs, etc....., worry about what YOU are paying and if you are comfortable with it. The dealer may be passing on any "rebate" in the front side of the deal. It may also just be a disclaimer they have to have n the contracts to cover their butts.
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    Mike, after hearing your first encounter. The excitement will only get better as you increase your speeds with the SPS and power steering. Those of us that have the power steering would never go back! Mark another one on the column for a well informed buyer because they got involved with the forum. Now enjoy the hell out of that boat!
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    Took my new (to me) 2375 RLTD for a water test yesterday. The dealer cleaned it up nicely, though I plan on spending some more time myself on the toons (and applying some Shark Hide) when I get her home. Dealer is still working on a few minor punch list items, but I should have her home this week. After warming her up, I was surprised to see her hit 38 MPH (using speedo app on my phone). I was also surprised by how quickly she gets out of the hole and planes out. The tri-toons handle surprising well. My kids were concerned that a pontoon boat would be less fun for tubing (migrating from Malibu Wakesetters). I don't think they'll have ANY complaints once I start whipping them around.
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    No doubt if I lived on a lake that had lake front access I would be all over having a dock with a boat house and lift. But it would have to be my full time residence close to work,( wait I would want to be retired), on a lake that never got rough, was crystal clear, year round perfect swimming temperatures, outstanding fishing, scantily clad, ok I woke up!! Just a nice lake.
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    What a dumb dumb. Man unless your a sales person with boat driving skills "don't drive anyone's new boat" especially when they are waiting to take delivery right in front of you. What a complete idiot. I understand wind conditions and current always make docking tricky, and we all know he didn't mean to do it. if I was a boat sales person. And I had any doubt about parking. I would just park the boat on a common dock that's easy to get to and let the new owner have at it. "With that said" try not to let this mistake and boat Dammage ruin your new boat experience. Try and wash it from your mind. Have peace knowing, the dealer will take care of it this winter time. Enjoy your new boat. The upside is you could have done the exact same Dammage yourself and you would be on the hook for it. Some advice. Have your dealer order a toon right away. Don't wait for the (let's do it in the winter time) speach It's gonna take 3-4 weeks to get it made up and or in the system. And then it may take a few months b4 it gets here (shipping) assuming the right toon shows up with out damage your 2-3 months down the road from now. If the wrong tube shows up or it's damaged then you have to start the process all over again. So my advice is "the sooner the tooner " the better it will take them a full day to remove and replace your room. Sorry that happens to you but it could be worse.
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    No doubt. I would have assumed a much more serious price hike. I am surprised. Of course, for someone like me coming from the high end of an S series, the difference would be pretty significant I would imagine. I'd double check on the boat builder, but I do not want to risk any PAD related thoughts entering into my head. Repeat after me: "I am happy with my boat. I am happy with my boat. I am..."