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    This time with the image. First day on Lewis & Clark SD.
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    I went by the dealership to see about a 2018 blackout edition with a 150 Yammy, that my wife saw from the street while riding by. It's got the rear facing loungers that my wife had to have. After I talked to the rep for a little while, he said he had the name of someone looking for a 20' like mine. He called the guy. Well, this morning, we took my boat out for the prospective buyer to try out. He said as far as he's concerned, it's sold. He has to get a cashiers check to me to seal the deal. I spent the rest of this morning cleaning out the toon.
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    We had the pleasure of meeting Pon tuna salad and his family today...............by mistake! We were at my sister in laws lake home in Sherrills Ford letting the dogs out. When we were walking down to the dock I waved to a family in a dark Bennington. They went down to the end of the cove and came back. That's when I heard............Big Kahuna! Ha! He had recognized the new wrap and the Benny logo on the front door! Small small world! They were just exploring another cove they've never been in and we just happen to be in it..........Can't believe we didn't take a few pics. Their Swingback Benny is gorgeous!!!
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    My ideal speed is zero. It indicates that I've found the perfect spot and don't need to look any further.
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    I recently picked up a DJI Mavic Pro drone and have been enjoying learning to fly and shoot footage with it. I'm actually considering putting a vinyl circle-H on my top deck, since it's a perfect drone launch pad for river shots! The cinematography is beginner level, but I really enjoy playing with this drone from my 'toon! My wife and I spent last week at our place on the Columbia River outside Wenatchee, WA. I was lucky enough to get some footage before all the smoke from the BC wildfires drifted in the next day.
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    So after a brief moment without a bennington I am am back. I i traded my 2375 arch for a Harris Crowne and after 18 months I miss you guys. I have gone nuts and my NEW Benny will be delivered on Friday. OTW is a a windscreen arch with a big block 502 and thru hulls and all the fixins. I missed y'all and am glad to be back !!!!!
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    new tritoon Bennington 22slx with a 150 merc....love it
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    I got to open it up again. Got the co-captain to video. 37 mph on the river.
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    I only have these however, I have the guy here today repolishing and I will get more pics when done. I am going to the first weld from the back on the center toon as well as the nose cone.
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    I bit the bullet. I surely appreciate the advice about the sps, but like I said, I don't have antpything to compare it to, so I'll be happy with the EPP. The SPS would be another $4000. I believe we're going to be very happy with this one. Pics are in my gallery.
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    This is what mine should look like. I found this image online.
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    Great news , I spoke with Bennington today and they are still on schedule to start the build tomorrow ( August 1st ) it will be one of the first 2018's Built . They said everything is there and shouldn't be any delays ,fingers crossed. I have requested pictures during the build and if I do receive them I will post as it goes . and Yes I'm very excited can't wait to get back on the water its been a very long summer
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    It was a surprise. Never expected to see you in just a random cove on a big lake. Good thing you put pictures of the new wrap in the gallery. I recognized the wrap on the front door. Big world made smaller by Bennington's forum. Big K got to meet Boone dog that started this journey.
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    Carl and Suzi, Diane and I had the pleasure of meeting forum member MH663 Marlon and Joy Hardwick of Ohio last summer. They towed their Benny down to Lake Norman rented a home and wanted to check out what this area had to offer. Got to spend some quality time with them and found out that they are truly a down to earth nice couple. Just found out that he was in a bad accident last Wednesday and he passed away on Friday. We don't know the details. Please keep his wife Joy and his family in your prayers......
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    My boat is in at the Marina. Went up yesterday and she is a beauty. Went for the test ride and can't wait to bring her home this monday. Trying to attach some pics
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    Thanks, guys, great help. Am thinking of keeping it, beautiful boat, getting on it more now. Friends coming around! Might just switch lakes, take it to like a chain of lakes or something, for different environment. Will keep you posted. Thanks again for your support.
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    Here are some pics from picking her up yesterday. Found a bolt head broke off the ski/tow bar but dealer was able to have fixed in no time at all.
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    Good for you. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. We have many people lately who use these as "driving lights" at night all over the lake. My stainless LED DOCKING lights are great for illuminating the entrance to our boat lift at night. Other than that they're never used. I have a very powerful handheld spot if needed to see obstacles out on the lake.
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    Smaller... They are 12v electric boats with built in water cannons!
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    I tried to load a pic, I need to put it in the gallery first I guess, it's a stainless rack that mounted right to the fence, works perfect, let me get working on the pic.
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    Hi all. New Bennington finally arrivd mid July after a February order - 6 months seemed like 6 years... I love this site and have learned a lot reading through the posts. I haven't seen anyone with my model: 2017 22SSRFBXP with a Yamaha 115 and SPS. We launched a couple of weeks ago and so far so good. I was worried about speed and pulling tubers but she's handled everything well so far. I've read a lot of the posts on props and plan to investigate more after she's completely broke in. Summer can now begin! (.......and I think I figured how to post pictures)
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    You are so right. Just hanging is cool. When you tell people you want to sell it, now they want to go on it. One guy mentioned buyer's remorse; I was getting that just preparing to sell it! And a new boating friend and their fam/kids has summer home on a chain around here and offered to dock it there, keep costs down. Thanks and happy boating. Will keep you guys posted.
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    Took a wave to the under deck horn the other day ,got very quite . Took a can of compressed air out yesterday ,sprayed it in the horn ,water literately poured out .Horn works again .
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    Thanks guys just spoke to her, something tells me she's going to find time to take the ride. I'm a little nervous she's going to come back and tell me we're closing on a place in a month.
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    That's not to bad....really it could have been a LOT worse. I've bumped a few docks and lefts some marks on the toons over the years. I like to call them beauty marks.....it shows that you actually USE your boat and don't just let it collect dust docked in the marina. Should get some new pics of our toons and I do have a few marks where the sharkhide has been scuffed off and the toons look dark colored. Not really damaged other than a little cosmetic blemish. Like mentioned before the first mark/scratch will sooner or later happen and now that it has there are no more worries of putting that fist beauty mark on the shiny new boat. Get it out and enjoy the rest of the boating season and don't worry about it. You CAN'T see the scratch from the helm but you can see things like this from the helm! It's all about making memories with family and friends out on the water.
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    There is a genetic mutation in males that causes us to crave speed. Sounds like you need to upgrade to a windscreen model!! Luckily my son loves going fast so I use her famous line for when she buys him stuff. "It's for Austin"
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    Had a great time at Fontana. The resort wasn't like Mrs. Salad remembered, after all it had been 3.... years. Even at noon on Saturday after July 4th, the lake was smooth as glass. Only saw 6 boats underway in the first 17 miles traveling upstream. We went 27 miles upstream on our Waverunner then noticed the thunderclouds and Mrs. Salad didn't have a problem with WOT on the way back to the resort 25 miles away. There are 3 rivers that make the lake. When you are in a hurry, every tree and every cove looks the same. No landmarks and only 9 channel markers in over 20 miles. We made it back just as the storm caught us. Oh yea, they welded up the toon and we got it back in time for last weekend.
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    +1 on going for the f200 with the sps package. We love ours. Having owned a 115 I can say this, it's like a reese's cup with no peanut butter inside.
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    Well, I picked the trailer Monday , everything is going well the dealer has received her on Tuesday and got the motor Wednesday , had her in the water testing props . So as planned we are pulling out Friday to St Cloud , we actually. Added a extra stop we have a tour scheduled at the Bennington factory . The wait is almost over !
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    FORGOT to update u guys. According to Bennington warranty administrator we are to only use the ski/tow bar. She said to never hook to the hooks at the back of the toons !
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    Noticed this on the 4th of July on the only time we have been out at night in complete darkness. So many boats with their docking lots on in the middle of the lake nowhere near a dock/slip.
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    The EPP package is not a banking,performance system. It will give you more buoyancy and speed but it will never turn like an SPS or ESP.
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    I retrieved my hat twice with mine.
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    Sorry for the delay in responding. We just got back from the week on Lewis and Clark in SD. Henry is 20 months old. Loves to "drive" the boat, tractor or anything with a steering wheel. Loves to swim. jumps in, with a jacket on, goes under, comes up spitting and sputtering and grinning. His 10 month old cousin Francis just looks at him like "what the heck are you doing?". Good times.
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    As my kids and nieces and nephews get older I find them wanting to go faster and do more sharp turns. This, in turn, slowly makes me think I may have wanted that 150 after all when I built the boat.
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    Happy birthday to Mrs. Lakeliving today as well!
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    I know some you guys don't like this but that to me is one of the best sounds on the lake. And then to top it off it's coming out of a Benni. Hell yeah.
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    Go to Fla. for one winter and life really starts slowing down!
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    I had been out of town a few days and when I got home last night, Mrs. Salad wanted to go for an evening boat ride. One condition, I couldn't go faster than 10 mph because she had her hair done and didn't want the wind to mess it up. So I "semi" complied. When she saw I was at 12 mph, she let me know it. She said said she enjoyed the slow cruise and wanted to know if I did. I told her that someone would complain, either me for going so slow or her for messing up her hair. I told her that we could have saved a lot of money if this were her idea of boating by just getting a 20 HP engine. Then I realized this must be how Semper feels .
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    Can't you give them a good faith deposit to hold it till your $$ is in your hands?
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    Our normal cruising speed is somewhere between 17-20 mph at roughly 3000-3100 rpm. Is best combo for us as far as speed and fuel consumption. Other times you don't care about fuel economy and put the hammer down and skip across the lake at right at 40mph......smiling all the way to the fuel docks.
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    So that lever is adjustable! I just assumed you push it to the stop every time you want to go forward!! Just don't tell my wife!
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    Scrolling was fine with the eye candy.
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    I got it one piece at a timeAnd it wouldn't cost me a dimeYou'll know it's me when I come through your townI'm gonna ride around in styleI'm gonna drive everybody wild'Cause I'll have the only one there is around.Ugh! Yeah, RED RYDERThis is the COTTON MOUTHIn the PSYCHO-BILLY CADILLAC Come onHuh, This is the COTTON MOUTHAnd negatory on the cost of this mow-chine there RED RYDERYou might say I went right up to the factoryAnd picked it up, it's cheaper that wayUgh!, what model is it?Well, It's a '49, '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, '55, '56'57, '58' 59' automobileIt's a '60, '61, '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, '67'68, '69, '70 automobile. Johnny Cash
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    That is terrible. Luckily everyone was ok. When people get upset with their insurance companies and say "Why do I even have insurance????" I think of times like this.
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    Think I'll stay away from acid.
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    Something sounds a little fishy here..... no prop damage, no external damage to the front of the lower unit just a broken shaft?? Even if you touched reverse you should have heard and felt the grinding in the shifter, it would of made one heck of a racket. I run an Evinrude and my control is pretty smooth too but I can't believe a hit of reverse shattered the shaft. I'd asked to see the parts when that jobs done. Good Luck!