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    I know.... crazy, right?
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    Carl and Suzi, Diane and I had the pleasure of meeting forum member MH663 Marlon and Joy Hardwick of Ohio last summer. They towed their Benny down to Lake Norman rented a home and wanted to check out what this area had to offer. Got to spend some quality time with them and found out that they are truly a down to earth nice couple. Just found out that he was in a bad accident last Wednesday and he passed away on Friday. We don't know the details. Please keep his wife Joy and his family in your prayers......
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    Something sounds a little fishy here..... no prop damage, no external damage to the front of the lower unit just a broken shaft?? Even if you touched reverse you should have heard and felt the grinding in the shifter, it would of made one heck of a racket. I run an Evinrude and my control is pretty smooth too but I can't believe a hit of reverse shattered the shaft. I'd asked to see the parts when that jobs done. Good Luck!
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    I believe that's what 20hp gets you.
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    Just bought the sprayer and a gallon of 303. Price went down a $1
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    Just was cruising You tube last night and saw this product. Could be a neat toy for some! cruising Youtube last night and found this neat product to help with docking.
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    http://www.9and10news.com/story/35951969/naked-man-arrested-after-chasing-seagulls-at-petoskey-state-park It wasn't me .
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    2017 switchback 24 premium Yamaha 200 32" elliptical twins 44.7 mph 2 adults full fuel 5600 rpm
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    Still haven't done the $)@&$;$?/ carpet Jack!
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    Love my MidAmerica but it very much depends on your location.
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    My boat is on a Hewitt lift with a canopy. At two of the four hoist uprights I have a plastic bird, one is a hawk, other is an owl. Bought them from West marine. All they sell is the plastic bird-I had to drill top and bottom and run a length of threaded rod up the bird. Mounted that to the upright, so the bird is about a foot above the canopy high point. Been four seasons, not a bit of bird crap.
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    I will try the main power switch and check both batteries this weekend, thanks for the feedback. If the ACCs still remain off, then I am taking to the dealer for repair.
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    In all the pavilions around here they have this black plastic netting that they roll across the bottom of the ceiling joists/trusses. It's plastic and they use stainless staples so nothing rusts. The holes are only about 1" x 1-1/2". Works fantastic, thinking they got it from the local lumber yard. I'd be out there playing sniper if I found that mess!
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    When we want to tube we just inflate it and use it. When we're finished we deflate it and stow it. We don't have in floor storage so we keep our skis and wakeboard behind the Captains seat and against the fence. Actually fits perfect......
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    I certainly hole your shine lasts. My boat was built 5/31 and it went directly into a dark warehouse. When I bought it 7/7, it has already started to tarnish. I just polish mine 1x per year with metal polish and a wool bonnet on a Porter Cable dual action polisher. It takes me maybe 90 minutes to do it. High speed polisher and rouge can scratch and they're hard work.
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    I'm still jealous. I have the tools, but after hearing how much pain is involved with the work, both during, and the after effects, I'm still procrastinating. ...but just looking at those is an inspiration. I wish it wasn't close to 100 degrees here...but then again, what's good procrastination without better excuses?