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    Carl and Suzi, Diane and I had the pleasure of meeting forum member MH663 Marlon and Joy Hardwick of Ohio last summer. They towed their Benny down to Lake Norman rented a home and wanted to check out what this area had to offer. Got to spend some quality time with them and found out that they are truly a down to earth nice couple. Just found out that he was in a bad accident last Wednesday and he passed away on Friday. We don't know the details. Please keep his wife Joy and his family in your prayers......
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    Amazon ,under $40 a gallon ( as of 5:45 am 7/24/17 ) https://www.amazon.com/303-30674-Upholstery-Protector-Repellent/dp/B0000AY1W7/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1500889506&sr=8-2&keywords=303+fabric+guard Hand held sprayer https://www.amazon.com/Solo-418-One-Hand-Pressure-Sprayer/dp/B000BX4VXI/ref=pd_bxgy_263_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000BX4VXI&pd_rd_r=GC3HA8VYAAQY3Y6FQ64H&pd_rd_w=ez3H1&pd_rd_wg=ksn0W&psc=1&refRID=GC3HA8VYAAQY3Y6FQ64H
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    Now, I know how you got the name, goldenrod. Maybe you need to change that to bruisedandbatteredrod.
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    Drugs do some wild things to you! Back in the day I remember 4 of us officers were trying to get this guy on PCP off the metro train. Little guy about 5'5" built like a bowling ball. We were hitting him, pepper sprayed him, did some control/pain moves and nothing worked. HE FELT NO PAIN! We ended up zip tying his legs, arms and hands and carried him off the train like luggage. He didn't remember anything except he was hurting for some reason the next day. He sent the Department a formal apology..... Marijuana was hidden in the crack......
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    Just bought the sprayer and a gallon of 303. Price went down a $1
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    Update, I did talk to the dealer about a warranty claim on the onboard charger, I went by the dealership last week and the new charger had come in. Of course they must have been backed up on service because they just handed me the charger and said there is a return address label to send back the defective one. So I guess I will take care of changing it out myself, which is not too big of a deal because I was going to pull the boat out anyway from the wet slip and add some upgrades to the lights. Maybe 3rd time is a charm on my onboard charger! Also, I have not posted much in the past on the Bennington forum but now I have a new business that I have started and have 12 volt techs that install marine audio and lighting. Anyone need advice on those topics let me know. I am very OCD about my boats and other toys and I would like to help anyway I can on the forum. LN
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    I was hoping this wouldn't leak out. I am SO embarrassed!
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    "Troopers were told the man had taken LSD earlier in the day." Local reports also stated he had some marijuana hidden . Where ?
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    My husband and I took the boat out on Monday checked couldn't get better than 5300 rpm's . We came back in and went to the Mercury Dealer where we bought the boat, told owner what we had found out from Mercury Rep and our blog sight.He didn't want to believe us. He went with my husband on the boat to run diagnostic test and found nothing wrong with motor or throttle cable but he still could not get over 5350 rpm's without blowing prop out.So he was going to try a different prop. We went back this morning to find out he had put a 15 pitch prop on it and went out to try it and got 5900 rpm's with better plan on lifting pads.Much happier but they still can't explain why we could get the 5900 rpm's when we first bought it then go to 5300 rpm's . Thanks for your input.
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    Hey I hope I'm not jumping to conclusions and I hope that maybe you just didn't see my post asking for more information about how much maintenance is involved after your tunes are polished but from what I've noticed, and again I hope I'm not jumping to conclusions is most people didn't get their toons polished seem to have some sort of Regret in the form that they didn't know or count on how much maintenance is required. I don't mind maintaining my boat I just wanted to have an idea from an actual person how much time is required. If someone like yourself with real-time experience could report back I think it would help a lot of users know what they're getting into thank you
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    Every one here knows that you are Not from Ann Arbor
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    I just ordered a gallon at $38.47. That IS a good price. The first time I ordered that stuff, I think I paid $63.00/gal.
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    Sounds like you have a project today .
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    I have some leftover from when I did the playpen cover......
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    DO NOT DO IT INSTALLED!! I almost ruined my seats couple years back doing it installed. Dodged a bullet!
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    He must have been released .We went to the sand bar today at the Burt Lake State Park .No Seagulls
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    Finish the ceiling with wood, metal or plastic, frp, sheeting, look up bird spike strips,
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    Leave them in. They have them with different size holes but they're mostly for dialing in bass boats.