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    My boat is in at the Marina. Went up yesterday and she is a beauty. Went for the test ride and can't wait to bring her home this monday. Trying to attach some pics
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    FORGOT to update u guys. According to Bennington warranty administrator we are to only use the ski/tow bar. She said to never hook to the hooks at the back of the toons !
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    Sorry for the delay in responding. We just got back from the week on Lewis and Clark in SD. Henry is 20 months old. Loves to "drive" the boat, tractor or anything with a steering wheel. Loves to swim. jumps in, with a jacket on, goes under, comes up spitting and sputtering and grinning. His 10 month old cousin Francis just looks at him like "what the heck are you doing?". Good times.
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    Yours is just the screw
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    Some pics of the Marina getting her all cleaned and prepped
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    I think his might be the nut behind the steering wheel...
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    ^^^ yes if they just send 2 new lights and they fail just like the Orignal ones did. Why would you change anything. Fake or in accurate reviews don't help anyone. I think many of the reviews on places like Amazon are questionable.
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    Yup saw this on the national news. Which brings me to my point.......... How many of us actually physically attach the safety lanyard from our Benningtons to our bodies in case of a situation like this?!? If the girl operating the boat was thrown clear and she had the safety lanyard attached to her somehow the boat would have shut off instantly. I always used to wear one when we had our jet skis but I never attach the one on our Benny........
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    Michele, it will make a difference as I added the express toon to my 2 toon 2012RlL. There is a stat somewhere that will state how many extra ponds of buoyancy you will get from adding the express toon. Someone correct me but I think it was around 600 pounds. I added the express toon rather than the full third toon mainly due to the cost difference, IMO for the price of the third toon I think I would have sold my boat and bought a new one. When I added the express toon I also added underskinning and between that and the express toon I greatly increased the quality of my ride, additionally I also picked up about 5 mph. If buying new the express toon should not even be a consideration but to add it to a used boat I thought it was well worth it.
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    Motor height or shaft length is definitely your issue, probably exacerbated by having multiple people in front of the centerline of the boat thus making it worse. Possiblely big cooler placement, live wells being filled etc. too. I'd start with the obvious and easiest and go from there.
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    Check your mounting holes, motor might be too high. I had some issues with cavitation and lowered the motor 1 hole, seems to be much better.
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    I know this is an old post but great write up WaveRunner!! How is the combo holding up? If you ever have any problems with the mirror or bracket contact us here at PTM Edge and we will either repair or replace at no charge. 865-425-0600 ext 124.
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    Hey guys and gals, my first post here. I've been doing a lot of reading on this forum though to help decide what all to get. This is going to be our first boat and I didn't want to end out with a case of PADS, so thank you all for your responses to previous threads. Well I went to my local dealer yesterday and put our boat on order. We decided on a 2018 22 SFXAPG with Dual Stern Gates and extended Aft Deck. Since we will be using the boat for cruising with friends and some watersports, we decided on the SPS package with the Yamaha 150. Other options are Dual Battery with switch, Heavy Duty Rub Rail with protectors, Trolling Motor Harness and Gate, Docking Lights, Privacy Enclosure with Frame and Curtain, Kicker Speaker Upgrade, Ski Pylon, a couple portable cup holders, and the 4 pole rod holder. Color is Ocean Blue with matching Bimini with LED lights. Interior is Sandstone with Ocean Blue Diamond accent, Zebrawood Slate, and Woven Vinyl Slate flooring. Anything you guys see that I'm missing? Thanks again for the help
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    Also have eliminated privacy curtain on every Bennington I have owned. Never have need to change on the boat. I like maximum storage space.
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    Yes, it should be more than enough. I use the exact same anchor on my 2574 GCW ESP, which is a bit heavier than yours. I think they're great; lightweight but amazing holding power.
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    Me neither but I'm about 99.9% sure it doesn't. I'll take a picture this weekend.
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    Sorry, forgot to mention the dealer is including that.
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    I broke my stern light MOUNT. Amazon has the exact replacement. This one is even better IMO because it has the notches that hold the light in place better then stock. $25 https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/ya/ref=yo_ii_bia_view?ie=UTF8&ac=bia&reorder_params=B000199JA2%2C112-6553672-4798621
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    Interesting! Glad to see you're not willing to totally change the review until you see if anything has really changed.
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    After my last light failed and I threw it away. I posted my experience as a review on Amazon. Yesterday I was contacted by the company that sells or makes them. They offered me 2 new lights if I was to change my review. I told them send me the lights and if they are better and don't fail I will change my review. On Amazon You can modify your review. I plan to keep the review the same and update it that "I received replacement lights but the jury is still out" . At least the customer service is good!!!! Its funny how "customer reviews" are a large part of a Amazon Vendors business. Of all the bad reviews i have had to give this is the first guy that offerd to send new items no questions asked.
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    What, was he getting a drink?
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    Well Dawn, you might as well drill. I wanted a second table, had to drill, post for grill, had to drill. It is after all a fishing boat, might as well make it permanent and do it right.
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    My homeowners insurance will not cover any drone related claims (liability or otherwise) without an individual rider. I bet there are a lot of people flying drones around that could lose everything from a simple mishap.
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    That is good news on the fall forecast! Hopefully it stays true and we can get some extended boating in. Since our water level doesn't drop this fall I'm only limited by how cold I want to get removing the lift and dock.