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  1. I found this one, is that the one you meant? It does not refers to Raised Helm, clearly without raised helm you need to go under the pontoon floor either by removing the wave shield or from the side by removing the side skirt. But I'm still unclear where the nuts are with the raised helm, hence my question at the beginning of this thread.
  2. that would mean the fiberglass floor of the raised helm takes the stress of my 250lbs weight. It does not seems to flex around there so either it is super reinforced or the mount reaches to the pontoon floor with a spacer and longer bolts. I'll check more closely but does anyone have certainty and hands on experience on raised helm seat mount? regards, F
  3. I have a 2012 Pontoon 2075GS with raised helm. The seat mount is squeaking a lot, I need to tighten up the bolts. I’m trying to find the lock nuts under the bolts but I need to know where to look. Are they "between the raised helm floor and the Pontoon floor” or are they "between the Pontoon floor and the wave shield”? Thanks, Francois
  4. I point them to the web site but do not tell them the options I have which brings the total up a lot. And I add that I got a very good deal from out of town dealer. But I do not give Amy number and do not educate them on the different version.
  5. Cool, this thing looks like it will jump by magic around your neck when you are in the unconscious state. In other words I don't think it's worth anything. Get a real one that inflate correctly to keep your head afloat without any intervention.
  6. I picked up yesterday, did 120km/h on asphalt and 0mph on water so far. Business travel for next 2weeks, not good but I have to pay for it.
  7. If the power steering pump fails, does it become identical to the hydraulic only system? For cars it is not true as a non power steering car has different steering geometry and ratio to make steering tolerable without assist. Does the boat system (power Vs non-power) have the same ratio and all?
  8. I just did and saved a build, just selected GS2075 and Yamaha pre rig, 50hp came automatically and was 8000$. Back in February the same build showed the 50hp as 0$. I saved it with zip code 13669, not sure what dealer that is.
  9. Same build, GS2275 with Yamaha PRE rig and 90hp, nothing else . I get 45257$. I use my iPad. As I stated previously it looks like the base engine 50hp cost 8k$ and used to be zero.
  10. Are you glad about not doing the elevated helm because of cost or other reason? What top speed do you get with driver alone? I'm waiting for delivery of my 2075GS with ESP and Yamaha 150, very close to what you have I think.
  11. I already blew up my budget for this year so there is no way I'm going to buy this for my "yet to arrive" Bennington. I think that would do the job and would work with the trailer, beaching, .....
  12. I did the same build as I did last month and it is 8k$ higher, it seems the base 50hp engine is not included in the PRE-rig anymore, sounds like a mistake or a big price increase due to demand.
  13. Hi, I also added the front bow gate seat. The decision between 115 and 150 was really bugging me so I had to close it, in the end I let the testosterone make the decision for me. I'm now emotionally (and wallet) relieved that I made the decision. The last factor that was bugging me is the new 115 is a new design so there are some uncertainty on reliability, the 150 (and old 115) has a very good track record. But that was not the real reason, read the lines above again. Yes I'm self justifying, I hope the family is not reading. It's a very good thing that the limit is 150 for this boat, can't go further. F.
  14. Thanks for the reply. This is really the same as I'm ordering, GS2075. Do you feel the 22 pontoon being 10% longer would give a similar 10% more drag and 10% less speed ?