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  1. Thanks for posting pictures of your Skater, I like it ! As I recall, are you a Phoenix Auto dealer ?
  2. We have a pristine 28 Skater w/300 X engines and mechanical jack plates....Peter Hledin originally discouraged jack plates, but he finally conceded and installs them on new factory production. Bennington engineering is probably right by withholding approval. Jack plates are available with several set back options. A 12" set back obviously creates more overhung load than a 6" set back. Several vendors offer jack plates, theoretically the metallurgist, engineer, machinist, installer, even the user could create issues for Bennington. Like any product, the last entity to make design revisions becomes the ultimate vendor. Bennington has little control of the entity installing a jack plate assembly, but by popular demand, they may create a solution....They are in the business of serving satisfied customers. We did stress analysis and designed a transom reinforcement that has worked to expectations, knowing that we were incurring the risk of warrantee and liability.
  3. Long Gone !! That's only my Biography legacy, LOL We have been busy developing other projects. The North Texas drought draining the lakes left the boats parked in the warehouse. But, as you know, the lakes are now full. Subject to debris, perhaps there is hope for spending some time on the water this year.
  4. HMMM ! A knowing person that resells to an unknowing person may be held accountable when the unknowing person has something like a serious road accident. The paper trail asks why the knowing person may have ignored the known defect. Or, how might the knowing person explain why he/she was pulling an over loaded trailer. BTW, check the ball, receiver and trailer coupler capacity for the trailer GVW as actually loaded. The boat, motor and trailer can be weighed as a unit on a certified platform scale, then by weighing the trailer separately, the boat weight is known. Subject to the DOT required plate attached to the trailer frame stating weight limitations, the trailer is acceptable or not to carry the vessel weight.
  5. Yamaha sent a recall letter dated 5/20/15. The subject engine; F350TXR.....Recall covers the ECU and flywheel replacement for improved quality and long term durability.
  6. You all may have heard, Texas lakes have more than enough water again ! So, we will be using the Bennington again. FYI, Bennington DID NOT approve use of a jack plate with the 25" Yamaha, but, internally, we engineered the above referenced transom reinforcement, thought to be helpful revisions. 1) Trailering prop and skag to ground clearance 2) Engine height adjustment for specific loads, speeds, and water conditions 3) Reinforced transom that may improve expected end of life for the hull. Handling when turning (carving) was greatly improved because of the added rigidity caused by the transom reinforcement.
  7. Thanks !!!
  8. I like this new site, had not been on since it was put up. Collaberated effort has probably covered questions some may have. "Dialing in" a boat can be frustrating, expensive and time consuming. The Manufacturer is often falsley critiqued for not having best solutions for article 1. However, within budget, there is a limit to design testing. A perfect world would develop a perfect widget from every project. However, even then, Revisions are always needed. Some are serious and require immediate solutions, others are placed in the "To Be Considered" basket. Subject to customer demand and competitors, the Revision is recognized as a priority. Jack Plates may fall into the "To Be Considered," pending customer demand. Bennington has capable Engineering, perhaps only waiting for paying customer demand.
  9. I like sentimental stories, Good Luck !
  10. I write this feeling accountable to those I may have encouraged to consider a Yamaha 350 or similar size power. Basically, one would consider larger power for performance, including speed. Therefore, in search of a perfect world, "0" deck angle may not be most prudent when designing specifications for larger power. Like many product applications, deck angle is open to individual preference interpretation. What one person embraces may not be acceptable to the next person. At the end of the day, safety is an over riding factor. Therefore, as increased power increases speed, specs. also change. Point being, greater speeds dictate concern for not stuffing the bow....Please, set your CG accordingly.
  11. TB is aware of my installing the Jack Plate, they did not approve. I'm sure warranty would be debatable. However, their reluctant caution was an appreciated "Heads Up". The dialog prompted our considering the mechanical structure and designing a solution. The Yamaha 350 mounted to the original transom was found to cause a negative hook in the center tube. The overhung load caused by the Jack Plate/engine weight increased the lever arm adding risk of failure. The solution not only eliminated the original hook, but prevented ANY hook when the Jack Plate/engine combination was installed. The solution was a gusset system we designed and fitted into the transom. Fringe benefits were improved handling, speed and ground clearance on/off the trailer and lake. The boat now has 50 +/- hrs. and zero negative effects or issues, since that work was done. I must add, I support TB's position on not approving use of a generically installed Jack Plate. The matter of props has to do with the larger 350 prop shaft diameter. Mercury is not known to have a complimenting hub for the Yamaha 350 shaft.
  12. I bleed black (Mercury), however, for this application, I support the extra Yamaha weight, the heavier engine creates more bow lift due to CG. Also, the larger 350 is thought to have more torque and a heavier gear case. The Yamaha downside is prop options.
  13. Perhaps visualizing my combined suggestions does have the hull setting at an uncomfortable, bow high angle, though that is not the case. My objective , with any boat, is to create a minimum wetted running surface, good handling, speed and safety. The listed set up serves all of those points. However, safety includes concern for stuffing the bow into a roller. While 50 MPH is slow by some comparison, it can be unsafe to fly over a roller and land bow first. Not only are the passengers exposed to risk, but the hull is subjected to stress damage. The aft CG, compared to a CG location focused only on creating a level deck, will carve to the inside and pivot about the stern. (in other words, handle good) The forward CG will typically pivot about a location that ultimately discourages crisp handling. (in other words , mushy)
  14. The V8 350 has more torque than the V6 300. The 350 is heavier, but IMHO, that is a good thing. The heavier engine will move the Center Of Gravity aft. Moving the CG aft will create improved bow rise. Bow rise will reduce plowing (AKA sneezing or stuffing ) at higher speeds and/or rollers and reduce wetted surface. Subject to Bennington approval, you may want to consider a 6" Hydraulic Jack Plate. The Jack Plate serves to move the CG farther back, improve ground clearance (water and trailer) and running performance. The 17" prop may work, but a 16" should also be tried. IMHO, the floor plan creating most aft CG weight will work best. The objective is to not create greater total weight, but distribute the weight aft.
  15. You may want to check the fuel, fuel filter and hoses. It is always possible the fuel had been corrupted with water and other trash. Whereas, you had made an extended trip, the fuel cap vent may have stuck and created a tank pressure vacuum, starving the engine.