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  1. Pulling 14.5 is not normal at idle, that is exactly what mine did. As rpms increased the voltage went to 17 volts. I had a fish finder that verified the voltage on the amp gauge was also 17V. The rectifier is easy to change, it is basically a plug in application, the part can be pricey. I had a Mercury that was made by Yamaha, the Mercury Part cost $550, but thanks to the internet I found the equivalent Yamaha part for half the price.
  2. Outboard motors have a rectifier to control voltage because the motor produces AC current so it needs to be converted to DC to charge your batteries, If the motor is putting out16 volts, your batteries won't last long. I speak from experience.
  3. Insist on a weld, epoxy will not last,
  4. This is no normal, I installed a replacement cable a few years ago. the cable is fed into the helm and by turning the wheel the cable is drawn in and then locked. it is then attached to he motor. Does your motor have full turning motion once it starts turning? You definitely have a problem, I would guess it is at the helm.
  5. In 1997 I was working 16 hours aday at my business and doing great. My wife said sell the business and buy a boat, so I did, along with Apple Stock.
  6. I seem to recall from my safe boater's course that if a boater sees another boater in distress assistance must be given or at least offered.
  7. Maryland is very tough on guns, not worth the hassle.
  8. Hey Pittsburgh, just so you know, the only thing holding the stainless cap on is the cleat. 2 years ago, I replaced 1 cleat because I rubbed a dock and I thought I bent the cleat. Turns out I had bent the stainless cap. 1 of the studs bent and broke the cleat. I straightened the cap with a 20 lb. sledge and bought a set of cleats on Amazon. The cleats were for a 4Winns speed boat but were exactly the same except for the stud size. Bennington used a bigger stud so I drilled and tapped the new cleat and installed larger studs. Those rear cleat nuts are a real bitch to get to, glad you didn't have to deal with that.
  9. Call Tumacs, they are Bennington's playpen cover and Bimini supplier. their main location is mile from my house. i have friends and family that had biminis made and they are very happy. 3 locations, plus a website. been in business many years. hope this helps.
  10. They started closing stores about 4 months ago in Pittsburgh, then the whole chain filed for bankruptcy. Personally, their prices were not competitive in our area.
  11. Curious As To Dealer 

    Mine was a Nightmare 

    Could it be the same ?

    1. myv10


      Bills Marine at Deep Creek Lake, usually very good, I will let you know how it turns out.

    2. Pittsburgh


      Thank you 

      Not the same dealer I have heard good things about Deep Creek Dealer 

      Sorry you had to deal with this 


  12. We reloaded the boat on the trailer immediately. Because the keel was welded to the pontoon, the impact pulled the keel away from the toon and ripped the aluminum. I can tell Bennington knows how to weld because the weld didn't crack. The bottom line is I spent a lot of money for a boat I can't use. Oh well, life goes on.
  13. In my opinion, The space between the pontoon and keel should not have happened on a properly welded keel. The purpose of welding is to join two pieces as one by using welding rod. The fact that your keel pulled away is because of poor penetration of the weld at some point.I have been a welder for over 40 years and that is why I want a factory welded pontoon as a replacement. Aluminum is a difficult metal to work with so I feel comfortable having the factory do it in a controlled environment.
  14. It is very possible that the solid keel pulled away from the pontoon, and may leak.
  15. The world according to Garp! I said the same thing right after it happened.