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  1. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    My dealer requires payment when boat is delivered. How ever we set the date for delivery at the end of April. This allows me to try the boat immediately and to make sure all systems work. I ordered the boat in September, but the dealer waited to put the order in. Alot of factors come into play, delivery charges on a full truck load of boats are cheaper to the dealer, rather than delivering 1 boat at a time, the lesser delivery charge is not passed on to the customer so the dealer makes some profit. Plus, I am sure that the manufacturer will carry the cost of the boats until delivery, only makes good business sense.
  2. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    my boat is in, now i have to wait until the end of April to sign the final papers and write the check.
  3. No doubt about it, you will get a ticket.
  4. I used 10% etanol in my 2003 Mercury 90 HP. This motor is notorious for having carburetor problems because the jets are so small they plug easily. I had no issues ever. However, ethanol has a tendency to disintegrate fuel lines over time. So if you are forced into using ethanol you need to change the fue line every few years. That is my 2 cents.
  5. Guess the part?

  6. Here's our order, now for the wait.

    I bought my first Bennington in 2002, and sold it last year for 75% of the original price, 14 years old and still looked like new.
  7. Warranty On Outboards

    Buying a factory service manual is always a good investment. Usually less than $200,The manuals have everything you would want to know about the motor. This is a factory manual, not the after market versions.
  8. New boat on order

    Nice boat, I just sold a 2003 22 Fsi and ordered a 24 sfx. I love their fishing models.
  9. What model do you own (or want to)

    24 sfx w 150 and sps on order.
  10. Bennington Owners Age

  11. That is pretty close, ours was aHarris.
  12. The first pontoon I was ever on was back in the 60's steel 19 inch pontoons filled with styrofoam. 10 hp motor. No furniture except a chair at the helm station. You brought your own chairs. What I am trying to say is pontoons have come a long way. Enjoy!
  13. Mold on your interior vinyl

    Try a site like Wholesale Marine, many good products on the market. There are many recipes for mixing bleach and water, but I am hesitant to use on vinyl. Starbrite is a reliable brand, Contact Bennington and ask. They are very helpful. Good luck.
  14. Opinions please

    I like the top one.
  15. Turned the key, and nothing!

    Well that is a relief, trouble shooting the problem. If it was like mine, my parts guy had never sold one and couldn't find any on his parts line. This would indicate that it may not be a big problem. The part was listed at 17.00. This could be under warranty, but I would try wd40 first.