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  1. 2300lbs. with 23 inch pontoons, 2800 lbs with 25 inch pontoons. the motor would be extra. I happen to have an old brochure.
  2. Lucky you idn't overheat the motor, but I would change the impeller.
  3. How large should a mesh bag be to store a 24 ft. cover.
  4. i bought mine at Walmart for $21.00, I have 2. I keep one in my pickup bed, makes it easy to reach things when I don't want to lift the tonneau cover. I also use it with my grandsons to retrieve baseballs off the roof etc. lol
  5. The part has to be ordered from Bennington plus welding, mine cost $225 about 6 years ago. That was the part and welding.
  6. If you have boat insurance you can file a claim and let the insurance company fight it out with the marina. My boat was damaged when it was being delivered this past May. The general manager tried to dock it and hit the dock. He has ordered a new pontoon and said he will replace it but I let my insurer know just in case.
  7. You can't beat a Tumacs cover. They are on all Benningtons. Used them for 20 years and no problems.
  8. I've used Garmin for 20 years and had good luck with them. I use a Garmin 501C.
  9. You might want to consider a safe boating course. Might clear up some confusion and save you money on boat insurance.
  10. Years ago my wife and I took a Boat US safe boaters course. 1 thing the instructor stressed over and over, Steve21slx, this may apply to your situation, the instructor said" no matter what avoid a collision at all costs." I have seen boaters texting while operating a boat, so you apparently did what you had to do given the circumstances at that time. Don't second guess yourself.
  11. In the days of STEEL pontoons, back in the 60's filling pontoons with pumped in styrofoam was used frequently.
  12. The sea star hydraulic kit has everything you need to install. Takes about 2 to 3 hours. When you take the old cable out, tie a cord on the end so you can pull the cable out, tie the hydraulic lines to the cord and it is fairly easy to pull them into the helm. No need to pull the motor.
  13. Yes the live wells do function while underway. Each individual live well can also be shut off if not needed. The Water spout in the live well acts like a spigot and when turned to the right will shut th.e water off.
  14. Pulling 14.5 is not normal at idle, that is exactly what mine did. As rpms increased the voltage went to 17 volts. I had a fish finder that verified the voltage on the amp gauge was also 17V. The rectifier is easy to change, it is basically a plug in application, the part can be pricey. I had a Mercury that was made by Yamaha, the Mercury Part cost $550, but thanks to the internet I found the equivalent Yamaha part for half the price.
  15. Outboard motors have a rectifier to control voltage because the motor produces AC current so it needs to be converted to DC to charge your batteries, If the motor is putting out16 volts, your batteries won't last long. I speak from experience.