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  1. Starbright waterproofer vs. 303 Fabric Guard

    Starbrite is a great product, used it on my last Benny and after 14 years the vinyl was like new.
  2. Factory trolling motor plug

    Contact Bennington by phone or email, their contact # is on their website. They will be able to tell you the type of plug you will need. The Bennington customer service is excellent. If you provide your hull # they can probably pull your original build sheet.
  3. Bird Poop

    They love to perch up high like on a pontoon bimini, and we all know what runs downhill.
  4. Bird Poop

    Pennslyvania's problem came very quickly. First, you had to watch the goose droppings everywhere, then the gulls moved in. Pymatuning and Shenango reservoirs are ridiculous. Bird droppings inches thick everywhere.
  5. Bird Poop

    Does anyone boat at a lake where bird poop is a major nuisance. In Pennslyvania geese used to be a major problem, now white gulls are everywhere, They roost on boats at marinas and literally cover the boats in droppings. Boat owners have to put nets over their mooring covers to try to keep them from roosting. This is why I dock at Deep Creek lake in Maryland. It seems too windy and rough for these birds. Just wondered if anyone else was bothered by this.
  6. What do you do?

    Worked for as a manager atUS Steel for 33 years, and as a consultant for 4 additional years. Along the way I started an auto salvage business that I operated for 15 years while I was working at USS. I got promoted so I sold my business and bought my first boat. When I retired at age 51 I managed 100 employees and 4 managers. Missed working but I really like retirement. Ordered my 3rd boat last fall, { my second Bennington } Can't wait. Life is good.
  7. Purchasing a new boat cover

    Tumacs make Bennington covers, they are based in Pa. But have Locations in Indiana and Michigan. Their work and materials are top notch.
  8. Adding Graphics

    Vinyl graphics will go on corrugated fence as long as the installer takes their time. Working any air bubbles out of the vinyl is the challenge. Working slowly and carefully should minimize any problems. They also will last along time, very durable.This advice comes from my auto body days.
  9. Switches won't work

    Check by your battery, there may be a fuse at the battery. You might have to take the top of the battery box off to access. I had a problem on my old Bennington, when the fuse blew at the battery i had no accessories.
  10. Shortest clearance height possible?

    instead of the pole method going through the marsh, you could try a trolling motor.
  11. check your photo settings, you may be able to change the size of photos.
  12. Popular Contributors

    Try Home Depot or lowes, check their dowel rods out, they come in all sizes.
  13. Pontoon boats are just fun!

    You never know what the future will bring, I had planned to work until age 62, but with good financial planning and a focus on my priorities i could retire early. I returned to work for 4 years as a consultant, but that allowed me to set my own hours, which means I worked alot of weekends because I always like boating on uncrowded week days. You will never hear a boater say that he is on the water too much.
  14. Pontoon boats are just fun!

    I have 2 grandsons that are just starting to fish. I was lucky being able to retire at 51, ( 14 years ago } and owning a Bennington pontoon. I have boated on Tygart Lake and Stonewall Jackson lake in West Virginia before moving to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. My wife and I spend as much time as possible on the water. I have seen the sunrise and the sunset from the deck on my boat. I have heard my grandsons squeal with delight when they hooked their first fish and I taught them how to release the fish unharmed. I have watched black bears swimming across the lake and minks cavorting on the shore. I have met many good people and fellow tooners. I hope this ride lasts for many years because I'm not through making memories.rr
  15. I have more good memories on my Benny than I can count. From fishing, cruising or just hanging out, I can't think of a better way to spend my time. How many others agree? Don't be shy.