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  1. Sweet looking boat! The bulbs should be replaceable for the docking lights.
  2. Not legally.
  3. Work?
  4. Im so pissed off right now. I logged into the website to find your address to send you the bimini inserts and for the life of me I guess I'm not smart enough to find MY MAIL yes that's right the MAIL or Mail button dont exist. STUPID.

    can you plese send your address to my Email account at thank you and sorry for the delay

  5. If the boat comes from the factory with Sharkhide, it will have tags attached.
  6. You need to connect the yellow wire to 12v constant / unswitched for the memory function.
  7. Mine too!
  8. Congrats on the new boat but be aware that it will corner flat with those strakes on the outside.
  9. Happy Birthday Andy and I am more than twice as old as you.
  10. Welcome from Lake Norman. Yellow is the radio memory, and the red and black you already know. If you want the memory function, you need to need to attach it to 12v permanent. And welcome to the club.
  11. A buddy of mine in NJ is a service manager at a Mini store. He said they are the biggest overpriced pieces of $hit he's ever seen. Just sayin' Smitty. He used to work with me at Mercedes. Why don't you look at an Audi tt? At least you can use the trunk with the top down.
  12. You can add your pics to the gallery. Go to your profile and there are places to add your photo.
  13. When I installed my Garmin, the transducer plugged into the unit,
  14. WOW!!!
  15. You can snake the wiring without removing the underskin.