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  1. Yamaha F115 Stainless Prop Guidance Please

    I'm guessing that won't happen but if it does, I'll look you up. Appreciate the offer.
  2. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    And how do you pick it up when full?
  3. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    I live on the lake and..............................carry gas to the boat. I wish it would rain since we need the water.
  4. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    My take on a fuel have to lift it. I have(4) 5 gallon cans that I put in a wagon and bring to the dock and use a super siphon. Granted I live on the lake and the boat is out front but it's much easier.
  5. Maiden Voyage

    Welcome and pics.
  6. Its here

    Welcome to the party and nice boat.
  7. Yamaha F115 Stainless Prop Guidance Please

    Maniac, I've boated on Ambejejus up there for many years and I would go with an aluminum. Between the rocks and logs it would be the safe bet.

    Put a 15x15p prop on it. It'll run better.

    What is your boat and motor combo?
  10. Lift for Tritoon

    I don't have a Shorestation but this is how ours is supported.
  11. New To The Site

    Welcome to the party Badger.
  12. Bennington owners cribs

    WOW! You wouldn't be able to have a dock that big on Norman. We're limited to 1200 sg ft which if you have a roof, that space is included. That's why our dock has one side more narrow than the other. Our walkway, ramp and dock is 1200 sq ft.
  13. Bennington owners cribs

    Beautiful job! That ramp looks like a suspension's so long.
  14. Why not send a message to Bennington and see how they do it?