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  1. Where are you looking in NC? We have a great realtor friend here at the lake. Used her when house hunting in 2004 and have been good friends ever since. She's very knowledgeable of around the lake
  2. If that's what your rail looks like then it should work with the clamp-on like I have. You might want to call PTM and ask to make sure though.
  3. Is your railing similar to this by the helm.
  4. Welcome to the forum Kami. Do you have a pic of the welds?
  5. I powered on with your trailer.
  6. Lake Norman is much better than Wylie, and much larger. If you need a realtor let me know. She can set you up to view what's available in your parameters.
  7. Hi, I am wondering about your power steering install. I have purchased a unit and am ready to install but i have noticed in the instructions it says all hoses should be longer than 6 ft. In the picture you posted it appears your are 3-4 ft. in length. I am wondering if that is the case and if so have you had any issues??

    1. cwag911


      The hoses under the helm are 3 ft and I've had no issues.

    2. Half mine

      Half mine

      Ok thanks. Seems to be a strange requirement but i figured you would be a good person to ask. Thank you for the quick response and all the help you've been without even knowing it. This is a great forum

    3. cwag911


      You're more than welcome.

  8. It's not white, just the reflection.
  9. Check at the battery.
  10. Are you the first owner? What boat and motor? Digital controls? Where are you?
  11. There is a topis about that very thing somewhere on the forum. Use the search.
  12. Might sound dumb but bring a box or Saran Wrap and wrap the door if it's raining.
  13. Believe it or not, that little bulb in there gets very hot but there's no problem.
  14. All I can say is WTF!
  15. What is the max HP the boat is rated for? I don't know about a 90 on an 18' boat. Does the boat have strakes? You can go to NADA and look up what the motor is worth or look in boating classifieds.