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  1. What model do you own (or want to)

    Welcome Maniac. What lake are you on?
  2. F300 vs. 250 SHO

    We are on our 11th year with ours Smitty.
  3. Alarm system - Installed!

    Nice job.
  4. Phone storage solution

    That's pretty slick.
  5. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    Only? I've got my shorts on.
  6. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    Lowes corporate is just on the other side of the lake. Not sure if that's Davidson or Mooresville. One of our neighbors that just moved worked for them.
  7. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    It was 80 here today.
  8. 2017 R Series

    Welcome to the forum. I see you're in Newton, I'm in Denver. Have you been to LKN Marina lately? We were there 2 weeks ago and the boats that were in the showroom were awesome. We have a (2007) 2275rl since new and will probably upgrade in a few years. There are different types of vinyl for seats and flooring that you should check out. Plus the 10 year warranty.
  9. Sling Lift

    This is ours and can go to the bottom. But................. if there's no water, there's no water.
  10. Shout Out

    Did the dealer install them also if under warranty?
  11. Welcome to Club Bennington

    I don't have one and it's been almost 11 years.
  12. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    I see some of the pics Charles.
  13. Sound upgrades 22ssrx

    The more speakers you add without an amp, the worse it will sound.