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  1. Muskrat Love

    22lr are starting to get reasonablypriced. I can solve that problem for 7.98 cents now.
  2. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Thanks everybody. We were at Lake Cumberland this weekend with all the kids, all 3 grandkids and Jill's parents. It was a great Birthday.
  3. MinnKota Electric on Bennington Pontoon

    I know it is the Minn Kota PowerDrive Pontoon 55# thrust. I think it is the 48" shaft. I have been very happy with it. We would always stow it flat when moving which was a pain with all the people on the boat. 2 years ago a forum member recommended just pulling it up till it latched. We have been all over the lake with it in the vertical stow and had no problems with the mount. We only use it in Canada. When we get to camp, it take 5 minutes to bolt it up. I do have 4 holes in the vinyl for the rest of the year but I don't worry about it. On the old toon, with carpet you did not notice the holes.
  4. MinnKota Electric on Bennington Pontoon

    We will fish 3-4 hours and I will be at 50% power level when done. That is with a single sealed 12v battery. The motor runs all the time when fishing. With 4 to 8 lines in the water, there is no drifting. I use the foot controller. Since I am standing fishing and to see the head of the motor for direction control, it works easier than the remote control fob. I just looked my motor pricing up with my wholesaler. The margin is less than 9%. I'm not getting into the trolling motor business.
  5. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Thanks, Tom. It's a "Papa Bruce day" with a grandson at the office today. Itmake the day really special.
  6. MinnKota Electric on Bennington Pontoon

    We use a 55lb 12v on a 22' elliptical. It does ok but can get overpowered by the wind. If it gets that bad we stop fishing anyway.
  7. Welcome to Club Bennington

    That is a man that bought his last boat first. Great looking. Enjoy
  8. First Bennington

    When Hurricane Ike came through Ohio years ago, I moved Jill's convertible next to the 20' pine tree. We had no power for 6 days and the tree is still there at the old house.
  9. Welcome to Club Bennington

    we had a forum member that boated out of Toledo on Lake Erie. He was very happy with the performance,
  10. Winter over yet in Michigan...?

    72 degrees Monday at Lake Cumberland. Docks don't go in for 2 more weeks. We are heading down for the golfing weather this weekend. It is the downside of the I/O. Can not take the chance of a warm weather boat trip before end of winter.
  11. Engine Wrap/decal

    SC really goes after the vacation/rental homes. My dad has a place in Seabrook that the rentals barely cover the out of state owners taxes. He has had the place for 20 years and about 15 years ago the state really went after the out of state owners. Also, no matter how long you own a place in SC, you will always be a Yankee, if not born there. Way off topic (but true)
  12. New delivery - 21SFX

    You will be happy with the ellipticals toons. We have had 10 people on the boat and you are high and dry. It handles whitecaps very well. For fishing, it is great. When you get it on the water, practice high speed turns. It turns flat and will tend to throw passengers to the outside of the turn. You need to know what will happen so you can adjust your driving. We get 40 mph but with the 150hp and strakes.
  13. New owner! Lot's of questions

    we only have access to one side. It is not difficult. You create a system and it works. I do it by myself and never have to crawl under the cover.
  14. Great Loop on a Pontoon

    I supplied gas to anIndian Lake Marina years ago. The fuel did not have the road excise tax on it but I had to charge a DNR tax for marina fuel. As Iremember, there was not much difference in the tax burden.
  15. Factory trolling motor plug

    Ourfishing model included the male end. There is the battery holddown and wiring to the female plug installed. I installed it on the power lead for the trolling motor.