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  1. We have the 4 wheel, disk brakes on all wheels Hoosier trailer for our 22' elliptical SX. the bunks adjust enough for the tubes to fit.
  2. agreed value on both
  3. We love the look and sound of our I/O. I don't like the cost to winterize it and know that it won't get used until April. We had a very mild February in Ohio and could have taken the O/B to the lake without causes any problems. Didn't though because I would have had to move the snow plow and all the other stuff i stored in front of the trailer. Next year more stuff needs to go behind the boat.
  4. At our community dock, was a new 24SX. The cover straps at the stern were wrapped around each Bimini leg and locked like they snapped to themselves. Does the strap not go over the Bimini any more or did the owner not get instructions and figured a way to make them work. I never saw the owner to ask them.
  5. Solar energy entering the atmosphere
  6. You need to think about selling and getting the boat you need for the type of watersports you would like to do. AT minimum, 150hp and sps tritoon. You will never speed your boat up enough.
  7. My friends brand new driver was not magnetic either. We were hitting golf balls of the top of the houseboat and his lubricated friend had it slip out of his hands after the tee shot.
  8. Bought them for a raft up. They are terrible. Would not stay attached when the the other toon rocked. Put in garage and will never use again
  9. It should be one handed steering. With the belt driven pump, it is like steering your car.
  10. I use a battery tender for the boat battery left in the boat. I pull the trolling motor battery for recharging.
  11. The Enertia prop is a great and expensive prop. Our 150HP swings a 15" pitch Enertia and it is perfect for the boat.
  12. The Cobalt boats have a swim platform on hydraulic cylinders. It will go under the water to allow you to float onto it and then raise you out of the water. I thought about modifying the swim platform on the big boat. It would be really expensive but cool. The sales man said the biggest users are boaters with dogs.
  13. Have both. The curved ladder is easier to climb up. It is also a great entry point up when the boat is in the barn. The stainless is like climbing a ladder the curved is walking up steps.
  14. We took the boat out of the barn and launched 2 weekends ago. On the water and checking under the seats for the first time this year. Everything is good until i get under the helm. Move the big bag that holds the extra orange life vests and there are hundreds of stink bugs. We threw bugs overboard for awhile. Good news is they don't swim well. I had drilled a 1" hole for the transducer cable through the floor inside the helm. I think they went between the underskirting and into the helm through the hole and then told all their friends about the winter cabin.
  15. From the album Lake Cumberland 2013