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  1. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    I understand that buying gasoline is a negative buying experience. It's invisible, it doesn't give me anypleasure. I owned multiple Shell locations for 30 years. Time to get real. You might save $100 in a year lugging and screwing with refilling. This is a luxury that we get to do with our friends and family. Stop mind f++++ the price of gas. My rant is over.
  2. Mid America Trailer Good Choice?

    Get the 150hp
  3. The old joke. I read the statistic that most accidents happen within 5 miles of your house. So I moved.
  4. First trip out for 2017

    16 and 20 mph wind. Just charging batteries right now
  5. Max Wind Speed

    LC has some many creeks and high walls that wind is easy to get away from. The thing that happens is a good nap on the boat is interrupted by the thunderstorm you did not know was coming. There is no place to hide on a pontoon in 30 mph winds and driving rain.
  6. How to dock a boat

    I will never have a boat hook onboard. I remember my parents yelling at each other about using the thing. Hit the dock but stop yelling. Long time ago but remembered and never repeated.
  7. The Windshield Fiasco of 2016

    Volvo is building a stern drive where the prop is in front of the gearbox. The prop is in clean water under the boat. they are challenging the inboard ski boats.
  8. The Windshield Fiasco of 2016

    They did have a water sport hull design about 3 years ago. I think one was at Indian Lake. You could use the Volvo puller stern drive for a neat design.
  9. 10-Year Bow-To-Stern Warranty!

    That is a very good question. I bought a new boat after joining. did i get the additional warranty.
  10. Bennigton Boat Value

    Used Benningtons with big motors hold their value. There are not many of them for sale. We have heard from some members of getting close to what they paid for the boats.
  11. Where do you go boating mostly?

    Conley Bottom Resort is the closest marina to our lake house. We are trying to meet up with mattb when they come down in August.
  12. Lowrance Elite7 TI

    It is trail and error. I added a side scan Dragonfly and have had to adjust the transducer several times. Not perfect yet but getting better. Used wire running sticks to tread the wiring above the under-skinning.
  13. Where do you go boating mostly?

    Come to Lake Cumberland. 101 miles long. 1400 miles of shore line. Reality is you spend 99% of your time 5 miles from your dock. Come on down.
  14. Purchasing a new boat cover

    I got mine for the 2008 from the original manufacturer for Bennington. It was around $600 and the color was perfect and the fit was great. I missed up on some of the snapsand just left the wrong snaps in place and added snaps in the right location. It's now has a secret protocol for installation. I bought the good tool for installing the snaps on the cover that were included with the cover. PM me if you want to borrow the snap installation tool.
  15. Yamaha SDS or not for F150

    Love my power tech prop but it is on the I/O. Not apples to apples put verypleased.