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  1. It should be one handed steering. With the belt driven pump, it is like steering your car.
  2. I use a battery tender for the boat battery left in the boat. I pull the trolling motor battery for recharging.
  3. The Enertia prop is a great and expensive prop. Our 150HP swings a 15" pitch Enertia and it is perfect for the boat.
  4. The Cobalt boats have a swim platform on hydraulic cylinders. It will go under the water to allow you to float onto it and then raise you out of the water. I thought about modifying the swim platform on the big boat. It would be really expensive but cool. The sales man said the biggest users are boaters with dogs.
  5. Have both. The curved ladder is easier to climb up. It is also a great entry point up when the boat is in the barn. The stainless is like climbing a ladder the curved is walking up steps.
  6. We took the boat out of the barn and launched 2 weekends ago. On the water and checking under the seats for the first time this year. Everything is good until i get under the helm. Move the big bag that holds the extra orange life vests and there are hundreds of stink bugs. We threw bugs overboard for awhile. Good news is they don't swim well. I had drilled a 1" hole for the transducer cable through the floor inside the helm. I think they went between the underskirting and into the helm through the hole and then told all their friends about the winter cabin.
  7. From the album Lake Cumberland 2013

  8. When the dealer installed our second battery and switch, he wired in the constant 12v for the memory. There was a delay for us getting to the lake and when we did we had 2 dead batteries. I unhooked the power. As we only get 2 fm stations on the water it is not a big deal and the bluetooth plays our phones music for something different.
  9. So if you get the new boat with a 350, you will just have to mount it in a different location?
  10. I have the same motor. I like your mounting location. Never thought of putting it there. Only downside, I am at the helm and would not be able to see the top of the motor for direction control. It might be a challenge to lay the motor down but I had a suggestion to just pull the motor up and leave it vertical when you move. Done it for 3 years now in Canada and it saves time/energy and never had a problem. I love the foot control better than the hand held remote but with either you have to have a line of site to the top of the motor which can be a challenge with a 6'4" SIL in the front fishing seats.
  11. Take it out by yourself and do emergency turns. You need to know. Our elliptical can turn at 40 mph. It is a flat turn and can throw people hard enough to hurt them if they are not hanging on. As captain, you will need to know what the boat will do and be able to tell people to hang on and what that means because you know what the boat reaction to your steering inputs are.
  12. Happy B Day. I am also that person married longer than your age. Enjoy every day, it goes fast
  13. Jill's G37 convertible has very comfortable seats. The trunk is big enough for a set of golf clubs. We actually brought her golf bag into all the dealerships. It has the fastest acceleration except for my drag car from 60 to 90 I have ever experienced.
  14. That quick release bracket is what I unbolt from the floor. Since I only use the trolling motor for 1 week a year I don't want the toe stubbing bracket mounted in the middle of the door the rest of the year.
  15. Off topic: We were at the lake house at Cumberland early April and played golf at General Burnside State park and the next day played the Dale Hollow State park course. It was a great golf course. Never seen such elevation changes.