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  1. Phone storage solution

    The floor area at the corner of the helm and the starboard fence is shaded by the fence, the helm and helm seat.

    Jill has Monday off and we are thinking about launching the boat in Cincinnati and boating down to Beltarra casino for a day trip.
  3. Phone storage solution

    For me, it was destroy the red solo cup and clean up the adult beverage mess. Now I have the cup in one deck shoe and the phone in the other. Both are out of the sun and stable.
  4. I will guarantee you do not want to own a marina. After 30 years of 24/7 retail operations, I was ready to kill my employees and customers.
  5. Your insurance is also invalid. Lots of liability.
  6. Owner's Manuals

    Jill's convertible and dad's Caddy came with a web address for the owners manual. It works. I spent 2 minutes yesterday getting the specs for her brake fluid and didn't need the car.
  7. Welcome to Club Bennington

    Just a little disagreement. If you are really into watersports there is no substitution for a inboard boat. We ski behind the big boat and it is fine. It would never work for advanced wakeboarding. It also will not work if you start shorting the ski rope for practice because the wake is totally different from a tournament boat. The ESP is great but it is not a tournament boat.
  8. Welcome to Club Bennington

    If you are going to do any water sports, don't go with the ellipticals. They make a great fishing and cruising boat.
  9. Mold on your interior vinyl

    303 has never claimed to protect against mold. It protects against sun damage. The combine hast has worked for us.
  10. Mold on your interior vinyl

    I have called Marine 31 about using the Mildew Guard with the 303 protector. They said it would not be a problem. After using the remover, I used the 303 and then the next day I applied the Mildew Guard. I love the products. Glad it worked for you.
  11. New boat on order

    That makes sense. The SIL is 6'4". When fishing in Canada, he sits in the front chair and puts his feet under the trolling motor frontgate.
  12. New boat on order

    i see that you removed the storage areas at the front of the boat. Are you not planning on running a trolling motor? The plans show a livewell in the storage area at the back of the couch. Do you need two livewells that close together.
  13. Mold on your interior vinyl

    I use the Marine 31 Mold Guard on all the boats. Our Cumberland boat would get mold evencovered on land or in the slip. After using the products 2 years ago and reapplying last year , we have had no mold when uncovering the boat.
  14. Mold on your interior vinyl

    I used Marine 31 mildew remover and then applied Marine 31 mildew guard. I had tried many products and nothing was working. The stuff is g.
  15. Anybody going to the Miami Boat show next month?

    Years ago, we flew to Abaco and ferried over to Elbow Key for 2 weeks in a house rental. Beautiful area.