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  1. We keep our boat behind the house attached to a floating dock year round. We live on the Crystal River in Florida. Our river is unique as it goes from fresh water springs and out 7 miles to saltwater in the Gulf of Mexico.
  2. Congrats on the beautiful new Bennington! Question: What type of anchors are you using in the photo? They appear to be PVC. Did you buy them or make them? Thanks!
  3. We bought our 20SL Saltwater Series in 2012. We had the toons bottom coated as it stays in the water all year. We live on the Nature Coast of Florida on a river that starts out fresh spring water and empties 7 miles downriver to the Gulf saltwater. We have not had any problems except for the boat cover fading on top the seats and Bennington took care of that for us.
  4. Contact the dealer as they should replace your cover. We have the yellow cover and it stained the tops of our seats. We contacted our dealer and they had to replace the seats and the cover. The dealer gave us some of the white sheets that are on the seats when they come from the factory. We place those on the tops of the seats before putting on the cover. Possibly could be the reason why yellow was discontinued.
  5. For those that use Totally Awesome as a cleaning aid do you use it full strength or dilute it?
  6. I have an SL with a cup holder on the left and right side of the helm. I have a BIG thermal cup and no issues with the placement of the holders.
  7. We've kept our 2012 Bennington in salt/brackish water, tied to a floating dock, here on the Nature Coast in Florida for almost 3 years. We do not have a trailer. Out on the boat yesterday we were looking at the painted pontoons and they still look pretty good. In a few weeks we will have the dealer come pick it up for service. At that time we will have them inspect the logs to see if it's time to repaint them. Our Bennington is a 20SL salt water series pontoon.
  8. On a high tide we use it to lower the Bimini top down when we go under some very low bridges to get back to the fresh water Springs.
  9. Just beautiful!
  10. Absolutely gorgeous photos! What a great place for a Bennington!
  11. Congrats on the new boat! We are the ones that had our seats replaced because of the defective mooring cover that stained our seats. Bennington also replaced the mooring cover. The replacement mooring cover started to leave a few minor streaks on our seats. We contacted the dealer again and they suggested for us to cover the tops of seats with a white sheet before covering with the mooring covers. They gave us some sheets that Bennington uses at the factory before the boat is wrapped for delivery. Our boats stays in the water with the mooring cover on year round in Floirda and the sheets have made a huge difference in keeping the boat seats clean from stains, bugs and mildew.
  12. Our boat is kept in the water year round with the bimini top in the correct position with the cover on. We are having an issue with mildew building up under the cover on the bimini. Not sure if there is any prevention other than taking the bimini cover off and storing when the boat is not in use.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I thought it was too good to be true!
  14. I've been a Bennington Forum Club member since May 2012 and an owner since July 2012. I just received my Bennington decal today! Long wait!
  15. In the first photo I see yellow on the seats. Is Bennington bringing back the Amber Yellow?