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  1. Got a really UGLY curve ball thrown at me today

    If the problem was the incorrect anodes wouldn't allof your pontoons have the same damage/pinholes???
  2. Did I buy enough?

    I'll send you a PM Alicedream.....
  3. Did I buy enough?

    Ha! You guys are killin me! $82000 boat and motor. Reduced to $65000 Boat show price. FUNNY!!!
  4. Did I buy enough?

    Believe me we thought long and hard about it! But regardless of the percentage off of the MSRP it was hard for us to buy a boat that costs as much as our 1st house! Ha!
  5. Did I buy enough?

    My wife and I test drove a boat with a 350 Merc Verado on the back after the Charlotte boat show. It had a great hole shot and of course the top end with 4 onboard was in the 50's with no problem. It was quiet and didn't know it was running until we saw the pee stream. The motor alone was $30000. The boat was $82000. Boat show price was $65000. Did we need that much motor? No! Would it have been fun to have? Oh yeah!
  6. Got a really UGLY curve ball thrown at me today

    Oh man has any water gotten in?!? Didn't realize electrolysis can make actual holes in an aluminum pontoon. Aren't the zincs supposed to prevent/combat that?!?
  7. Did I buy enough?

    Buy what you want and can afford! Never know when that dog is gonna need something! Ha!
  8. Wrap BEFORE pics.......

    Thank you all for the compliments on my old new boat!We are pretty happy with how it turned out. The wrap people did a great job! Better to spend the $1800+ than the $65000 boat we test drove from the boatshow. Maybe this will last another 13 yrs. before we have to buy another one. Ha! The interior is in great shape, the engine runs great so we'll see what happens......... Putting the battery back in today so we can get it back on the water soon......
  9. Wrap BEFORE pics.......

    It came out pretty good! My wife thought that it was a bit dark at first but once we got it outside it all came together. We added the Benningtonlogo to the front door after these pics were taken. Couldn't take any outside pics because it rained on the way home.......
  10. image.jpeg

    From the album 2017 Wrap time

  11. image.jpeg

    From the album 2017 Wrap time

  12. image.jpeg

    From the album 2017 Wrap time

  13. image.jpeg

    From the album 2017 Wrap time

  14. image.jpeg

    From the album 2017 Wrap time

  15. image.jpeg

    From the album 2017 Wrap time