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  1. Never did or had to. The ramps in Virginia was in a long No Wake zone and here we always put in/take out during the week in the spring/fall when it's calm.....
  2. Pretty cool Alan! Great product! But we have always floated it on. We have done it so many times over the years.........We could do it in our sleep! Ha!
  3. If it's properly done.........It works well!
  4. Cover the entire boat! You won't be sorry in the long run!
  5. Left the Benny home?!?
  6. Pretty cool pic! Lived on Andrews AFB in Maryland right outside DC. Couldn't help but see the Blue Angels, the Thunderbirds, Presidential aircraft and every military plane flying over our houses year after year. Never saw them by boat though!
  7. Didn't realize the pontoons could "equalize" air pressure like that......
  8. Where is Fontana Lake?!?
  9. I have a Mercruiser I/O. I have a distinct "clunk" whenever changing gears..... Yup make an insurance claim.....
  10. Captain R............and the Admiral!
  11. MrG and Semp is on the money! When they acid washed our boat in Virginia they covered all parts that they didn't want the acid to touch. They masked the aluminum skirting, the rub rail and the ladder and they specifically told me that those areas CAN'T BE ACID WASHED! The anodized aluminum that has the overspray is ruined and will have to replaced if they want to "Take care of you in the off season and make it right". They are able to fix the pontoons by redoing them and evenly rinsing/power washing them but there is nothing they can do to for the anodized parts that has overspray on them...... As Semp said........Get it in writing now!
  12. Put your playpen cover on!!! As far as wash down water is concerned put something over it before rinsing or wipe the area with a towel when done. I don't have in floor storage. Don't they have bilge pumps in them?!?
  13. HBD Indian Lake bum! Have a great day!
  14. Wow! 15 on the boat! Think the most we ever had was 10 adults on ours. I see you're on Lake Greenwood. I was very close to you all today. I drove the almost 2 1/2 hrs. to Newberry from Lake Norman this morning to buy a geriatric chair for my Mom. Took 77 down and cut over on 200/34 and ran right into Newberry. Nice area.
  15. 52 gallons. The last time we got gas was at the Boathouse grill pump after breakfast one morning. Topped off with 40 gallons of e free 93 octane at $3.99 a gallon............$159. Hey if it needs it..........Fill it up!!! The funny thing was we thought we were close to an empty tank. The fuel gauge fluctuates between empty and a quarter tank so we're not sure how much gas we had left but we ended up having 12 gallons left..........