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  1. Leaning towards the black panels. Looks good! Or just add something simple to it like the Bennington name or logo.......... When we decided to vinyl wrap ours so many ideas went through our heads but we went pretty conservative and came up with a simple color scheme. I still wanted to add "Big Kahuna" to it but was shot down. Ha!
  2. See previous post Lakeliving.........
  3. So...will that change now that she has passed? We talked to her daughter, the executor of her estate. She said the siblings aren't going to make any rash decisions regarding her mothers 4 properties. 2 homes in Florida, 1 in South Carolina and the one across from us. Which includes a 4500 sq ft house, an RV garage, an adjacent 3/4 acre waterfront lot and 2 coveted boat slips. All worth about $1.5 million. They said they are leaning towards keeping this property in the family so they can use it as a summer get away since they live in NC. We hope they do. But we will come up with a back up plan......... We kept our boat in a marina storage yard on the trailer for years. But we are now spoiled just walking across the street untying and taking off!
  4. Carl towed us last year and we used the eyelet on the center tube. Same one you use to secure your boat to the trailer strap......... We have towed boats from the bracket that holds our ski pylon (right above the outdrive in the pic) and it has worked well..........
  5. Call your local Marina service department and ask them. I'm sure they have encountered this problem before.......
  6. Boats across the street from the house in our neighbors slip. (God bless her she just passed away) Just walk across take the cover off and go! At least 2 or 3 times a week depending on what's going on. It's like waterfront w/out the waterfront price........
  7. Our Gander seemed pretty picked over already. Left with.......Nothing!
  8. Just beautiful! Love it!
  9. Post em!
  10. Where were your dock lines/ropes etc??? First boat we had the mice got in and made nests with all of the dock lines/ropes. Tore em all up! That's when we started using the moth balls. Never had a problem since! You got some tough mice up there! The moth balls should prevent them from coming around....
  11. Happy Birthday Dan!!!
  12. Oh man.......Take a couple of deep breaths before you go in. Oh the hell w/it........GIVE EM HELL!!!
  13. Hopefully you'll be able to do it yourself because it's expensive as hell to have the dealer do it. I inquired about replacing one section of fencing and after removing the furniture, removing the damaged panel, replacing the damaged panel, having it painted, having the decals matched and replaced, and replacing the furniture. I was given a quote of $2750-$3250............. And this was only 1 section on an I/O that went from the port side gate and wrapped around to back.
  14. Yup sure did and Thank you! Funny thing is we weren't even looking for a car. Took her old car in for an airbag recall and while we waited she was looking at the Escalades. I told her we already have an Expedition to tow the boat so she started looking at the CTS and the XTS. Went home w/one. Damn!
  15. If the dealer/Bennington can't do it........Look for a local vinyl wrap or decal shop. They should be able to hook you up!