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  1. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    Our low day time temperature for the next week will be 65 with a few days in the 70's. It's been a super winter so far! Unreal! Some trees have already flowered and the pollen count is up. Haha! Who worries about the pollen count in February?!?
  2. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    63.......Compared to yesterday. Haha! I always have shorts on!
  3. 2017 R Series

    Went to the boat show in Charlotte yesterday. We've had our R since 2008 so we can attest to the durability, comfort, and longevity of our seats/material/upholstery. But let me tell you gentlemen there are so many other pontoon brands thathave comparable seats/comfort now. I think they have seriously closed the gap as far quality is concerned......
  4. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    You do what you gotta do.......Ha! Only 63 degrees today.......
  5. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    Yup Lowes HQ is about 15-20 minutes from us here in Mooresville right off exit 31 on I77. They funded the exit for easy access for their employees. (You don't want to be near that exit at 500pm.) My neighbor heads the IT Department. Go to and type in what you're looking for.........
  6. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    HBD Jack and Keithz!!!
  7. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    You beat me to it Carl! Didn't have the heart to post it after reading some of the snow/rain totals. Can't believe how many trees have already flowered here. The pollen totals are crazy. Had to take a Claritin this morning...... The attendance at the boat show suffered because of the 70 degree weather Friday and Saturday and today's 80......
  8. Guess the part?

  9. For those of you in the Charlotte NC area the Mid Atlantic Boat show runs from Thursday through Sunday at the Charlotte Convention Center.......... Its a lot larger than the show they held in the fall.........
  10. Seat Base inner edges

    Looks like a good product and it should work. Although I don't have sharp edges in my seat bases......
  11. Ethanol VS Non-Ethanol Fuels and Sta-bil Marine 360

    Doesn't matter.................. if it needs gas..............FILL IT UP!!!
  12. Aluminum restoration

    Cost to have it reanodized?!? Curious.
  13. Here's our order, now for the wait.

    Congratulations Todd! Very nice!
  14. Bennington Owners Age

    57. Some days I feel a lot older. Especially after playing racquetball in the morning...........Then playing 18 holes of golf.........and finishing up playing racquetball again after dinner. What a great day but was pretty sore the next morning........
  15. Which color do you prefer.

    Todd,you at Lake Norman?!? That bottom Q is in the showroom at Lake Norman Marina, our local Benny dealer! Did you go to the VIP Event there last Saturday night?!? We went with Carl, (CWAG)Suzi, Glenn (Nautical) and Terry..........