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  1. Key West

    Looks like you guys are having a Blast! Great pics Link! Keep 'em coming!
  2. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Not as sharp as yours! Just beautiful!
  3. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Very nice Semp! The wrap design we picked is very similar but of course ours is burgundy/black.......
  4. Maiden Voyage

    Good job w/the boating course! Enjoy the boat! Does she have a name yet?!?
  5. Boat name voting

    "Against the Wind" Bob Seger band "Money for nothing". Dire Straits "Walk this way". Aerosmith "Don't stop believing". Journey "Summer Breeze" . Seals and Croft
  6. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    Good I'm sure he'll do a good job!
  7. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    Have you had the chance to really give your pontoon a thoroughinspection and get it fixed?!?
  8. Not boating related

    Yeah your right. We have been known to call them up and bitch about it going up and end up getting some kind of discount for another year. Then the same process......
  9. Put down some kind of heavy duty tape before you drill through your floor. Then drill through the tape.......
  10. Not boating related

    I have a Time Warner cable bundle. Cable, TV, and phone. I was thinking of going back to DirecTV which I had in Virginia. Why does everybody hate DirecTV so much?!? Had no problem with them before. Also we have a Firestick. My daughter gave it to us for Christmas. $38 at Amazon. Right now just using it for a game pack that contains Fibbage we play on game nights. 1000's of movies, TV shows and music are also available. Some free but most are pay.......
  11. Bird Poop

    At our old marinain Virginia I tied round foil pie plates to the Bimini top. Just let them flap in the wind and it worked........
  12. First trip out for 2017

    Damn 90 already! Sharp boat!
  13. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Happy Birthday Chris!!! Hope Darcy makes you a great dinner! Or takes you somewhere.......