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  1. We have a bilge pump in our I/O compartment. Water only gets in if we are constantly in and out of the water and it seeps down there. But there was one time where the pick up tube of the speedometer was not working properly and it was bringing water into the compartment. At the end of the day when we took the plug out we couldn't figure out where the water was coming from.......
  2. My old cover had those vents built in for ventilation but not much water got in when it rained hard. My current cover has no vents because the Sunbrella fabric is breathable........
  3. Don't need Sharkhide tech support to tell me that it doesn't protect below the water line. All I have to do is look at my boat......
  4. Everybody keeps mentioning hard rain. How is the rain water getting in? Is the cover not on?
  5. Does the bilge pump come on w/a float switch or is it manual?!?
  6. Wow! 5 gallons is pretty significant. Where does the tube from the bilge pump empty to. That would be a place to check. Good luck......
  7. Welcome to the forum Dano! Gotta give us more info about yourself/boat etc etc......
  8. Quick question for you Michigan guys........was just looking at the map of Lake Michigan and found Petoskey. How long would it take to cross the lake west and go towards Wisconsin/Green Bay?!? Just curious......
  9. Happy Birthday Alicedream!
  10. He was lucky........ Did you follow him in?!? And the $64000 question...........Was it a Benny?!?
  11. I don't see why they wouldn't work. You're talking about the wet ones correct?!? I would imagine a good vinyl cleaner like "Totally Awesome" and a damp mop or rag would be great!
  12. Dunn deal! Ha! Sorry couldn't resist! Welcome to the forum and congrats! Nice boat!
  13. After you order your boat look into the PTM Edge mirror. You'll need it for water sports and over all safety..........
  14. Use a diluted concoction of bleach and water in a spray bottle. It 'll get rid of it. Just put an ounce of bleach in a spray bottle with the rest fresh water and mix it up. Spray it on the mold/mildew and it'll disappear........
  15. Looks good! Nice color! Guys on here also have Matador red. Another stunning color!