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  1. I can relate to Landscaper2009 and Spoiledrotten, I am 75 and my wife is 65 and I have often reminded her that I was in the army making the country safe so she could go to elementary school safely. Always thing young thoughts and do young things. I am scared of rocking chairs and front porches (unless they face the lake).
  2. 75...........have to agree with Link and Mattb, I always feel younger when I step on the boat.
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes........I am planning to have a lot more. Roy
  4. I have to agree, even though I haven't been to LC or NL. We bought our Benny from the dealer just a few miles from Dale Hollow and he took us there for our initial ride and it was breathtakingly beautiful. Roy
  5. Great idea. Our lake grocery windows are a great place for local information and last summer I noticed a sign in the window for free pontoon boat rides at the state park hotel dock. I didn't think much about it, but the next weekend instead of taking lunch out on the boat we drove the boat to the state park to have lunch at the hotel. While we were tying up at the dock two different older couples approached us and asked if we were there for the free pontoon boat rides. Then it hit me, the hotel restaurant has always attracted large numbers of customers from the surrounding area just to eat. So it seemed like someone (probably the state park boat rental dock) organized the pontoon boat rides to give visitors something to do besides just eat. As we were leaving we saw a pontoon boat dock with a group of people who seemed like they were having a great time. Since we have easy access to water and boats I never thought about there are probably 100's of people that visit resort areas for a variety of reasons that would enjoy just a boat ride.
  6. Early in the summer I called Bennington when everyone was talking about the extended warranty, I missed it by 3 months I think. However while I had someone on the phone I asked about my seat and was told that since my boat was still under warranty they would send me a new slide and to send them the bill and they would reimburse me. In about 5 days I got a new slider from Bennington and replaced It myself (4 screws). When I got the slide odd I tried moving it but it was so tight I couldn't budge it with a hammer. Once again I am glad I have a Benny.
  7. I agree with Link, A good carpet installer should have no problem installing around the furniture and leave you with a professional carpet job. I like my carpet. Other surfaces get extremely hot in the sun, Carpet takes a little more to care for, but in the end I would replace mine with more carpet. Roy
  8. We had a this discussion in 2013. I had a gauge fog up on my 2012 2275GCW and called my dealer and he immediately got a replacement for me. When I posed the question back then the comments were mostly the same as now and most agreed there wasn't a cure and Bennington was not going to continue to replace them. Sure enough it wasn't long before the new one fogged up as well as one of the others. Before I sent the old I took this picture the picture is small, but if you there are small 2 holes in the case at the 9 and 3 position. Sorry about the size, but I was excited just to move it from my attachments page to here. it just seems to be a characteristic of the gauges.
  9. Just to clarify, that is $48 above basic towing to get unlimited towing. But still worth it, I love those things that I can automate and put in the do not worry box. Roy
  10. After hearing a couple of horror stories about having towing insurance, and realizing that what I had would be too little too late. I logged on and upgraded to unlimited towing with BoatUS for $48/ year. Another thing I don't have to worry about.
  11. Has anyone seen an aftermarket in floor storage unit?
  12. I'm 74 and tubed with our 5 year old granddaughter the last two summers. Couldn't ski due to hand disease which caused my fingers to permanently close on my left hand and I thought it would be too hard coming up with one hand. Had hand surgery Tuesday, hope to ski after I complete my rehab. Royo
  13. Stan, there are about 4 places you can get the flag, just google Vol Navy flag and they will show up. There is also one at the bottom of the lake at the beginning of the no wake zone going into Aqua Yacht harbor that we lost. We have a house just off of YMCA and have plans are to start building a new one later this year on Yellow Creek. Most weekends we anchor in Zippy creek across from Grand Harbor, stop by if you are ever in that neighborhood. Roy
  14. are in for some great times. I bought my first pontoon at 65 then upgraded to a Bennington at 70 (2012 2275 GCW). Nothing old about either one, but in that short time we have had some great times with our family and friends. Roy
  15. Unless I am missing something this does sound like a deal you shouldn't pass up. I bought a 2275 GCW in 2012 and was quoted $2000 by our local dealer to add a second bimini. Roy