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  1. Looks like North Carolina Walmarts have a different clientele than the ones in California. Here's a little gem I saw outside my local Walmart recently.
  2. I have one but I've never used it. Docking is a lot like parallel parking a car and I like the challenge.
  3. Camping World Holdings, which acquired Gander Mtn. (and Overtons) through bankruptcy proceedings, is required by the terms of the deal to retain 17 stores nationwide. The Chairman and CEO of CWH, Marcus Lemonis, has indicated he would like to keep as many as 70 stores open if the right deals can be made with the landlords. He also said the two brick-and-morter Overtons locations in NC would remain and he plans to open another 15-20 within current Camping World locations. There's been confusion about the closings even at stores that are on the list of those that will remain because the current inventory in all stores is being sold by liquidators to settle outstanding debts. Since none of the current items in stock were part of the acquisition, Lemonis intends to restock stores with a more profitable (less bloated) product line.
  4. Just changed mine for the first time in the four years I've owned it and I think it was changed once before that, so twice in ten years. Hours are low, less than 100, but I think having it sit on the trailer for the last year caused the impeller to dry out and fail. I'll need to be more diligent as I wait for the drought to end and start the engine each month rather than just keeping a trickle charger on the battery. The upside to this was I finally found an advantage to having a 50 hp engine. I was able to change the impeller myself after watching a couple of youtube videos. The job isn't difficult from a technical standpoint but holding the lower unit up and reinstalling the bolts by myself was tricky. Another pair of hands would have been helpful. Definitely wouldn't want to try hoisting the lower end of anything larger than 90 hp.
  5. Manufacturer's product page. Care and cleaning guide for SimTex Softside vinyl. Manufacturer's care guide for products treated with Permablok3. Approved cleaners. Available on Ebay, pretty spendy at $22/yard. Obviously I have way too much time on my hands. Had knee surgery on Monday and have to say crutches suck.
  6. More durable than Sharkhide, but scratches are inevitable and unless you're really good with an airbrush you would go nuts trying to blend in paint on paint so it doesn't show.
  7. Mask it off and have at it with this.
  8. Same as Kahuna, and if I have the option I use the side of the dock that has the wind pushing the boat towards the dock. My messy attempts have all been during the initial tie up with the wind pushing away from the dock, losing the stern while securing the bow or vice versa. Much easier with two people but if I'm alone I use the wind to keep the boat in line.
  9. Not going to get my hopes up. I had to buy a used Benny under a fake name just to get this far.
  10. That's the story of my life, always outside looking in.
  11. Ok, I'll ask...what does the thread title have to do with the subject matter?
  12. I haven't had to do this to mine but it looks like you have the same adjustable knob on the forward-most support. Sliding the whole arm up closer to the canvas should pull the bimini down more and provide more tension. Mark where it's at now so you know where you started from. If that doesn't work it would also be really easy to shorten the rear support, it's just attached with screws. I would remove the plastic insert and lop off a small amount of tube, drill a new hole for the screw, and test fit. Repeat as necessary.
  13. I use two 18lb river anchors. They take a better bite than mushrooms and I can quickly store them in buckets when I'm moving between fishing spots. That's the only reason I use them instead of a box anchor.
  14. Not worried, I'm married to the antivirus.