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  1. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Feb. 22nd stormtiger(67)
  2. New boat on order

    It's gonna be a looooong wait.We ordered ours in October ..... "supposed" to startbuildtomorrow...... I've been jonesing for months.
  3. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Feb. 21st jimbo(70) Capt1903(48) Dan S(68) Agizmofish
  4. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Holy late feed back batman ....... Yup, ordered duplicate of yours except it's a 23GCW.
  5. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Right now Yamaha has a special till end of March.
  6. New member with new benny on order

    Welcome aboard! Nice choice. I'm thinking the Swingback is another home run for Bennington! Just remember, pics when it comes in!! It's mandatory ......
  7. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Feb. 20th Hoss(53) Johnny Volvo(47)
  8. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Feb. 19th BiXLL(59) Floater(45)
  9. Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    That sure ain't the sled of yesteryears ......
  10. Looks like I'm upgrading

    Nice sounding build Todd. I really wish wife (and wallet) would have went with Swingback. I do love that style. The rail is really only needed to use the rear while underway (if that's law in your state). I do admit, Bennington makes the rail looknice and classy in stainless. They could have gone basic and just use panel railing.
  11. 2017 2250 GSR playpen cover

    Are you saying you'll still be covering it? The poles can be popped in and out with minimal effort. We never change our pole heights. I just popthem into the underside of vent and stand them up. It's very easy. Is it the crawling around that will prevent you from trying to use them?
  12. Extra wide captains chair

    Yeah, carpet was a definite no no on the new boat. As stated, it looks good, but a pain to take care off. Especially when it would get soaked after heavy rains (even though it was covered). Our new boat had a few MUST HAVES.Elevated helm, sea grass, rear facing loungers and co captains lounge. All the other added bling was just our budget busters ...
  13. Storing Cover and Poles, etc.

    Nice thing is with it rolled neatly (we fold in half, then half again so it's 1/4 width, then lay in middle and roll from front to rear) to recover, I start from back starboard and unroll till helm, then toss the roll over the helm and it unrolls itself across lounger to the front. 2 of us uncover in 5 minutes and cover in 10 max. Oh, and I tie the closures around Bimini poles every time. If it rains, you can get a lot of water in through the cutouts.
  14. Boat lift for TriToon

    See this thread.
  15. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    I would think the dealer owns the boats on delivery and they are held against a line of credit. I very much doubt Bennington is floatingthe cost of inventory. They are a manufacturer not a bank. Dealer payment should have been adiscussion up front. Sadly you mustnot have been informed of the intended payment process by your dealer. My dealer ordered,based on delivery early-mid March,with payment intended when it hits the dock appx. April 1st.,and after weverify boat andoptionsarecorrect. Every dealer does it different.