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  1. Sounds sweet! Can't wait for pics!!
  2. May 27th Blinq (58) Landscaper2009 (47) mtudb24 (46) Omike
  3. With table we have 22 ....
  4. For a second there, on my phone, I thought Link made the news .....
  5. May 26th cpeters30 (35) ghostrunner (74) SteveandJulie (52)
  6. Check Great Lakes Skipper, he sometimes has oem stuff
  7. Oh yeah, forgot we do that too. Any Saturday I don't work, I scheduled Friday off. If I work Saturday I try to leave work at 2 and try to scoot up for a couple hours.
  8. Did you watch my video on how to use. I'm guessing it broke if you tried to force it. They are very easy to release with the method I show.
  9. It's either covered under 5,7 or 10 year warranty dependent upon year. Other than that dealer probably has some or can order. I believe they use a large face type rivet to install.
  10. What year boat?
  11. On weekends if it's above 60 and at least partly sunny, we are out both days. Just started vacation today and it's raining .... go figure... but we will spend as much of the next 10 days on the lake as we can. We pretty much sit 75% of the time but we will put 80-100 hours on the meter. Mini vacations almost every weekend April-October.
  12. May 25th Lurch88 (47) mgbcb (72) Swabber (52)
  13. Parts are dealer, or eBay. You can also try as sometimes he has some "older" new and used parts. As for the steering, sounds like possible chipped gears in helm. Probably this part needs replaced. Shouldn't be too terrible if a job to do. This is not your part, just for reference of what may need fixed
  14. Nice! I'm betting that cost a couple bucks when purchased new!!!
  15. May 24th 02ram4x4 (36) SpartyKen