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  1. Fuel and Trim gauge stopped at same time.

    Here'sthe schematic
  2. Fuel and Trim gauge stopped at same time.

    Check for badground connection. Being both are doing it, sounds likea common connection point. Looks like tach shares the ground though?
  3. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    April 23rd Minneboater(49)
  4. Did I buy enough?

    That is amazing when you look at it in that perspective.
  5. Did I buy enough?

    So do you mean it was $82,000 for boat and motor, or motor was $30K and boat was$65k for total of $112K marked down to $65k?
  6. Did I buy enough?

    Yeah, but how many people ever said .... holy sh**, look at that guys first house !!!
  7. Muskrat Love

    Just a swimming rat ...... like our groundhogs.... just big yard rats ..... BANG!! Fixed for .10 cents ...
  8. Anodized Rub Rails

    I truthfully don't think it should be that much. For the front curved one piece section on my RL that goes about a foot or two back on each side, I was quoted $150 3 years ago. That's a curved piece, so even if you double that and then double again for the rear, plus two straight sides, I can't imagine it being over $800-$1000. Throw in another 6 or so hours to replace @ $80/hr = $480. Without the upgrade rail installed, it should be much easier to install. If you get it replaced, ADD A OPTIONAL RUB RAIL TO THE STANDARD RAIL.
  9. new owner question

    Models were easier 4 years ago ..... Now there's so many,plus 8' and 10' wide, it's crazy.
  10. I love it!

    Yes, KMC10 has Bluetooth or USB andAuxiliary input.
  11. Anodized Rub Rails

    Carl, I think they still call it a rub rail. Then there's the "heavy duty rub-rail" and the "Stainless h-d" option above. That's what they called my part I was going to replace on my R.
  12. new owner question

    CWis center walk-through, X denotes type of railing-- exterior. Used to be S (no exterior railing) and SX (option of exterior railing). Now the X railing is the standard.
  13. Got a really UGLY curve ball thrown at me today

    Any chance your bottom paint was copper based? This would potentially be a culprit if so.
  14. Got a really UGLY curve ball thrown at me today

    I know it sounds dumb but if a coatof bottom paint pretty much sealed those holes previously could you double or triple coatit, andpossibly save a couple more years out of it? After repairing the pinholes of course.
  15. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    April 22nd redsoxfan