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  1. Welcome aboard. Black is just soot marks from starting/stopping welds. I've seen hundreds of these black spots on a ton of toon welds (not just Benningtons).
  2. July 21st bighawkeye (42) Dan at Norris (66) Kermo75 Pcoyne (38) River Run (68)
  3. Yup! When I feel the need for speed I turn into the wind. 10mph plus 15 headwind feels like 25. I love cruising all weekend for 4-5 gallons of fuel.
  4. I love watching these older films. I could sit and watch these for days vs. the crap on tv anymore.
  5. July 20th Itsadogslife tyjy
  6. Thanks!! We love it!!
  7. Angela & Michael (60) BKFaison Never North Wild and Free
  8. See if this gives you any ideas.
  9. July 18th "Black Pearl" (54) blythe Kent (33) PaPaDerf (67)
  10. I like those! Do you know if it affects your warranty for any flooring issues due to exposure? If I knew it wouldn't affect my flooring warranty, I would be interested in something like that. Where did you purchase and if you don't mind answering, what was the cost?
  11. July 17th Hogheaven (67) trucci24 (86)
  12. Without turning this into a dealer bashing thread, I would highly recommend getting something in writing NOW stating what you just posted the dealer said. The end of season, personnel changes, estimated cost surprise at end of season, etc ..... I'd be concerned about a "verbal agreement".
  13. Check with your dealer. My dealer stocks spare parts. Where are you located and what year/model is it.
  14. There is a channel under the "seat" portion, which in turn drains into the seat "base" which typically has drain holes drilled in the "lowest" channel around the perimeter of the interior of the base. Sometimes these drain holes are not drilled or not drilled completely through. This is can be easily fixed by your dealer. It's not a design flaw. There are 10's of thousands of Benningtons with this design and a very select few with the water draining issue. Remember, after a rain, there is an inherent nature for water to end up in the seats. They are not designed to be water proof. Second, as for the seat closing, it will take a little getting used to how the Bennington seats close. They don't just flop shut like other brands. The seats have an overhang so if that bracket wasn't there, the seat would flop open if you sat on the edge of the seat. I use my left hand to guide the rear of the cushion with bracket under the rear lip, and lift front slightly, and push ack and down to close with my right hand.
  15. July 16th Gio4318 (56) H2ohog (45) redsky (70) Rick C (69) Toon'r (60)