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  1. I have the dual battery setup from the factory. My buddy has a Bennington and added a dual battery setup. I never turn my switch off when leave the boat for extended periods. Had the same setup on my previous 2 Benningtons and never shut them off. Other than the obvious problems should I forget to shut something off is there some other reason I should turn it off. The marina that installed my buddies said to always turn it off. One of the reasons I don't is I have Ultra Legs and figured I want power to the hydraulic pump should the Legs lose pressure and need a quick boost. Thoughts?
  2. No they are made by someone else. I had Sea Legs on my previous 2 Benningtons and loved them but their customer service and standing behind their product was dismal at best. My dealer and the marina in Chetek dumped Sea Legs this past year for Ultra Legs. I had a weld issue on one of the Legs within the warranty period and they denied/never returned the dealers or my calls regarding it. The dealer split the cost with me to fix it. Ultra Legs Has a better design but operate the same way.
  3. Let me start by saying my prayers are with the families that lost loved ones and all their property in the Chetek Wisconsin tornado yesterday. I have Ultra Legs (a better version of Sea Legs IMO) and the tornado passed less than an 1/8 of a mile from my boat. It didn't move 1 inch. We all know a tornado can tear apart one house and leave the one next door untouched. But I think this eases my mind a bit about the sturdiness of them and their ability to handle wind.
  4. Long story short my last Bennington had a ton of issues. When I called about a problem my dealer either drove the 250 miles to get it or in some cases I requested they just send the part and they would pay the marina (not a Bennington dealer but a great shop) to fix it. I have never been told they have to ask Bennington to see if it's covered. Bow to stern including electronics means just that. Shouldn't need to call Bennington and wait for an answer. If you can't get answers from your dealer I would go to Bennington directly. I have heard they take care of things fast. Fortunately I have never had to do that.
  5. I bought some sound mat from amazon for $23 and the bass knob for $25 from Bestbuy and all of the helm rattleing is gone except for the door. I will put the door trim and see what happens The dealer is ordering the NMEA2K for me and said they will talk me through the install. He said its easy. I just past the intitial 2 hour break in period and will post performance numbers next week. My numbers will be a bit slower because I have Ultra Legs (A much better version of Sea Legs).
  6. A Yamaha F200XCADL digital electronic control 2.8L. It looks like a plug and play box system.
  7. I am very fortunate, the service manager gave me his personal cell number and said to call anytime I have an issue. I would never call outside business hours but it's nice to have if I have a major issue.
  8. It does rattle with the door open. I oredered some sound mats to put inside and will get the door molding and try that. I am also going to clean up all the wires hanging down with zip ties so it isn't such a mess in there. What kind of upsets me a little is I specifically asked to have the sub moved under one of the seats on the build sheet for this reason and it wasn't. Some may not want to spend the money on a sound system from the factory but considering I went through 2 speakers and a radio unit on my last 2014 Bennington, all covered under warranty, I wouldn't go any other way. I would bet I will have issues within the next 10 years with the stereo system and I won't have to pay for it, not because it's crappy equipment, because it's in an unfriendly environment for electronics. The sound system does sound awesome once the ratttling is gone. Thanks everyone for the sugestions and help.
  9. Did you prefer it that way or are you buying the NMEA2000 network connection separately. I didn't have the option when I ordered my boat last October.
  10. Took my new 22S Swingback out Saturday. Sorry no pictures yet. I have the Kicker Sub that is mounted under the helm. As with my last boat the sub vibrates the helm so bad that I might as well have saved the money and not got the upgrade. The dealer installed sound mat on my last boat that made a big improvement but I was never really able to crank the radio. When I ordered this boat I asked that the sub not be under the helm but moved to one of the seat compartments as shown in a couple pictures on the build site. My dealer has offered to move it for me or put the sound mat in this boat. Before I move it does anyone have the sub under one of the seats and does it vibrate the seat real bad? I have the Simrad system, does anyone know if that comes loaded with lakes or is there an extra cost to download the maps? Should it be connected to the Yamaha DEC so the gauges on the Simrad work i.e. Tach and fuel flow? Thanks
  11. It's the Turbo Swing XXL and was $825 plus tax and free shipping from Amazon. My dealer put it on for free but it wouldn't be difficult to do yourself.
  12. Not sure if the Turbo Swing would work for you but I bought one and the dealer installed it for me. It can be installed very easily by yourself. It is attached using the engin mount bolts.
  13. I changed my signature to my new Bennington and most of the specs. Its been raining since i got her home so when it stops I will get some pictures and post them.
  14. I owned a couple jet boats, a Sea Doo and a Yamaha. Absolutely loved the Yamaha. Then I bought a cabin and my neighbor said "nice jet boat, that thing will never work on these lakes." I laughed and said I love the thing and will never trade it. Two months later I traded my Yamaha in on my first Bennington. Just took delivery of my 3rd Bennington yesterday. As much as I love the pontoon I still have a soft spot in my heart for the Yamaha.
  15. Thanks guys. I googled it and saw a few things but just wondering if anyone on here has ever done it or seen it on an engine.