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  1. On Yamaha's website if you compare the inline 4 F200 to the 3.3 V6 F200 and the Vmax F200 it says 89 for the inline 4 and 87 for the other 2. My dealer says his info shows 87 for all. I guess I'm wondering if an octain difference of 2 is that big of a deal and in the remote case I have an issue will Yamaha tell me to pound sand because I was running 87. Going to the gas station with multiple cans will be a giant PITA.
  2. I have the Yamaha F200 digital control engine on my new boat. Yamaha's website says 89 octain for this engine but 87 for all the other F200 I looked at. My marina has 87 non ethanol gas and my dealer says 87 is fine. Any opinions from any of you?
  3. I ordered the F200 on my new boat. I asked my dealer (they are a high volume dealer for Yamaha and Bennington) and they said save the money as they hardy ever put the Vmaxon a pontoons.He did say it is an awesome engine though. I hope I don't regret it.
  4. I had the ellipticals on my last boat and had the Sea Legs. Can't go with the twin tube legs you have to go with the tri-toon legs.
  5. Boat Order "Dilemma"

    I'm such a tool I have driven to the dealer to look at my new boat twice. It's still wrapped up in the plastic from the factory and has snow on it.
  6. Kicker KMC 1 versus KMC 10 stereo

    I'm on my 3rd Bennington in 7 years. We went basic radio on the first and regretted it. Went all out on the 2nd and glad we did. Sounded great but the sub was placed under the helm. Not a good idea as it rattled the hell out of the helm. They had to put sound insulation inside the helm tostop most of the rattling. Radio head died late last season but it was covered under warranty. On theboat we just orderedI went with the upgraded radio, wet soundsand rear speaker upgradeon the swing back. I'm sure it will sound even better as the sub is no longer located under the helm so I should be able to turn the base up more than a quarter.More importantly if anything goes wrong with it in the next 10 years it's covered under warranty. If you do the upgrade yourself it may sound a little better but as others have said marine electronics don't last all that long and you won't have a 10 year warranty on aftermarket equipment.
  7. Our New 2017 24' SSBXP Build

    I wanted pictures of the colors and what the rear speaker upgrade looked like so the dealer I bought it from found them and sent them to me. I have the S series and the pictures are a G.
  8. Our New 2017 24' SSBXP Build

    That's what I thought. Isn't Spartan green a bit darker? Glad it's not so Vikingstaff won't wish he would have gone with the green.
  9. Our New 2017 24' SSBXP Build

    Here is on that shows the rear speaker upgrade and another side picture. It's a G model but was told it would give me an idea of what the color and rear speaker upgrade looks like.
  10. Our New 2017 24' SSBXP Build

    This was sent to me by the dealer showing the colors. Not sure how close it is to Spartan colors.
  11. Our New 2017 24' SSBXP Build

    I wish I could but it's still wrapped from the factory with acouple inches of snow on it. They probably won't open it till March. When they do I will take some. If you have any questions about the Sea Legs I will PMmy number and we can talk on the phone. I can give you my opinion and experience with them.
  12. Sea Legs

    I have had Sea Legson 2 pontoon boats. The first set had the wide foot print the second set was on a benni with ellipticals so had to go with the tri-toon set up. We get a fair amount of wind however it is blowing from the front or the rear and not at side. Never had any issues with movement.Our lake has shallow spots and they are great. I personally wouldn't have a pontoon on our lake without them. We were the second or third boat on our laketo have them, now they are all over the place. You sacrifice speed but for us the conscience far out weighs the speed loss My new boat will have the Ultra Legs on them.
  13. Our New 2017 24' SSBXP Build

    My 2017 SSBXP just arrived at the dealer. Mine is 22 foot,emerald green with white accent panel (retro looking colors) and aYamaha 200 with DEC. It'salmost the same spec as yours except I didn't go with the elevated helm,bolster seat instead,rail keeper or black out edition other than that it is identical.I am putting ultra legs on mine.
  14. Frustrated with Bennington

    Semperfi I have to ask, would you buy a BMW, GM, Honda or Mercedes, drop 53K and be happy with a cracked anything or not delivered as expected car. Would you take the car and wait for the maker to get back to you when it is convenient for them. If they shut the board down because of criticism then they are not a trustworthy manufacturer. Bennington is a fine manufacturer but they are dropping the ball. If we as owners don't criticize them when the quality isn't as expected how will they ever improve. I won't post anymore as I don't want offend Bennington or those of you that are angry, I expect the best out of Bennington. Maybe the moderators can delete this thread. Take care all. I enjoyed my time reading this board.
  15. Frustrated with Bennington

    I show up this morning to take official delivery. Supposed to happen yesterday but things ran a bit late on the Sea Legs install and the reinstall of the under decking shield. Start by trying the electric Bimini. Worked great and then onto the wet sounds stereo. Turned it on and I thought I wasted the money on the upgrade. I remembered someone on here saying the sub levels needed adjusting. I told the mechanic and he decided to unscrew the sub and slide it out to adjust it. He was able to remove the 2 stripped out screws holding the sub to the deck. Looked like there are holes for 6 screws. He slides it out and the sub is crack ontop in the front and back where they screwed the amp to the top of the sub. There was another crack on the side. This is absolutely unacceptable and Bennington should be ashamed of themselves. Now I am wondering what else on this boat is done half assed. This is my second Bennington. 3 months ago I wouldn't even consider another manufacturer now I don't know if I should consider Bennington. I want to love this boat but am having a hard time after this. On a side note can you trailer with the cover that comes with the boat? Thanks all for reading another rant of mine.