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  1. From personal experience, NO. I can't even leave it one night and the swallows splatter all over it. It does clean up, but not without some serious effort.
  2. I'm still just speechless that any reputable dealer with a customer's $$$$ boat in their hands just lets this happen.
  3. Definitely time for a new boat
  4. Yeah, I have to think it's steel inside. It is VERY strong.
  5. As usual, we recommend more power, lifting strakes, and a change of props for best performance
  6. This has become a big problem in South Florida. The thieves are VERY well equipped to get in and out quickly, evading cameras and avoiding detection.
  7. We always used a WD setup when towing our horse trailer and it worked great with a 3/4t Avalanche and Suburban.
  8. Sounds like you're right where you need to be. It does get a bit windy at speed, one of the (few) disadvantages of the toon. Hate to say it but at 6400, you might be able to go up 1 click in prop pitch if you want a little more top end. You may be over rev'd with a light load.
  9. I have the Mid America with plastic covers, no issues at all. We don't trailer but twice a year though, so not much experience. Note they are VERY slippery when backing down the ramp.
  10. Love the color scheme
  11. This is a great suggestion, simple to do and will eliminate some variables quickly.
  12. Ugh, we're coming down next week to tend to some things on our house. Forecast of rain ~80% every day!
  13. They are hq'd in Columbia City IN, but the Grants have a place at Clear Lake (yes, Indiana!)
  14. Dunno, but Sailrite is a great resource for this kind of stuff. The owner has a place here on our lake.
  15. I completely agree, don't beat yourself up, though I also understand being shaken to core by an event like this. The outcome was the right one regardless. You had NO way of knowing the thinking or intentions of that clown at the time.