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  1. Carrying Extra Fluids.

    I stored some Mercury Quickleen in the fiberglass tray on the helm door. It leaked and melted right through the bottom of the tray, had to replace the whole thing.
  2. What do you do?

    As a degree'd Electrical Engineer I spent a few years in hardware and software product development, systems engineering, and technical sales jobs, before totally changing tracks to IT. I'vebeen a Senior IT Manager at Johnson and Johnson for 26+ years and done nearly every job in business unit and corporate IT, mostly in medical devices. For the past few years, I've ledglobal data migration efforts for very large PLM systems housing highly regulated product documentation. When they get tired of old systems or the appsstart to make scary noises, my team figures out how to extract the data out of the old dinosaurs, consolidate and transform it, then load (cram) it all into a shiny new application. These are many terabytes in size, millions of documents, very high complexity, all validated. The work is always different and challenging. As much aslarge companies and working for someone else can be, they've been very good to me, thanks to a longstanding Credo that guides our work and actions daily (you can google it). I also get to work with a lot of great people young and old, who are waaayyy smarter than I am, keeps me learning new things and always on my toes. With all that said, at almost 61 now, I'm really looking forward to being a "retiree in training" soon
  3. Cancelled Order Happy Ending

    Woot, good for you!
  4. Cancelled Order Happy Ending

    I've worked in a big supply chain too and tend to agree. We ordered in the fall, but they didn't really pay attention until the manufacturing slot the dealer had was locked in for March execution.If just in time partsfrom the BOM such asfurniture wereshort during the build cycle in March, we would have been out of luck anyway. I'm sure this is hurting on their side too.
  5. Great Loop on a Pontoon

    If you go to a marina along the ICW diesel is definitely cheaper by quite a lot. I'm not sure if that has to do with OTR taxes or why. You can check prices real time on ActiveCaptain at a lot of marinas along the coast. For example, diesel was $2.22 on the water in Ft. Myers Beach today. Some of the places also give wholesale discounts for buying several hundred gallons at a time, which some of the pocket tugs and even small trawlers can carry. When you buy 3000 gallons along the way that savings adds up fast!
  6. Great Loop on a Pontoon

    The Loop isdefinitely on our bucket list, thus looking at Ranger Tugs for the mission Fewer people complete the Loop each year (~100) than climb Mount Everest. And, it's a lot more relaxing At 6000 miles, even @2mpg for a trawler,that's $8k in fuel alone. Diesel is usually $1 or so cheaper than gas, so diesels are the engines of choice. Many areas are speed limited or no wake, so you travel at less than 10 knots a lot of the way. The open water sections are something you won't be able zip through either with ocean swells and such, Lake Michigan waves, etc. The biggest thing is you can't PLAN to be anywhere at any particular time or day, since the weather will always dictate, sometimes keeping you in port for a week or more waiting it out. Just don't be in a hurry.
  7. Great Loop on a Pontoon

    I'd seen this article before and I found it interesting, however the whole point of doing the loop is to take it slow and enjoy the experience, people, places, etc. It's not a race ;-)
  8. 2017 SSRX 21' Yamaha 90 VS 115

    The true enabler for watersports on pontoons is the lifting strakes. More hp on a boat without them is just trying to push the toons through the water and the more load the more difficult that is. Our neighbor had a much heavier 25' S Benny with 75 Merc, no strakes,and successfully pulled his 20 somethings on wake boards and combos, with a light load. I don't recall they ever managed a deepwater slalom start, but they could do it by dropping a ski. They also had a Malibu v-drive, so using the pontoon for watersports was more for grins and not wanting to uncover the ski boat. With all that said, buy the boat that fits your budgetand enjoy the Bennington pontoon experience it offers. A little more hp for $800 seems reasonable up front, especially for resale, but don't expect big things from it for sports. It will be a fantastic boat for cruising and carry loads better. You'll also want the resalefor the day you decide to move up to a 150/straked SPS hull everyone here will heartily recommend

    My neighbor put his docks in today in the chilly rain, probably 5 or 6 hours in waders. Man, that water looked cold!
  10. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Wowza! Don't you need a matching Jeep now?
  11. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    5 gallon race cans and a Super Syphon are your friends ;-)

    Look Here First for Schematics
  13. Boat name voting

    Yes, "She Rules"
  14. Mid America Trailer Good Choice?

    There are many threads here on these trailers, so do a search for "". I have one and love it. Mid America trailers