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  1. Love the color combo! We have the same on our RCW and it never gets old.
  2. Be sure to check to make sure the steering pump has 12v power (fuse or breaker).
  3. Our local dealer sold Premier for a long time, very fine boats to be sure. They used some sort of coating on the toons and I think every one of those boats still on the lake has horrible a looking finish - scratches, stains, peeling spots, etc. even when lift kept. Not for me.
  4. We live on the water, so a bit different approach, but I use a small shop vac in blow mode to get it inflated and deflated quickly to ~90-95% on land, then use the 12v Overton's type on the boat to top it off and tight as needed.
  5. It's difficult to debug this without a little in person troubleshooting. I agree with Semperfi, I wouldn't trust a dash gauge at all, so verify that. If it truly measures 16v on a multimeter, something is wrong. A really low battery (10v) normally won't even activate the alternator. When running properly the alternator normally shouldn't try to put out more than 15v to run electronics and charge the battery.
  6. Sometimes if the batteries are low the voltage regulator on the motor will put out a high voltage. Either that or maybe the regulator is gone. Shouldn't be 16 volts.
  7. Ken is THE man, so I would definitely trust his judgement. 15 pitch sounds about right and the Enertia 15p works well on many 150's, not just Mercs.
  8. Lookin good Derrick We always have a second set of wheels and winter tires for both cars, just finally changed them back to summers a couple weeks ago. I'm happy to say when we relocate South in the very near future we won't need those any more!
  9. The Mini is a modder's dream, so between the new Benny and a Mini we may lose you and Panthergirl for months! Here is my friend's '07 Mini Cooper S w/JCW (John Cooper Works package): And his (still growing) list of mods: Functioning Hood Scoop Grate replacementJCW Tuning kit (Air box, ECU Tune, JCW Exhaust)Alta / Cobb Accessport ECU Tune tool / softwareJCW WheelsExtra Large FMIC (Front Mount InterCooler)NM Engineering Aluminum Air charge PipesResonator delete kitNM Engineering Stability braceHK Rear SwaybarNM Engineering Cold air IntakeOil Catch Can
  10. From the album Miscellaneous

  11. Retired friend of mine (also owns a Bennie) had a beautiful mint Solstice, but ended up in a pre-owned Corvette convertible, much more comfortable ;-)
  12. Looks like a fun boat for sure. We came from Malibu's and our Bennington does the job nicely now, a great all around boat.
  13. Happy Birthday Andy!
  14. Key word being WAS family
  15. Great news! Seems like those fixes should do the job and you'll enjoy many more hours out of that boat.