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  1. Pontoon Hoist & Canopy

    Even with a canopy with extended side curtains,I still drape the cover over the boat at night. We have spiders, small birds, and pollen that all make a mess very quickly.
  2. Anyone know the height of these things???

    Ask Bennington to give you the "air draft", which is the height from the waterline to the top of the tower. I'd think they would have that information since there aremany people who use them on canal neighborhoods with low bridge clearances.
  3. Looks like I'm upgrading

    Sounds like a great plan Todd. We saw the swingbacksat our local boat show last night, very nice. You might consider going 4-stroke this time around, peace and quiet, digital shift/controls, fuel efficiency, and eventually better resale.
  4. 2017 2250 GSR playpen cover

    We have a covered lift and I usually just lay the cover on top and snap it on, without poles. Never an issue. If we're gone for a week or more I put the poles in.
  5. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    We paid the balance the day the dealer picked it up at Bennington.
  6. GPS Help

    We don't fish either, but I upgraded ours toa Garmin 547XS, and amglad we have it. The big downside is you don't get the Bennington 10 year warranty. Here is a link to the installation threadGarmin 547XS upgrade There is no NMEA2000 network standard, so you'd have to get the adapter forthe Yamaha and a starter NMEA kit to integrate the new unit. In my case, I added a MercMonitor gauge/gateway to translate Mercury Smartcraft to NMEA. Yamaha uses NMEA natively, so it should bea bit easier. Mercmonitor gateway install link is HERE. It's great for showing engine data on the GPS unit.
  7. 2017 Yamaha 150

    There are many Guides, rentals, and charters in Florida who put thousands of hours on those 150's. With proper care, they're as bulletproof as an outboard can be.
  8. Guess the part?

    Seems like an anodized bow cap.
  9. Have a great birthday Jack!
  10. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    Pics look good!
  11. SPS Plus

    You're gonna love it! This is one of those situations where ALL the choices are really good, no downside with any of them. The SPS will be a great boat.
  12. Bennington Owners Age

    I forget. Oh yeah,I really am 60
  13. Ski pylon diameter?

    Mine is in storage too, but here is a RAM GoPro mount, 1-2.5" capacity
  14. Trail master tandom axel trailer

    Type "trailmaster" in the search bar above. Many threads will appear, and folks were generally very happy with them.
  15. Has anyone compared the F350 to the Verado 350?

    The pontoon manufacturer provided him a demo boat with a Yamaha 300, as Veradois not typically one of their engine choices.