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  1. 2017 22GSR new build

    Congrats and enjoy the new boat! Jack
  2. Trailer Tires

    I have read that the ST stands for Special Trailer tires. ST tires are allegedly constructed of heavier duty materials tocompensate for less sophisticated suspensions on trailers and to enable more weight carryingbut all arespeed rated for 65 mph. Jack
  3. New boat on order

    Congrats and enjoy the new boat! Jack
  4. PDB Shootout - Bennington

    Wow, that Q looks cool! Is the fence fiberglass? the lack of any external aluminum fencing supports makes it look more stream lined. Jack
  5. Bennington Owners Age

    69 here, all year! Jack
  6. Mold on your interior vinyl

    Good thread! I noticed some mildew starting on the tops of my seats when I put my boat away for the winter and have some of the mold cleaner and mold guard on order. It's sold on Amazon and is also sold from the company website for about the same price but the company website has a kit with both the cleaner and the mold guard plus an applicator pad, brush, and microfiber cloth with theirs and it is about the same price as for the liquid alone on Amazon and both ship free. Jack
  7. Floating Water Pads or Mats - Any Suggestions?

    We have a pad that we bought at Sam's Club a couple of years ago. It is a bit smaller than others I have seen as it is 6' by 10' but is still a pain to roll and stow when not in use. Kids really like it and I admit that is is nice for adults to just float and sun on but still a pain. Jack
  8. Water spots

    Even a waxed surface will still water spot form usage. Wax may make getting the spots off a little easier but will not prevent the spots (which are generally residual minerals in the water that is left on the surface when the water evaporates). As others have said, I find vinegar and water will take most spots off pretty easily. Jack
  9. Thanks guys! Jack
  10. Questions before placing order of our new Bennington

    Sounds very nice!
  11. Questions before placing order of our new Bennington

    Have tied up with R model and did not notice any real loss of seating (have had 12 on board and all fond a seat) but did notice a loss of front decking area (between the outer fence and the front edge of the decking). What made this most apparent was that the R boat had an electric anchor mounted on the front deck and I noticed that I would not have the room for such a mount. Jack
  12. Questions before placing order of our new Bennington

    I am throughly satisfied with my Yamaha F250 as far as power and fuel consumption goes. We mostly cruise and occasionally pull tubes and skiers. As said before, you will enjoy whichever boat you get. Jack
  13. 2017

    Happy New Year all! Here's to hoping we all get to enjoy boating, friends, and family as much as we want in 2017. Jack
  14. Its official and thank you

    Congrats and enjoy the new boat! Jack
  15. Vinyl cleaning and longevity tips for newbie

    Many people on the forum use the 303 products and say they are very good. I have had good luck with using Fantastic spray cleaner on my seats and have had good luck with it. It takes the sun tan oil off and does not lead to sun fade. I also used it on my Searay for 8 years with good results. Jack