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  1. Carrying Extra Fluids.

    Keep extra fluids in a plastic tub in the helm storage compartment but the hanger is a great idea also. Jack
  2. Its here

    Very nice, enjoy the new boat! Jack
  3. Just recieved our build date, now the countdown begins.

    Congrats and enjoy the new boat! Jack
  4. Congrats and enjoy the new boat! Jack
  5. Maiden Voyage

    Congrats and enjoy the new boat! Jack
  6. You will have plenty of power to pull tubes etc and to cruise at a good speed. Did you consider getting a raised helm? I find the extra few inches help in visibility when docking. Enjoy the new boat! Jack
  7. What do you do?

    Retired 3 years now. Prior was Vice President Human Resources for a division of Emerson Electric in St. Louis, MO. Now we are living in southwest MOoverlooking Table Rock Lake and love it! Jack
  8. Where do you go boating mostly?

    We live and boat on Table Rock lake in southwest Missouri. It's an Army Corps lake with natural shore line and depths up to 250 ft. Jack
  9. Meet Members

    We have had a mini-meet here on Table Rock but it has been a couple of years since we met. Jack
  10. Stern Loungers

    We have the rear loungers and would not have another boat without them. They are very popular while underway and while parked and have never had any issues with the leg room. Jack
  11. She's here!

    Congrats and enjoy the new boat! Jack
  12. Mid Ship Cleat?

    Others more knowledgeable can join in but my guess is that the mid ship hoops must be for some use in the factory (maybe lifting the floor frame) and I agree that a cleat would be more functional. The only thing I use the hoop for is to tie off to a stump when the front or back cleats won't work when the wind or waves will swing the loose end too close to the shore so by using the midship hoop it keeps me well off the shore. Jack
  13. 2017 22GSR new build

    Congrats and enjoy the new boat! Jack
  14. Trailer Tires

    I have read that the ST stands for Special Trailer tires. ST tires are allegedly constructed of heavier duty materials tocompensate for less sophisticated suspensions on trailers and to enable more weight carryingbut all arespeed rated for 65 mph. Jack