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  1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the only thing that I have found to work. All of the grime comes off easy and without to much elbow grease.
  2. Looks Great. Congrats. OK, who is coming down with a touch of PADS fever now?
  3. Had the aluminum ladder on my 2010, the snap did need to be replaced twice (not a big deal). We now have the stainless steel ladder on our 2012. I do like the fact that it tucks away. I haven't heard and complaints about the narrow steps from family and we do have a wide range of shapes and sizes. It does extend into the water deep enough. I have had to replace the rubber bungy strap once (dry rot and snapped). My vote is still the S/S ladder.
  4. Good luck with your boat. I have bought two boats from DeFeo's Marina, one used and one brand new. Great experiences with both purchases. I live on Greenwood Lake and have boated on Lake Hopatcong in the past.
  5. Royal4 is spot on. I have a 25' cover. Needed 1.5 gallons, and then used the remaining .5 gallons for the Bimini covers (have double Bimini). Don't make the mistake I made the first time I treated the cover. I bought the gallon size hoping it would be enough, it wasn't. So, then I bought a quart, almost made it, but came up short. So, I bought another quart. OK, GREAT, I just spent more on two individual quarts (only a half gallon) than I did on the original gallon. Lesson learned.
  6. That is what I'm trying to tell the Mrs. I think a new Bennington every 5 years is about right
  7. As a kid growing up we had ski boats and pontoon boats. All my siblings and cousins used the ski boats and the adults (the old people) used the pontoon boat. Fast forward to me being the adult , even worse, I'm now the old guy. We had gone a couple of seasons without a boat because of indecisiveness. I was stepping up to the plate, but couldn't decide what type of boat would work best for our family. The last thing on my mind was a pontoon boat, that was for old people. That was all true until I took a test drive on a Bennington 22' tri-toon with a 225hp engine. I was sold before we got back to the dock. That was in 2008. We have since traded that one in and purchased another new one in 2013. We ski and tube all day, then we cruise the night away. Being able to fit 16 people on the boat helps with our large family. I cannot image our family with anything but a Bennington.
  8. At the end of the 2012 season I traded in my 2008 2250 RLi for approximately $2,500 less than I paid for it. The boat was in pristine condition. Speaking of PADS, I had my first Bennington for 5 seasons and now, when this boating season comes to an end it will be 5 years for this boat. I wonder if the Mrs. will think it's time for a new build? I might keep that thought to my self for now!
  9. I have the Bennington Ottoman, which fits perfectly in that space. We do a lot of waterskiing and use the ottoman as a place for the spotter to sit. We also use the ottoman to stow several throw lines for docking in windy conditions.
  10. OK, not sure why the graph didn't cut and paste, so here is the web site.
  11. About four years ago I bought the thermos koozie at a boat show, but they were sold through "Chilling The Most." For those of you who perfer bottles over cans, they have a neoprene attachment to keep the top portion of the bottle from getting warm. They worked so well, that I have ordered six more over the years. I found this on another web site. Control - can with no protection vs. Koozie - Coleman Foam koozie vs. Yeti -
  12. Steve, great story and I'm pulling for you.
  13. Go to my albums, then click on Watersking Weekend.
  14. The oldest one to ski in our family was 58, but what about the other side of the spectrum. Our youngest skier was 6 years / 10 months when she got up totally unassisted, using non-trainer skis. Once the boat is in the water, my uncle can set a new family record at 59 years old. A side note, when I first got my present Bennington we pulled 7 around our lake. Now that was a fun day. We have a blown up picture of that hanging in the living room.
  15. Getting ready to put the boat in the water and was going through the check list. Since the dock lines that came with the boat are getting old and worn, I was thinking of replacing them. So, is there a preference, 3-strand over solid braid? Is there one manufacture better than another? Any other helpful information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks