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  1. Yes, and no. Outboards are engines PLUS transmission, final drive, electrical system, exhaust & intake systems, weatherproof enclosure all engineered to be as compact and lightweight as possible without sacrificing reliability.
  2. For that kinda coin, it should do things for me that you and I both know an outboard engine ain't gonna do.
  3. We went up last Thursday. Stayed at The Outpost Lodge. Fished on Friday. With the weather on Saturday we did a road trip and went as far as Mobridge.

    We made it to the bakery. A little too late, but they still had great stuff.

    We had dinner Saturday night at Bob's. HUGE steaks.

    Came home on Sunday.

    We are in the Omaha area so wasn't too bad a drive. Took our time both up and back.

  4. Staying around Gettysburg? They have an awesome bakery, but you gotta get there early!
  5. Can't be a Gen Xer, no "Monster Energy" decals on it.
  6. Well played, well played indeed!
  7. I'm pretty sure I consume Miller High Life at a faster rate than your 20 consumes fuel!
  8. May I ask who assured you that you would experience this level of performance increase? I have the same level of confidence that the increase will fall significantly short of that. Unless it's a magic tube!
  9. Well now I have to! Funny how that works!
  10. It's an insecticide.
  11. "Tempo" does wonders in keeping the spiders out of lift canopy.
  12. Yes, but if you passed out while driving, you have had too much fun and should have found someone in a little better condition to captain the joyride for awhile!
  13. Probably not a factor, but hydraulic legs would not work on the twin elliptical.