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  1. Phone storage solution

    Well played, well played indeed!
  2. Phone storage solution

    I'm pretty sure I consume Miller High Life at a faster rate than your 20 consumes fuel!
  3. Aftermarket 3rd log

    May I ask who assured you that you would experience this level of performance increase? I have the same level of confidence that the increase will fall significantly short of that. Unless it's a magic tube!
  4. Well now I have to! Funny how that works!
  5. Pontoon Hoist & Canopy

    It's an insecticide.
  6. Pontoon Hoist & Canopy

    "Tempo" does wonders in keeping thespiders out of lift canopy.
  7. Yes, but if you passed out while driving, you have had too much fun and should have found someone in a little better condition to captain the joyride for awhile!
  8. Probably not a factor, but hydraulic legs would not work on the twin elliptical.
  9. Please let us know your thoughts on the Titan oil burner! What you really love along with where they could make improvements.
  10. new player - Ranger

    Who builds it for them? Lund is also marketing pontoons with their name, but they are being built by Harris. These "non-pontoon" boat manufacturers are seeing the popularity of pontoons and trying to cash in on it. I don't think that plan is working for Larson so far. They may acquire some of the low to mid-range market, but truly are no competition for the high end players like Benny. Bennington truly is the John Deere of the pontoon industry!
  11. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    That kicks ass!
  12. Good Sunday morning from beautiful Madison, Wisconsin

    And a Badger victory Saturday didn't hurt anything either!
  13. Straight as an arrow

    Gives the captain plenty of beer drinking time!
  14. Impeller......

    "Dry firing" your engine will dramatically shorten impeller life. I see many knuckleheads do it.