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  1. I haven't had mine delivered yet but I ordered a VSD6000 and have bunks for all 3 pontoons.
  2. We just ordered one of these along with our new lift. May be over budget but very convenient given our situation. Not sure if it works with other brands lifts.
  3. I use two of the largest size sold at cabelas to slow our drift when fishing for walleye. We mount them front and back and drift sideways. They do slow us down a pretty good amount on s breezy day.
  4. We can just touch 40 with the 300 Verado on our 28q. I will be interested to hear how yours runs with the 350. That Yamaha is a bit heavier, I am thinking you will see 45-47. We have nothing but good things to say about ours. We would buy it again.
  5. I looked into the Merc version a little bit and it was 15-20k plus the cost of the second engine and only available for larger Verados if I remember right. I think I was around 60-70k into engines and rigging before purchasing a boat to connect them to...
  6. Sometimes you will need to adjust your course to get your boat to ride properly over the waves. As long as the waters are of a safe depth sometimes a straight line home is not the best course. Other than that take a boating course with an instructor in your own boat. If that is not possible take your boat out on a windy ish day and practice close to home when you don't have to try and get somewhere.
  7. It looks too short to me. From the photos it looks like I would have to crouch down to get behind it. Also wondering if you can have the full windshield with a raised helm?
  8. I'm not sure I saw this in anyone else's advice. I would reconsider not adding a second battery. Verados with power steering are notoriously power hungry. If your main goes low at all you are going to be waiting for a tow. I have a Verado and love it but wouldn't be without the second battery. It's great peace of mind to be able to switch to using just battery two while floating with the stereo on/fish finder running/phone charging etc and not worrying if the boat will start when it's time to head home. When I drive I put the switch on 1+2 and both get charged.
  9. We get water from condensation in ours. The lake water / center toon is significantly cooler than the air and sometimes looks like the outside of a cold beer can on a hot day.
  10. We have a mercury. If I were you I would look at what can be serviced by your dealer as well as by any mechanics at your primary lake assuming your dealer isn't based there. Both Yamaha and Mercury make quality engines but all engines need maintenance and everything breaks down given a long enough time period. Save yourself extra hauling of your boat for service. It's no fun to drive your boat around when it's on a trailer.
  11. It gets the most out for me when I run it while slowly bringing the boat on plane. Gives me the highest bow lift.
  12. I can vouch for this not being an issue in our Q. We have probably stuffed the bow 3-4 times now and had at least 20 big waves come over the front. We are usually only going 15-18mph when the water gets rough but so far no troubles.
  13. Want that... Just looks like its a bit too short for me. Would prefer to be looking through the glass while driving. Good stuff this year!
  14. Will be interesting to see what the windscreen models are like. I hope they don't make the glass too short and there is a flip over portion in the center so that you can actually block the wind properly. Still no option for dual transom for twins. Maybe next year...
  15. I think my RPM's are just right now. Dropping one more pitch would likely have me hitting the Rev limiter (6400) with a light load. My boat is heavy is my explanation for the prop. 28' and the HHP so heavier gauge pontoons plus all of the usual extras aboard. My engine is a bit lower in the water than is ideal but when mounted a hole higher it ventilates every time you turn even trimmed all the way down. A jack plate might allow you to fine tune a bit but really I don't think the reward would be worth the cost. If Mercury would ever release the 350 as a full warranty engine rather than just as a "racing" model with a two year warranty it would likely be a better choice for a boat this size. The mechanic at my lake is Merc only so no Yamaha 350...