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  1. Welcome to the club!
  2. That is terrible. Luckily everyone was ok. When people get upset with their insurance companies and say "Why do I even have insurance????" I think of times like this.
  3. There is a genetic mutation in males that causes us to crave speed. Sounds like you need to upgrade to a windscreen model!! Luckily my son loves going fast so I use her famous line for when she buys him stuff. "It's for Austin"
  4. If it is supposed to be good weather I'll do every other or every third snap and put the cover on. Today they are calling for storms so I used ever snap and all the poles when I covered it last night.
  5. The original reality tv!
  6. Unless you need a couple snaps!
  7. I'm getting an uneasy feeling about this. I'd start documenting every conversation and keep a log. I hope I'm wrong but this is going to get worse before it gets better. Also, is there acid overspray on your panel as well? I'm looking at the last photo. Looks like there are a bunch of white spots in the black fence.
  8. I misspoke. I agree with you. My mind went to that old trick with the empty aluminum pop can and temperature trick to make it crush itself.
  9. I didn't realize the aluminum would expand and contract to that degree. What is the air temp compared to the water temp? I heard some areas in Cali have been getting very hot lately. My wifes aunt had her sprinklers go off because it got so hot and made a big mess.
  10. Seeing quality northern lights in person is on my bucket list.
  11. +1 on going for the f200 with the sps package. We love ours. Having owned a 115 I can say this, it's like a reese's cup with no peanut butter inside.
  12. Does bird crap wash out of seagrass easily? The barn swallows are so bad at our place there would be poop everywhere on that floor. I hate those things (birds that is, covers look top notch) .
  13. Hopefully it's their last! Lesson time!
  14. Interesting. Sounds like they have it figured out though and you'll be back on the water soon!
  15. I just threw up in my mouth a little. GET IT IN WRITING FOR SURE!!