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  1. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    Our bay and most of the lake is ice free now. Come on spring!!
  2. VF150 vs. F150

    Go with the power assist and yes it can be added. I believe Goldenrod has that same length boat and he was able to get it from the factory that way. As for the motorsIcan't chime in there aside from saying we have the F200 and love it. It will be a completely different animal compared to the 93.
  3. The Winshield Fiasco of 2016

    Bummer to hear it didn't work out. My buddy has a 214ss Monterey and it is a beautiful boat, it just doesn't compare to the ride of a tri-toon. (Even an S series with SPS). You talk about the 250 making the boat look like it is doing a wheelie, how was that chaparral getting on plane????? If it's anything like 99.99999999% of bow riders it went nose high. My buddy comments all the time how fast and smooth ours gets on plane. They are in their early 30's and if they were to do it over again they'd have a pontoon. I wouldn't rule out an S with SPS. They are nice boats and now you can put 250hp on the back of one.
  4. It's worth being called a wimp and having power assist.
  5. Pontoon Hoist & Canopy

    What is that? I go out there at night with a flash lite and my flip flop and whack them into the water for fish food.
  6. What model do you own (or want to)

    You've already been visiting the help group for a while on here now. Problem is none of us will admit it's a problem so we can't take that first step towardschange! And that's ok with me!
  7. Wear your kill switchlanyard and you'll be fine!
  8. I have had all three steering types. I had cable on our 115 two toon boat and it was fine in a straight line and slow speed docking. But I will say power assist is the cats a$$
  9. Pontoon Hoist & Canopy

    I only do every other or every third snap on the cover with no poles as well unless a storm is coming or I'll be out of town.
  10. Pontoon Hoist & Canopy

    We cover ours every night. The canopy keeps it dry. The cover keeps it clean. Also? Keeping the boat on a lift keeps the toons clean and you can still go out and sit on the boat in the rain. It's actually quite relaxing!
  11. Yamaha SDS or not for F150

    It came from the dealer that way. Part of our deal was that the boat would come delivered with the stainlessreliance prop. The f200 comes with the sds hub standard so it wasn't a special request in that regard.
  12. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    We had two days in the 60's with sun this weekend. I sat out on the deck and soaked up the sun. We now have some areas of open water so hopefully the rest of the ice is off today or tomorrow. Wednesday is supposed to be 66 and sun.
  13. 2017 Boat Shows

    Same here. We didn't even get out to any boat shows the past couple years. Ours is paid off and still makes those little hairs stand up on the back of my neck so no need to swap it out. There are some really nice layouts and options to choose from now. The 10 year warranty is also really appealing.
  14. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Also, depending on the motor warranty you might have less warranty if you wait. I know Yamaha runs off season promotions and the warranty needs to be started before a particular date. So waiting until April might cost you 2 - 3 years of motor warranty.
  15. Looks like I'm upgrading

    Sounds like it will be a beauty regardless of what option you take (leftover vs. new). I'd go for ESP though just due to the fact or resale.