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  1. Got a really UGLY curve ball thrown at me today

    Sealed strakes are NOT part of the salt water package. You have to add those separately. Or at least when we ordered ours. We have the saltwater package on ours.
  2. new owner question

    Congrats Tom! Post pics in the cribs thread!
  3. Did I buy enough?

    Did your first house go 50mph+ and float?
  4. new owner question

    Just tell us your budget and we'll build it for you!
  5. Got a really UGLY curve ball thrown at me today

    Ouch. Any courses of action with who did the under painting? Perhaps a product liability or general liability claim is in order.
  6. Did I buy enough?

    What can I say...the f200 is a beast!! Salad, you can go up to 250hp now on an S if you really want to be sure you have enough. Figured I'd throw that out there. But for normal usage the sps 150 is the sweet spot and an economical way to get into the 40's and have a pontoon that banks in turns.
  7. Did I buy enough?

    That seems high Link. I'm not aware of a non elliptical boat hitting that with a 150. After how many Michelob Ultra's was this?
  8. Did I buy enough?

    We have the 200 on our 24 and love it. Great power and speed. But, there are many on here with the 150 and sps setup like you have on order and love it. I think it was around $3k to jump up to the 200 but for us it was worth it. My friends down the street ordered a new bennington that should be arriving soon and I think they went with the 150. It will be interesting for us to do a side by side comparison when it shows up.
  9. PADs Backwards

    And keep the photos coming!!!
  10. MinnKota Electric on Bennington Pontoon

    Thanks. I'll look at that one as well.
  11. MinnKota Electric on Bennington Pontoon

    Do you have the Motorguide w55? or something else?
  12. Here it is!

    Beautiful boat!! I bet that 350 is responsive. Good luck getting it dialed in.
  13. Wrap BEFORE pics.......

    Looks awesome! Love the custom design
  14. Wrap BEFORE pics.......