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  1. Such a shame. We've had hot tubs for years and are always cognizant of the wiring and hazards. What tub did you get? We have a Master Spas lsx1000
  2. Here you go! Safety first so I wore my blaze orange hat.
  3. Sounds like an awesome build. Remember to post pics when you get it. And I don't think you've missed out on much boating weather on Torch Lake. It's been terrible down here in mid-Michigan.
  4. He chummed the waters with his coconut scented legs.
  5. We had a similar situation where our boat had 4 hours on it and this guy wanted me to tow him back down a shallow canal on our lake. I've never been down there and will never go down there due to the conditions. I said I would get them to the entrance and that was the best I could do. They didn't have an oar and were using their hands as oars. They weren't happy but hey, I could have left you to hand paddle across the entire lake!
  6. That sucks. I don't get the charging full retail for upgrades. That is crazy. If you're not opposed to buying a distance form home there are some good dealers in the mid west.
  7. This story reminds me of the time I shot that 30 pt buck on Mars while I was in a hot tub naked with Charlotte McKinney!
  8. Natural selection. I've noticed some barn swallows flying up under mine. I hope they like boat rides as well. I looked under there but didn't see any signs of nesting. I've been researching this as I've been ripping down the barn swallow mud nests, and they rebuild, rip them down and repeat. I now have two tactics I'm trying. One I deployed yesterday and I'll check to see if it works. It will sound crazy but I saw something on line that if you put Crest mint gel toothpaste in the corner of your canopy it will keep them away. So yesterday when I got home I ripped down the nests, put down some painters tape and squirted a line of toothpaste in all the corners maybe 6'8 inches long. If that doesn't work my next step is trying this. I figured I can attach it with zip ties to both end pieces and along the sides and top preventing them from nesting anywhere. The holes are 5/8's so they won't be able to get through them. I've had it with the bird crap and mess everywhere.
  9. I'll be curious to see what your merc runs. Us Yamaha boys with the 24s's are seeing 44-45 mph.
  10. No problem! Starting our 4th season with ours and still super happy. What did you do for load guides?
  11. I wouldn't fret over supporting the whole toon. My bunks are only about 12' long. Some on here (TomS) have 14'.
  12. I vote for no decals. I would add the chrome dimensional Bennington lettering and logo though. That would be awesome.
  13. Love it and how we handle things as well!
  14. I wish the rear lounger cup holder for our sslx seat had a tab to keep it in the seat. After almost losing it the first season with the boat it's lived under one of the loungers never to be used again.
  15. I haven't golfed in two years as typically if the weather is good enough to golf, it's good enough to boat! Congrats on the new lake house. Is it on the chain of lakes or another body of water?