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  1. The boat was in their driveway and they were unloading yesterday evening as we walked by. So I would assume they were up there this past week. It was a ski/wake boat. Cream and red in color with a red tower and terribly tuned speakers.
  2. Bummer for that dude! A couple on our street just got back from Burt Lake. They took their boat up there. She said our lake feels like a swamp after being up there!
  3. Happy birthday Alicedream!
  4. Nice toon! You are right there with the performance we are seeing with our S series with SPS and a Yamaha 200.
  5. Stupidity will always evolve!
  6. I stumbled on some youtube videos of people "ghost riding" behind their wake boats doing wake surfing. Talk about dumb!!!!
  7. Have a safe trip!
  8. Not sure but Carl's link above shows something from th marine that could work
  9. I wanted to find a cap for our live we'll so I could fill it up without the drain tube. (Our 2 year old uses it as a water table to play in) I don't want the tube where he can pry on it. I checked local stores and gave up.
  10. Depends on the market and time of year. You should never be paying msrp for a bennington! Typically a good deal is anything in the 10-20% off range depending on the two factors previously mentioned.
  11. I tested our lanyard for the first time yesterday. Works. Didn't clip it to myself though.
  12. Have any video of this gatorbob? There are two elliptical bennington's on our lake, one has the 115HO and the other is a GCW with a 150. They both get on it all the time with no issues. Is your trim not dialed in in the back? There is an adjustment that could be limiting how far the motor is trimming down. Could be that the dealer never adjusted this. So it shows all the way down but isn't. Make sense?
  13. I think he is referring to the fishing models for that year range. I believe the fencing went all the way to the toon eyelets.
  14. Is this going to be a salt water or fresh water boat? I don't have the center toon storage but should have ordered it. Also, seriously consider adding the power assist. It is night and day difference.
  15. I've come to the realization I need to move my motor up one hole. The AV plate is buried when on plane so I think it's time to make it happen. Question is, what is the best way to do this? Put a block of wood with a groove under the skeg and use a floor jack? Brace the motor and then use the trailer jack to lift the front, lower the back? Curious who has done this and their method. I'm hoping I get a little extra rpm's and top speed out of it as well.
  16. We luck out as they come through quite often. Odd you guys don't get them as your only a couple miles east.
  17. From the album Misc.

  18. Be careful before you drill to allow for the bimini to move up and down. That's why we were unable to find a place on ours for one to go on the inside. I too wanted it behind the helm chair but it wasn't feasible with the top.
  19. We found one of those scotty mounts in our lake recently. I have the piece that holds the rod but not the mount and nut. I should look into something like this for trolling.
  20. On our last Benny we ordered the 4 rod holder, there was no good space to mount it and the dealer bought it back from us. I just lay the rods down in the back of the boat and make sure the reel is in the pocket between the ladder and the tow bar. Haven't had an issue
  21. I only wax my lower unit. Learned from the best.....Link.
  22. I can't stand those who operate a vehicle/boat etc under the influence. They come out unscathed and everyone else is killed or injured. I'm sure this wasn't her boat so dad is probably pissed.
  23. From the album Misc.

  24. Happy birthday!