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  1. Boat is in water, docked in back of house
  2. My boat is used in salt water for 6 months and was wondering how often do you need to replace the anodes?
  3. I have a 115 and you can barely hear it when it is running
  4. Sorry for your loss, Derrick
  5. Commodore, thanks for birthday wish. Have a brand new Medicare Card !!!
  6. Done
  7. I was treated for PC in 2014. Psa at the time was 8.7 and 4 out of 12 areas had cancer. My treatment included 25 radiations and seed implants. My experience with the treatments was not as bad as I thought it would be. Of course it is not a comfortable thing to go thru but not painful. My treatment ended in March of 2014 just had my yearly checkup and psa reading is .2. If you need to talk to me about the treatment and side effects feel free to call or message me. Good luck
  8. Done
  9. Thanks I think I will let the dealer try to fix or replace the radio
  10. The model is cdx-m60ui and everything works but the control dial/select button. Manual I have does not mention volume limit
  11. I purchased a new 2275gcw in 2012 and the sony radio will not permit me to use tuner. The unit works but is stuck on a very low sound volume. Is this an easy fix or does it need to be replaced? And is this covered under the 7 year warranty?
  12. Purchased a 2012 2275gcw with 115yamaha in October and put it in on saturday. Only had out for 2 hours but it is great. My old boat was a tahoe did not like it at all. Had to go back to a bennington . The first boat was a 1988 bennington big mistake with tahoe. Tried to post pics had trouble so I put them in gallery , had to prove I had a boatI
  13. Its great dont even have a trailer bought the boatin oct and put it in on saturday. Its a 2275gcw with 115 yamaha only drove it for 2 hours but it is great. tried to post pics to forum but had some problems willtry again
  14. From the album larry