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  1. Alarm system - Installed!

    Cool ! Hard to install ?
  2. Best Bennington Dealer in Wisconsin

    Thought I would share this with everyone. I went to my Bennington Dealer on Friday afternoon to say "Hi". I asked if the Showroom would be open on Saturday so I could bring my family over to look at the new Bennington's. His reply was "No we are now closed on Saturday for the winter." When I left, I was driving through the parking lot andthe owner came out and stopped me. He said "here is my key to the showroom bring your family over tomorrow and look at the boats all you want." I took the family over and probably spent an hour playing around on the boats. I guess I'm pretty luck to have the "Best Bennington Dealer in Wisconsin"...
  3. Here's our order, now for the wait.

    Todd It will be like a good whiskey, the longer Bennington takes, the more excited and the more you will enjoy. When will she actually be able to float anyway?
  4. To Order or Not To Order

    I see where some Members will go to a dealer and order a new boat. By doing so does it cost more money that way? Is it cheaper to go with what the Dealer might have in stock? Just curious !
  5. Bennington Owners Age

    Royo is 75"I alwaysfeel younger whenI step onthe boat" So us middle age guys and younger guys have a ways to go on our Bennington Pontoons. Obviously good therapy.
  6. Which color do you prefer.

    Thank You ! Pretty boat !
  7. Which color do you prefer.

    SEMPERFI8387 That Sunset and Granite is Bad A$$. What Series ? What do you know about it? Jeff
  8. What model do you own (or want to)

    Todd Tell everyone which color you purchased.
  9. Which color do you prefer.

    Top One. You will enjoy either one. Good Luck!
  10. 2014 2575RCWB Bimini problem. request photos?

    Jim Too bad you have to get yanked around like that from your dealer. Can Bennington step in on something like that, and get you some better service ?
  11. What is the meaning behind your username?

    House onIllinois Ave in Green Lake Wisconsin
  12. Dock length vs boat length

    Sorry I didn'tunderstand the partabout the covered pier . Now that I see a picture I get it . Disregard my first post.
  13. What model do you own (or want to)

    SEMPERFI8387 We have a 2014 SCWX Love it for now but will surely upgrade in the future. Thanks for the nod ! Jeff
  14. Dock length vs boat length

    Dock length would probably depend on how deep the water is at the Lake end. I have a 24' on a 30' pier but have room at the shore end to play. I also have a lift. Are you putting the boat on a lift ?
  15. Opinions please

    Nice to have decisions like this to make in life Sunset Black out.