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  1. Black is cool on the water ! No decals. Probably be a pain in the a$$ getting decals off other side though.
  2. Of course I would help out in any way and not leave some one stranded 1Blderbob. Maybe then next guy who is not in a Pontoon could help out with the tow
  3. I've been thinking on this one . Can't really think of a good way to tow another boat. Maybe don't and let the next guy do the towing. Interesting question though !
  4. Always shut off. You wouldn't want a dead battery to ruin a nice day on the water. Better safe than sorry!
  5. Ok then approach them and tell them the truth. You know that when people are by the water they seem to be a lot nicer and a little more understanding about things.
  6. If they just bought the place, don't say a word about the issue. If they don't know where the dock should be anyway then play dumb until they ask. Might not turn into an issue with the neighbors. Good Luck!
  7. Thanks to all ! Will check out the video.
  8. Ok Thanks!
  9. So the speakers and cup holders would be one of those 3 colors ? Jack Thanks!
  10. Could someone tell me what RGB lighting stands for or is? I see cup holders and speakers that come with RGB lighting . Thanks !
  11. Epoxy might hold up better than gum. But in the end same result. No epoxy, no gum, same leak .Terrible of your dealer to pull that on you.
  12. Absolutely not a good fix ! A bad weld can only be repaired with another bead of good weld.Hope your boat is still at the dealer and not in the water. The members with more knowledge on this topic will straighten your issue out. I'll be watching. Good Luck !
  13. Hello ! So. is the 12V constant before the battery shut off?
  14. To pull the anchor up. Right? Not to help it go down
  15. Just one more suggestion. A little extra money won't be a big deal once you are on your Bennington and happy. Regrets you will talk to your family, friends and on this forum until you purchase your next boat. At 67 years old "Go For it"