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  1. 2017 SSRX 21' Yamaha 90 VS 115

    We have a 201424 SCWX with a 90 h.p. thought that would be sufficient for our needs. Well looking back wish we would have gone bigger in the back. 115 would probably be perfect. So now weare looking toupgrade to a Tritoon with at least a 150 h.p.. So my advice would be if you divide your $1500 by the length of your loan(unless your a cash guy ) for the extra little amount of $$$ "ching ching" I would just go for it.Easy to spend someone else's money. Welcome aboard! Good Luck !
  2. Lift for Tritoon

    Good information. I will do a little more homework. Thank You !
  3. Lift for Tritoon

    Hi Guys! Searched but didn't really find a good answer. Ihave a Shorestation lift for a Pontoon has the wood planks that pick boat up underneath floor. Question is: Can that lift be converted to pick up a Tritoon? Weight wise will be ok. If I'm not asking for to much would some one have pictureof what itshould look like? Thanks Jeff
  4. bennington gear

    All in fun !
  5. bennington gear

    If you bought a GMC or Chevy truck you probably wouldn't get a T shirt. So why with a Bennington should you get something?
  6. Hi Why would the Likes This not pop up on all of my posts? Is there a setting for it in my accounts settings ? Any idea?  Thanks ! Jeff

  7. Not boating related

    Sell the damn T.V. in a garage sale take the money from it and go and get some gas for the Bennington. Spend T.V. time on the water.
  8. Not boating related

    Just heard about this the other day, it's called a Firestik. If you have wifi in your home your able to pick up channels through the Firestik. I haven't researched it yet but might solve your issues.
  9. Bird Poop

    No bird poop for me. My problem seems to be another creature. Spiders and their webs. All the grass and trees around my dock and the spiders want to hang out on my Bennington, can't really blame them though.
  10. First trip out for 2017

    Nice! Like to look at cool boats and hear good things happening. Thanks for the letting some of us know There iswarm weather on the way.
  11. Bennington on the bed of a pu truck

    My BALLS aren't big enough for that maneuver.
  12. What do you do?

    Worked for our County Highway Department for 31 years. Retired at the age of 59 in June of 2016.My advice to all of you here on the Forum. Retire as soon as you can, obviously we all have a hobby. Don't think twice about it just go for it when you can.
  13. Aluminum restoration

    Wow ! Very interesting. Nice job.
  14. What is an Adequate Dock

    Wind would be your biggest problem of course. I think I would put the boat on the side the wind came from. Let it push on the dock instead of pull against it.. Used lift starting a $3000.00 might be worth it in the long run. Or spend more time on the boat than having it docked. Enjoy either way!
  15. Extended platform needed on 22 SSLX?

    Consider a 24 SSLX ? Get some extra room that way also.