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  1. Probably owned by the "Door Greeter" at Walmart
  2. I called my Dealer with the same problem . They have a booster antenna that they sell actually hook up to a power source and the radio. Put one on my last boat worked excellent with the Sony radio. I think it was like $15. Check with your Dealers.
  3. We float ours on Just seems safer for us to do. Float it off when we put her in. We also live on lake so I don't get a lot of practice driving it on or off. I would probably decide to drive it on and end up with the boat in the back of my Yukon.
  4. That's terrible ! I would fight that til the end. Keep us posted . Good Luck !
  5. How many coats of Sharkhide come on the toons from the factory ? Anyone know?
  6. I'm thinking with Summer now in the air that the post and replies will start to diminish. Don't get me wrong I do like to sit down and see what's going on with the forum. That said I'm hoping that we will all be out enjoying our Bennington's that we have talked about all winter long. Problem free of course. If no one replies I do understand. A safe and happy summer boating season to all !
  7. Sharkhide is self etching. So maybe by applying a new coat of Sharkhide over the old it might blend in ? And remove covers!
  8. I have talked to Clint a few times. Nice guy ! He knows his Sharkhide product that's for sure.
  9. Actually that boat has the SPS package on it. Shows SPS w/ Transom fuel 24S.
  10. I was looking at a spec sheet for a 2017 24SSRX at my Dealer,it showed that it had a 24 gallon fuel tank but only 21.4 useable capacity. Why? And do other models have different size tanks or is 24 gallon on all models? I would think more H.P. more fuel capacity ?
  11. Very nice ! You will Sharkhide before putting in the water? Keep them looking pretty.
  12. Nice ! Can we ask ? $$$ ? Well worth it.
  13. Black is cool on the water ! No decals. Probably be a pain in the a$$ getting decals off other side though.
  14. Of course I would help out in any way and not leave some one stranded 1Blderbob. Maybe then next guy who is not in a Pontoon could help out with the tow
  15. I've been thinking on this one . Can't really think of a good way to tow another boat. Maybe don't and let the next guy do the towing. Interesting question though !