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  1. Yeah that's what I'm talking about. Very nice.
  2. Actually it's way more about keeping it clean.
  3. Yeah when I first bought mine I trailers it from eastern PA to my home in south central Michigan. My main questions regarding this is if you get any better gas mileage with a trailering cover on.....and also for keeping the boat clean.
  4. Those of you who trailer your pontoon boat long you use a custom made trailering cover or just leave it open (no cover at all....I know you should never trailer with the playpen cover on)?
  5. Don't know why I've never tried their products for the boat. I've been using them for years on my showers/tubs and then their toilet cleaner as well and swear by them. Thanks...I'll try their shower/tub cleaner the next time I have an issue. I just noticed I had black mildew all over my bimini boot cover but I just finished spraying it with Totally Awesome and used a brush and it removed every bit of it.
  6. After trying virtually everything to remove the black mildew spots on the top areas of my seats and especially the top of the stern area on my RLi model, I finally tried some bleach water. Guess what? It fricken worked. Guess what else? It didn't stain a damn thing. I was extremely reluctant to try it but nothing else worked...not even that Totally Awesome cleaner...not even when I used it straight. So I read some blogs on using bleach. Some people claimed it would not only stain the vinyl seating, it would also weaken the threads. Then I read someone who said they had been in the upolstry business for over 20 years. He said you can absolutely use bleach but to mix 1 cup in a gallon of water. Then to apply it but not to leave it on forever. He said that was the key. So I did about 7 different applications of this solution....rubbing it in with an old hand towel. After 5 minutes of soaking in (and baking in the sun) I then used a different towel and soaked it in clean water and then went over the same areas....effectively diluting the bleached area. I wish I would have taken before and after photos because it really was quite remarkable. I actually did this yesterday and waited until today to post this cuz I wanted to make sure there were no stains 24 hours later. Not a one. Trust me....I was very anxious about pulling the trigger on this but the mildew was so bad. I figured the worst case scenario was that I stain the hell out of everything and then I'd just pull a Derek, get P.A.D.S. and buy an entire new boat. Cheers.
  7. Thanks for the feedback so far. I was looking at this one and wondered if anyone had it?
  8. I'm looking to purchase a new cooler (ASAP) and want to know everyone's opinion on who makes the best. I want a hard cooler vs. a soft one and it MUST have wheels on one end and the carrying handle on the other end....I'm done with carrying those things. My wife and I have twin 5 year olds so it needs to be decent size. Thanks.
  9. Yeah you are correct....I just did a search and it was indeed 2015 when they first came out with that 8 speed. It's the standard tranny is all 6.2L engines regardless of what vehicle it's in.
  10. Oh I can get a 2 or 3 year old vehicle come next February and still be able to get that 8 speed. Thanks.
  11. I'll bet there is. What year did they go to the 8 speed?
  12. Yeah I've heard that as well. Having that many gears is everything.
  13. Yeah if I didn't own an I/O, that Mercury Verado is def. what I would have on the back of my boat. Those things are awesome.
  14. Great job. That's a golden rule: ALWAYS help those other boaters out who are broken down. You'd want them to do it for you.
  15. Yeah that's what my HEMI does pulls it but the RPM's are up there and man does it drink some go go juice. And now I'm pretty sure that's gonna be the same issue with my Dad's suburban cuz it's 2 years older than your 2011.