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  1. After readings the posts about you two planning on doing all of this my back started hurting so I just now popped 800mg of I'm not kidding. PTSD.....
  2. You have no idea.......
  3. I sure do still love mine. I keep mine in the boat during the winter but I drain it first and my boat is kept in inside heated storage.
  4. Exactly. I'm done with doing this to my pontoons again. Did it 4 years ago. Not doing it again. I swear I'm STILL sore from it. LOVE the results and so do my neighbors but man.....that was some intense work. I'll put Sharkhide protectant on it every spring to keep this shine as long as I can but I have 5 year old twins to raise so I just don't have the time to do things like this anymore.....and even if time wasn't an issue I don't think I want to endure not being able to hardly walk or move again for 24 hrs after doing this task.
  5. If you caught this early you will see bubbles in the water originating from the leak. I say 'early enough' because the air pressure in the tube/toon is greater than the surrounding water so it won't let water IN until the air pressure inside the took is = or < the surrounding water. At that time water WILL enter the toon. If it's out of the water take some dish soap and smear it around the area you think is leaking. If there is still positive air pressure in the toon you will see bubbles where the leak is. I have a hard time wondering why your dealer isn't up on this. I had the same problem with the rear starboard toon on my triple when I first got it home (I bought it used) and put it in the water. Luckily I got it back out of the water before water entered the toon and took it to a guy who was/is extremely reputable with welding aluminum pontoons and he fixed it.
  6. That IS a great idea. I have actually thought about offering this to vets myself. I am a Desert Storm Vet and and think it would be a great idea to offer this to vets who may not be as fortunate as I have been. Good form, @mattb
  7. How in the world did you have low lake levels this year....especially in August/September??? This was the one year we actually had nice and high levels on our chain of lakes due to all the rain.
  8. Never been towed but have certainly towed many. It's just the right thing to do because you never know when that person in distress may be you. We pulled in an older gentleman several years ago who was in his really small pontoon boat on the other side of the lake. It was very hot and very windy. He was actually trying to paddle into the wind in order to get home and he was going nowhere fast. He finally anchored it, jumped into the water and swam to shore and then walked past our house to go home. I wasn't home but my wife was and saw all of this. We didn't even know this guy at that point because he was pretty new to out neighborhood. My wife walked out to the road as he walked past....soaking wet.....and offered to help. So she took him on our boat and drove back out to his boat and then towed him back in. Turned out some (insert swear word here) kid had poured something into his gas tank causing the engine to die. The really positive ending to this story....other than the obvious helping of our that we are now very good friends with him....often picking him up and taking him on our boat while he brings the wine for an evening slow cruise around the lake. I echo what others have said about how much of our society doesn't look out for each other anymore.
  9. Agreed. I think I was the only one on here who didn't like the box anchor but man....I tried different scopes of rope.....bimini deployed, bimini in radar position.....sandy bottoms.....muck bottoms......nothing made a difference. That sucker just dragged across the bottom no matter what.....and I even bought the LARGE model. I spent a small fortune on this new Rocna-10 but not only did it work perfectly yesterday, the thing weighs a fraction of what that box anchor weighed.
  10. No I rarely anchor at all to be honest. I have twin 4 year olds and they're not much into sitting still for very long. Hell they get mad at me when I (only) run the boat at 3000 rpms. My daughter will say "Why are we going so slow, Daddy?" Our son is autistic and doesn't say very many words but under that same situation he will look at me and say "I want faster....I want faster...." Pretty sure they get that need for speed from me.
  11. Finally used my new Rocna-10 anchor for the first time yesterday. Winds were moderate but nothing crazy windy. I had the (12') bimini deployed and the anchor held like a champ. Absolutely no dragging. Had half the lake worth of weeds attached to it when I pulled it up but it did its job. Very happy so far.
  12. No...I actually read something when Steve first posted this that said bilge pumps don't make good pumps for pressure washers. I think my model had a little more pressure than yours did Steve. I remember doing quite a bit of researching online before I found mine that had more pressure than the original one had.
  13. Man I absolutely LOVE my Trac portable wash down kit. I keep it stored under my helm. I keep my boat in indoor heated storage during the winter but if I didn't have that I'd keep it in my house during the winter for the very reason yours probably stopped working. Guess my point is, why do you want anything else as good as these suckers are?
  14. This is a GREAT idea to store an anchor on. I am expecting my new anchor to arrive tomorrow and I'm probably going to have to store it in the port stern storage area because I doubt it fits anywhere else (would probably fit in my center tube storage area but that's too cluttered as it is right now) and I was just wondering what I could lay the anchor on so it doesn't slide around and do any damage to the inside of that compartment. Thanks for the idea.
  15. Just an FYI....these guys will do other decals the same way as their registration numbers are done. I am having them make me 3/4 inch high chromed stickers that say "2575 RL" like what is displayed in regular vinyl on my boat right now on both sides near the stern and also on the bow. After I did the reg. numbers and my Bennington decals, the model number decals really stick out like a sore thumb now.