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  1. The 115hp Mercury Four Stroke behind the 2274 GL pulls me on one ski just fine! This is with two adults on board, pulling me at 28 mph. Popped right out on two, dropped immediately, and you can see the result. Next time out, I'll see if I can come out one one.
  2. I contacted Bennington directly also, and received a prompt reply saying I was covered. I haven't seen any reference in my profile on Club Bennington, nor did I receive any other indication or communication other than by contacting them directly by e-mail.
  3. Well, I now have my new 2274GL with the Mercury 115 four stroke. Very nice boat, and the performance is good. It was propped at delivery with a Spitfire 4 blade 13" pitch prop. It will do 26 mph GPS at the specified 5800 WOT rpm, but it does that without being at full throttle; there's more throttle available. I bought a spare prop, and went with the 15" Spitfire. It goes 29 mph with the 15", and WOT is now 5800 rpm as specified. Not sure I really need any more than that. I also went with twin elliptical tubes. The 29 mph is with 3 adults and a full (34 gal) tank. Not having previous experience with a pontoon boat, the major difference I notice from my I/O runabout is how many rpm it rally takes to get any speed. My runabout will cruise on plane at 25 mph running 2500 rpm all day long. The pontoon boat runs at a mere 8 mph at 2500 rpm, and takes over 5000 rpm to run 25 mph. Big difference for a guy that had never been on a pontoon boat before! BTW, also got extended deck, snap in carpet, elevated helm, hydraulic steering, upgrade helm seat, dual batteries, upgrade radio w/Bluetooth and Sirius/XM, bow fill in seat, power distribution panel, large water/fuel separator, ski pylon, twin elliptical tube package, large fuel tank, and the upgrade docking lights. Ordered at the Detroit Boat Show in February, and it arrived at the dealer in late March. I'm very pleased so far.
  4. Just ordered a 2274GL with twin elliptical pontoons. Does anyone know if a regular bunk trailer will work? It seems that the added width of the pontoons won't sit right on bunks set up for round pontoons? One trailer manufacturer said it "should work". I was hoping for something a little more confident. Anyone out there have experience fitting a bunk trailer twin ellipticals?
  5. Ranger45 - I assume you have your boat (not on order)? Are you satisfied with your 2274GLI with the Merc 115? Just ordered a '13 2274GL with the 115 Merc and twin ellipticals. Couldn't quite stomach the additional $5000 for the 150 Merc ($3500 for the engine, and $1500 for the power steering). Not interested in performance like my V-8 I/O 19' deep-V, which I'm keeping for watersports; just want to be comfortable. Any thoughts?
  6. I ordered a 2013 at the local (Detroit) boat show this week. I got over 28% off MSRP. I visited (and got quotes) from other dealers before going to the boat show, so I had a good idea what was out there. My preference was to purchase from the dealer at the boat show and from the salesman at that dealer, but did my homework prior to going to the boat show and negatiating my final deal. I also shopped other manufacturers (Manitou, Crest, and Harris) prior to and at the boat show, so I had a good idea of their prices also. My preference was the Bennington and the dealer at the show I ordered from, and I ordered exacly what I wanted (model, colors, engine, toon configuration, etc.), so I'm pretty happy. Can't wait 'till the water gets soft again!
  7. I will be ordering a 2274 GL at the upcoming boat show, and I was considering going with the SPS and the Mercury 150. The salesman at one of the dealers I was visiting suggested I would not be happy with the performance of the SPS with the 150. His logic was with the added weight of the third toon and only 150, I'd be disappointed with the performance. He said that I would need 200 to 250 hp to get the performance with the added weight. His suggestion was to go with the twin elliptical (lighter boat) with the 115 hp, which is a lighter engine. Makes sense to me, and that's what I'm planning to do. Cuts cost considerably also. Unless you can run them side by side (water's hard here also this time of year), got to get all the input you can from those that know.
  8. Appreciate the responses thus far. Seems the current input is to go with the 150 hp, however, the 150 hp is about $3500 over the 115 hp, then with the recommended power sterring for another $3000, and the third log for $3000, the price goes up about $10,000. That's a tough pill to swallow! Curious what folks with the 90 or 115 hp are thinking? Would they spend the $10k?
  9. I plan to get a new 2274 GL at the upcoming boat show. I have owned a runabout for over 20 years, so I'm not new to boating. However, this will be my first pontoon. I plan to keep the runabout (19' with a V-8 I/O) so I'm not looking to do any skiing or boarding behind the pontoon. I would like to be able to have 6 to 8 adults on the pontoon and still be able to pull the grand kids on a tube. Will be going with a Mercury, and don't know whether to go 90, 115, or even 150. With just the adults, I'd be satisfied to run 20 mph @ about 2500 rpm. Will any of these engines do that, or am I unrealistic? I'm used to what my runabout will do, but I don't know what to expect from a pontoon boat. Any advice?
  10. I can comment on the St. Clair River, if you're interested. I've made the round trip from Selfrige to Port Huron and back multiple times in my 19' Four Winns. It's a wonderful trip, but I only do it on a light wind weekday, or perhaps a Saturday. Water's too big for any kind of wind, or high boat traffic days. Takes all the fun out of it. Planning on buying a pontoon boat at Cobo in February; can't imagine the pontoon boat would handle it any better?
  11. I haven't ordered yet. Waiting to make a deal at the Detroit Boat Show. Considering also a Manitou. In the Bennington line, would go with a 2274-GL with either a 90 or 115 Mercury 4- stroke. Live on Lake Orion. I saw in one of the posts above the 115 won't be big enough? How big do you need? I'll want to be able to pull a small (< 8 yrs old) on a tube, and also have a 19' runabout with a V-8 when we want to ski or board. Will I be dissatisfied with 90 or 115.