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  1. Fishing Rod Holders

    I have two of these on my boat. Great. Don't know if they're still available.
  2. Adding Graphics

    Take a look at this thread. This is something that I'm kicking around doing later this spring...
  3. What do you take along?

    Didn't see where you are boating, but we boat in the Gulf of Mexico and down in the Keys, sometimes > 15 miles offshore, so we are never without the following: 1. Fixed VHF radio on the boat. You want to ensure if you get in trouble (or you accidentally dunk your cell phone - ask me how I know LOL) you can call for help. A fixed radio can transmit with 25w of power (vs handheld that can only transmit with 6w). It is tied into our Garmin GPS, although you can get the Standard Horizon GX1700 w/built-in GPS for about $200. If you get into trouble, push the RED button, and it instantly sends your LAT/LONG out. I know that I'll be able to hit a USCG tower, or SeaTow/TowBoatUS tower. 25 is better than 6! 2. Personal Ditch Bags. Blondie and I both have our own. They are a 5 liter dry bags that we keep our emergency gear in. They are always handy on one of the seats. If we get in any kind of rough water, these get strapped around our waists. We originally got one for her while she's out on her jet ski, but like it so much I purchased one for me as well. They're really great. 3. PLB. Blondie and I each have our own that we keep in our personal ditch bags. Currents are strong enough that if you go in the water you might not make it back to the boat - especially in an emergency. Having this on your person will allow you to signal your positon down to < 10'. We have 2 in the event we were to get separated. 4. Handheld VHF radios (2). Again we both have one in our personal ditch bags. They're cheap, waterproof, and could save your life. When we filled out our SAR cards for the PLBs, we put in the comments "survivor has VHF radio and will be monitoring CH 16". These combined with the PLBs will get you rescued. 5. A bottle of water in each of the ditch bags. May seem extreme, but should the need arise, I wouldn't want to be without them.
  4. 2017 Yamaha 150

    I just passed through 600 hours on mine. Runs and looks like new. Coming up on 5 years. Religious on the maintenance.
  5. NuCraft/Craftlander Lifts

    With my boat and the tritoon SPS w/Yamaha F150 and full lifting strakes, my optimal is 4 GPH, with just under 4 MPG, at 3150 RPM. This is on a flat GoM, on a nice day. Typically I get about 3.4 MPG at this speed though. At WOT I'm doing about 33 MPH, 15 GPH and just about 2 MPG at 5,800 RPM. With my combined 51 gallons of fuel I could stretch it out to about 125-130 miles of range onfull tanks.
  6. Getting Big Kahuna wrapped.....

    The great thing about wraps is that you can design them to your exact liking, then when it comes time to sell the boat you can have it easily removed if the new buyer doesn't like it.
  7. Pricing a Bennington

    Vikingstaff is right. In sales, there is ALWAYS somebody that wants to deal with you. It's out there.... you just have to find it.
  8. I'm guessin' that I won't see 95. I'll probably top out at 85 best LOL
  9. I bought a new truck last May for towing the Bennington. Beautiful 2016 Nissan Titan XD SL diesel, with The Works. GORGEOUS! My plan is for this to be the last vehicle I own, so I really need to get longevity. I installed the Husky WeatherBeater Floor Mats to replace the new carpets, but needed to get something to protect the leather seats from our wet bathing suits when we could come in from boating. A few people recommended WetOkole neoprene seat covers. I checked them out and they get great reviews from everywhere I looked. So I ordered a complete set of them in RealTree camo. They arrived and I've installed them. Just finished the job. Man, they fit like a condom!
  10. Painting my pontoon.

    Here's a link to another thread where we were talking about painting/wrapping the fence:
  11. Painting my pontoon.

  12. NEW 22SSRX

    Do you have the chance to change the motor, or is it already a done deal? If you can change it, I'd go for the biggest motor I could afford (or that the boat will allow). You will ABSOLUTELY KICK YOURSELF in the future if you don't. You can always go slower with a bigger motor, but you can't do the reverse. Just my humble opinion.
  13. Not a Lowrance, but I have the Garmin 547xs with a NMEA 2000 network. My engine is tied into that, which also does a calculation as to how much fuel is in my tank. This calculation is predicated on three things: 1. I tell the Garminduring initial setup how many gallons of gas my boat holds (in my case 51 gallons) 2. When I fill both tanks, I tell the Garmin that I just filled the tanks (so it now knows how much fuel I have in the tanks - 51 gallons) 3. From here it computes my fuel flow/consumption, subtracting this from the 51 gallons, thus giving me a calculation (and screen readout to 1 decimal place) of how much fuel is remaining. I would still not be comfortable without having an actual fuel gauge though.
  14. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    Man, I grew up in the Buffalo area and remember those times. Glad I did it at 16 and not 61! The good news is: only 13more days until the days start getting longer!
  15. Going to the ramp......

    I've swapped out my impeller 2x so far - most recently was about 1 year ago. Will probably do it again in a couple of months. Currently sitting right at 600 hours.