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  1. 22 SCWX vs 24 SCWX - Deck Length?

    Typo is now corrected! 24SCWX deck length is 24' 1"
  2. Electric Bimini reinforcement. C

    Ask your dealer to order a set of stern Bimini brackets that he can install for you to reinforce the electric top if you feel you need it. Several dealers add this to electric biminis forrough bodies of water. TB
  3. Thanks for trying to help sparkdr.  We sent him a message with contact info.  We want customers to work directly with a dealer so we don't post contact email on the forum!

    Thanks again, TB

  4. We prefer customers to deal directly with a dealer so we do not post contact information for Bennington.   Try our coordinator Mandy for help.

    1. sparkdr220


      Thank You

  5. This thing is starting to look like a boat!

    Hi everyone, We will get with I.T. to be sure this accent sampleis on correctR series color selectors. Not available on Stern Radius models, only CW, Swingback and Fastbacks!
  6. Hi, If my 2014 SCWX was purchased in March of 2015 would the warranty start at that point of purchase?

    Thanks ! Jeff

  7. Hello

    Could you please tell me the warranty time on a 2014 SCWX ? Would it be a 7 year warranty? Are they transferable to new owner?

    Thanks Jeff

  8. 10-Year Bow-To-Stern Warranty!

    Thank you for purchasing a Bennington! If your 2017 model year boat has beenpurchased and registered by your dealer after August 1, 2016, and you join Club Bennington, you are automatically enrolled to receive our new 10-year bow-to-stern warranty. (5Years original warranty plus another 5 years for joining the Club!) You MUST register as s Club memberto obtain your 10-year warranty. If you are reading this post as aGuest of the Club and own a new 2017 Bennington, register now! After registering, you can bypass the Club homepage and come directly to this Club forum, a favorite area. *** Your dealer will warranty register your new Bennington with us online. Our online registration process requires your email address. Please provide it to your dealer! All boats eligible and registeredfor the 10-yearwarranty are flagged in our system. You can contact your dealer to verify this "flag" is in place. Again, if you have not provided an email address, please do so with your dealer! We are not marketing hounds, but we like to have a contact email for warranty purposes. Your dealer can go to our registration area to confirm that your 10-year warranty has been activated.
  9. In August of 2016, Bennington introduced our new model, color and option choices for the new model year. As always, we use complimentary design choices in vinyls, canvas and flooring-it is what makes a Bennington stand out from other brands. This is painstaking for us and we work hard with our suppliers to get it "just right." When ordering boats with a base color of Sandstone or Driftwood (grey tones)youreceiveSLATE flooring in Seagrass, Bamboo, VinylTeak or Woven Vinyl. When you order a boatwith a base color of Napa Beige or Tuscan Dune, you receive BEIGE flooring, either Seagrass, Woven Teak or Woven Vinyl. Platinum, a 2016 color choice, was available as an obsolete choice until supplies ran out. Our sincere apology that your expectations were not met. Although not your first choice, we hopeyou mayfind slate is pleasing over time;it is cooler on barefeet and does compliment the vinyls.
  10. Suppliers catching up

    Good communication is the best practice, and we believe in being pro-active in this regard. Due to a robust retail market this year, our suppliers in two major areas are trying to catch up with demand at the manufacturing level. We expect these issues to resolve themselves well before the spring ramp-up, but some customers may be feeling the affects this autumn as they wait (with varied and understandable degrees of patience) for their new boats to be delivered. We would like to extend out thanks to those folks who have been affected by longer lead times and were/are willing to wait it out. We appreciate your business. TB
  11. A new luxurious outdoor upholstery with a textile feel, quality backing and a durable topcoat...hard to beat! Bennington is pleased to offer new BennTexx (by Simtex) upholstery as an upgrade for allpillow-top seating. BennTexx is offered in The S Premium, G, R and Q series. Uniquewith custom enhancementsfor Bennington, this Simtex product has been used in the yachting industry and throughout Europe for many years. Afew competitive brandsuse "knock-off" versions (less expensive and less durable) that do not have the exacting characteristics of BennTexx. Attached are cleaning and care directions for this fantastic upholstery. BENNINGTON__BENNTEXX_CARE_CARD_2_SIDEDcomp.pdf
  12. Is there a ski tow bar "red" drawing?

  13. Love my 1999 225l but need a schematic so I can upgrade f r om the seaworthy. Can you email me the radio diagram?


  14. Enviro-Fill Fuel System

    PLEASE NOTE!Bennington does not put fuel in our systems prior to shipping, Because of that, it is impossible to completely test these fuel systems at the factory, but we do q.a. to check lines, etc. That being said, the following information may help those who are technically inclined. Beginning in summer of 2013, the EPA placed new guidelines on marine fuelsystems, and webeganusing Enviro-Fill Fuel systems. This was a running change that took approximately 1 year to complete. This tank should fill at full speed at the gas station. Should also fill normally with alarge funnel. The sentence highlighted in green addresses what is usually wrong. The lines are colored in figure one to help explain the system. In the boat, all the hoses are black. The way this works is by blocking off the “aspirator hole” that is located about a 1/2 inch up the side of a gas station fuel fill nozzle. It’s about a 1/8” diameter. When this hole is blocked, the gas pump shuts off. Scroll down toFIGURE #1 in the instructions. It shows the Enviro Fill layout lay-out we use most often. 1)When the float on theTANK SENSOR/VENT ASSEMBLYis lifted by the fuel it blocks flow to theRED PRESSURE TRANSFER HOSE. This blocks off the “aspirator hole” to turn off the pump. 2)TheYELLOW VENT HOSE(S) vents air out thru slots around the fill opening that are normally covered by the fuel cap.If the yellow hose has fuel trapped in it the tank it will not fill at a reasonable rate. 3)TheBLACK VENT HOSEvents air to the canister when the cap is closed.If the BLACK and YELLOW hoses are crossed on the VENT BODY VALVE,it will not fill at a reasonable rate. Same applies to the INLET VENT VALVE in figure 2 4)TheCARBON CANISTERcleans the air that comes out of the tank as ambient temperature cycles from cold to hot. 5)TheGREEN VENT HOSEallows air in and out of the tank when the fill cap is on. Normally Enviro Fill takes fuel in at full speed on the gas pump. Down side is with a fill can. It needs the long skinny neck spout or funnel to fill it. This gets the fuel past the venting coming out of fill neck area. The large black funnel works best. The white one is easier to store. If the “yellow” and “black” vent lines at the valve (see note #3) areaccidentally crossed, and you have a system that doesn’t fill quickly, check this first. Enviro F Instruct.pdf