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  1. What is your current projected build time and production backlog for 22 SLX's?  I am considering purchasing one from a local dealer, but if the wait is not too long, I am also considering building one exactly how I want it.  I found a post that you made in May regarding delays.  My dealer was not able to provide me with anything other than estimated times.  Thanks in advance for your response.

    1. goldnrod24


      Bill: Do not expect a timely response here to a question to Bennington. They are very busy and not looking at the site very often. You need to work with a dealer, not the factory to get your questions answered.

    2. Captain Bill

      Captain Bill

      Thanks for the response...I was actually asking because our current build was significantly delayed but I couldn't seem to get an answer from our dealer.  I was scared to call them any more because every time I did, it added another week to our projected delivery date!

  2. The immediate difference is your engine size. Bennington recommends the power assist steering option for engines above 150 hp. You may be able to have the option added at your dealership. Bigger the engine, harder the steering. Wondering too if you went from an ESP bottom to an SPS bottom...could be slight handling differences there as well.
  3. We think we've caught this...PM is back on. Thank you! TB
  4. There was spam activity in the Personal Message area yesterday, and we are having a security expert look at this today. In the meantime we have temporarily disabled private messages so it should keep the spam from hitting. If you see anything hitting the live site please post a message in this topic. (We are monitoring) If the spam becomes a larger issue we can bring the board offline until it is resolved. ALSO, we plan to update the Forum software this summer...looking forward to a facelift! Thanks, TB
  5. You may be aware that Bennington is experiencing unprecedented demand this year. As a result, a few of our suppliers are struggling to keep pace with our production plan, which in some cases is causing delays in completing boats at our normal pace. Certain models are experiencing longer delays than others, potentially as much as several weeks. Bennington remains committed to producing the highest quality boats in the industry and we cannot cut corners in an effort to rush boats out the door. We continue to look for ways to improve our delivery schedule wherever possible without sacrificing our important quality standards. Our dealers and retail customers are our first priority and we apologize sincerely for not meeting some delivery expectations recently...every one of you, your family and friends and your happiness on the water is important to us. We will do everything in our power to deliver boats in a timely manner.
  6. Typo is now corrected! 24SCWX deck length is 24' 1"
  7. Ask your dealer to order a set of stern Bimini brackets that he can install for you to reinforce the electric top if you feel you need it. Several dealers add this to electric biminis for rough bodies of water. TB
  8. Thanks for trying to help sparkdr.  We sent him a message with contact info.  We want customers to work directly with a dealer so we don't post contact email on the forum!

    Thanks again, TB

  9. We prefer customers to deal directly with a dealer so we do not post contact information for Bennington.   Try our coordinator Mandy for help.

  10. Hi everyone, We will get with I.T. to be sure this accent sample is on correct R series color selectors. Not available on Stern Radius models, only CW, Swingback and Fastbacks!
  11. Hi, If my 2014 SCWX was purchased in March of 2015 would the warranty start at that point of purchase?

    Thanks ! Jeff

  12. Hello

    Could you please tell me the warranty time on a 2014 SCWX ? Would it be a 7 year warranty? Are they transferable to new owner?

    Thanks Jeff

  13. Thank you for purchasing a Bennington! If your 2017 model year boat has been purchased and registered by your dealer after August 1, 2016, and you join Club Bennington, you are automatically enrolled to receive our new 10-year bow-to-stern warranty. (5 Years original warranty plus another 5 years for joining the Club!) You MUST register as s Club member to obtain your 10-year warranty. If you are reading this post as a Guest of the Club and own a new 2017 Bennington, register now! After registering, you can bypass the Club homepage and come directly to this Club forum, a favorite area. *** Your dealer will warranty register your new Bennington with us online. Our online registration process requires your email address. Please provide it to your dealer! All boats eligible and registered for the 10-year warranty are flagged in our system. You can contact your dealer to verify this "flag" is in place. Again, if you have not provided an email address, please do so with your dealer! We are not marketing hounds, but we like to have a contact email for warranty purposes. Your dealer can go to our registration area to confirm that your 10-year warranty has been activated.
  14. In August of 2016, Bennington introduced our new model, color and option choices for the new model year. As always, we use complimentary design choices in vinyls, canvas and flooring-it is what makes a Bennington stand out from other brands. This is painstaking for us and we work hard with our suppliers to get it "just right." When ordering boats with a base color of Sandstone or Driftwood (grey tones) you receive SLATE flooring in Seagrass, Bamboo, Vinyl Teak or Woven Vinyl. When you order a boat with a base color of Napa Beige or Tuscan Dune, you receive BEIGE flooring, either Seagrass, Woven Teak or Woven Vinyl. Platinum, a 2016 color choice, was available as an obsolete choice until supplies ran out. Our sincere apology that your expectations were not met. Although not your first choice, we hope you may find slate is pleasing over time; it is cooler on bare feet and does compliment the vinyls.