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  1. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    Ask what kind of gas they are putting in . If you are going strictly NoEthanol ,I would I want to know .
  2. Boat name voting

    Great Song Too .
  3. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Torqeedo Electric
  4. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Congratulations Dave ,Looks Good !
  5. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    $5.90 on the water ,$2.50 land ,I'll carry
  6. Boat name voting

    I would have never guessed that there are thatmany Floyd fans here . Sheep !
  7. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    This is how I carry ethanol free .( sorted by state ) http://pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=MI
  8. Boat name voting

    There is another video of this on youtube ,may have not been appropriate . You know how to find it .
  9. Porta potty

    Check with a Bennington dealer in your area https://www.benningtonmarine.com/pontoon-boat-dealers/
  10. Mid America Trailer Good Choice?

    Go for the 200 ,ask me how I know .
  11. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    Still going to be a few weeks up here . What ever ice is left is starting to break . May have to take a ride to the marina this week .
  12. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    Spring is in the Air .
  13. bennington gear

    Here is a link to the Bennington Store https://bennington.four51ordercloud.com/retail/catalog