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  1. $90K each... J/K. I'm just curious how many they need to sell in a year to make a profit. Is it 10, or 1000? And what are there sales volumes in a year?
  2. Lol. That's what they now call a rich mans pontoon.
  3. And when i had the boat in the slip i was there early on weekends cleaning her, and late after the day making sure she was tucked in properly. The day after the handshake to sell her, i was at the dock putting 303 on the seats and vacuuming. The new "owners" walked up and jokingly asked why i was cleaning their boat. My reply, still my boat and it's time to do a deep clean. Ig in a couple weeks and you have paid for it. I'd be happy to stop by and keep up on the maintenance. I think that's when they realized I was serious that I really did not want to sell her and they got me a check the next day. Sorry... I still miss my boat. :'(
  4. I agree. Prior to installing our pool. The only time I was in the backyard was to mow. Now... I'm outside everynight until at least 10:30, weather permitting. I get up early on the weekends to clean, power wash and make sure everything is in tip top shape. Love my back yard, now.
  5. I put bags on my 6.0 2006 Denali Truck. Helped quite a bit.
  6. I want to know when this set-up will be available on a pontoon. FYI...cost on a 627S is roughly $90K
  7. Holy crap that thing is HUGE!
  8. Only 4? Somone must be short on funds!
  9. He's why I made the suggestion!
  10. I suggest everyone go topless!
  11. I have the heavier sun tells trailerable cover made. Pics in my gallery.
  12. You are smart to let it go. There were 3 challenges that my wife could not let go... I no longer have a boat.
  13. Are you questioning Carl's retirment plan, his mechanical ability, or the fact that he has a Honda? Just messin' with you. OP I hope the process of elimination yeilds bountiful results!
  14. I had an 06 Denali 6.0 truck with AWD and a '14 5.3. I prefer the 5.3. But, when I pull with my FIL's '17 6.2 Yukon Denali or his '17 6.2 Silverado, I'd take the Yukon for the convenience and the air ride.
  15. Pics or it's not true!