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  1. I prefer Babe's boat products. Their Spot solver is magical!
  2. If going to the deal take your HID Number. It's a VIN# for the boat.
  3. Omg I HATE rental boats. Many of them could care less if the renter has any knowledge of how to operate a boat. I had a near miss experience on LOTO. I still can't believe how it all happened.
  4. what's the name of the ceramic coating? I saw someone else was in the process recently, but I'm not aware of anyone that already has it done.
  5. 52" or 48" ski pylon? I'm partial to the stainless steel rub rails and docking lights with the chrome raised Benny logo. What fish finder did you go with?
  6. Probably had to pee. That's what everyone on our boat would do when we stopped and they dipped into the water.
  7. Pretty cool! U.S. Ballooning Hall of Fame is in Indianola, Iowa tons of ballons during their classic.
  8. We just took a HARD left turn! Nope, rust would make it as it's not smooth, but wax is too smooth... I have no clue I just recall somone saying don't wax your prop... or you'll go blind. From the glare Andy...from the glare...JEEZ!
  9. You talking about the one you toss over the bimini to keep the corners up to prevent pooling? If so I think you could have one made at a tent and awning shop if you don't want to attrempt it on your own.
  10. Did they drain it before they welded it? Use the search bar for suggestions others have had for leaking toons. Thermal imaging, listening for sloshing, etc, etc.
  11. Here are some suggestions from a famous author we have on here...
  12. They are restricting limits through the firmware.
  13. I recall that.
  14. Depending on what you're being towed for, you might be able to have the supplier pay for the tow. Dealer/Yamaha paid for mine when I had an issue on year 2. My opinion it is better to be safe than sorry.