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  1. Love at first sight!

    Lookup wooden pontoon on here... that guy puts hobbyingon another planet!
  2. Dealer call back

    How many times have you followed up?
  3. Filling NOT Spilling

    I thought in California you get 10 to life for topping off at the pump?
  4. Bimini Frame inner dimensions

    Stick a few dryer sheets in the ends of the boots. (Just remember to take them out before opening the Bimini)
  5. Motor raised and prop changed on the 350

    Built my exact boat with a 350... 109k. I'm thinking I need to do this!!
  6. Love the blue

    Wholly racks of toons, Batman!
  7. Love at first sight!

    You need a bigger motor... lol just kidding! Welcome to the debauchery!
  8. Storms: Use playpen cover or not?

    Pics in my gallery. Your local tent and awning shop can make you one.
  9. 350 HP on 23 G And R Series

    +1 on the Sevens Marine! When we play the "what would you buy if you won the Lottery" game. A Bennington with Twin Seven's 627's in in the conversation!
  10. Got a really UGLY curve ball thrown at me today

    Glad your finding a resolution the you are comfortable with!!!
  11. Pontoon versus Tritoon

    Maybe TomS can grab you a set when he gets the others for tcp.
  12. Winter over yet in Michigan...?

    Easiest way to sell a boat... "Let's go for a ride and talk about it." A few minutes later,"Here, you take the wheel."
  13. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Happy belated Birthday, Speedy!
  14. Adding Electric Anchor

    Not everyone boats in 4 feet of water and 2 feet of sludge...;)
  15. I love it!