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  1. Retractable Ski Pylon

    It doesn't "pop-up"... it's more of a pull-up pylon! Once you pull it up, turn it to lock in place.
  2. Toons

    From the album 2550 RCL

    New and old Toons.
  3. Dirty Toons

    It is my understanding that the boat we were looking at hasn't been used much this summer... a handful of times at most. The toons haven't been cleaned all it does look promising!
  4. Dirty Toons

    Thanks Jsur... I'm sure everyone's experience will differ between lakes. I'm impressed you wife is cleaning the boat as you typed this... it would definitely be the other way around with my wife! hah! I appreciate the feedback!
  5. Dirty Toons

    The Dealer compared the dirty toons to dragging an anchor! Jack - Agreed, that would need to be part of the deal before we purchased... the boat would need to hit upper 30's make us happy. Our 2274 GLI w/ 115hp & clean toons hit 26 MPH on the way over to the marina... hah.
  6. Dirty Toons

    Over the weekend we had a chance to take a test ride on a potential "new to us boat". It is a 2011 2550 RCL w/ 250 vmax SHO engine being offered at a great price. The motor only has 53 hours on it, and the boat is in great shape. However, the boat has been sitting in the dealer's slip all summer and has been collecting grime. Top speed of this boat during the test drive was 25 MPH! The Dealer told us that the speed would be greatly decreased, but I couldn't believe how much! We had 3 adults on board and 1 small kid. He claims that cleaning the toons should increase the speed by 15MPH.The Dealer is willing to clean the toons if we decide to purchase (The Dealer is working as a Broker on this deal). Has anyone else experienced this much decrease in speed due to dirty toons? I have to say i was disappointed in the top speed of the boat, but the turning/banking of the boat was very impressive. (This was our first ride on a boat w/ ESP) -Sean
  7. Buying Used?

    Thank you for the clarification Semper. Definitely a bit confusing. -Sean
  8. Buying Used?

    So if the boat was purchased in 2011 - does theWarranty info dated 2014 apply? Thanksagain, -Sean
  9. Buying Used?

    Derrick, This is the thread I was referring to: -Sean
  10. Buying Used?

    Thanks Jack! That helps. I saw another thread where TB said the warranty was not transferable... but that PDF clearly states it is!
  11. Buying Used?

    I have a 2011 GLI that considering selling (PADS!!) Can the 5 year bow to stern warranty (1 year left) transfer to the new Owner? Thanks in advance, Sean
  12. Arch question .

    Thanks for the responses guys... Jack, that mirror does looks pretty sweet... I'll be sure to look into that. Thanks again. -Sean
  13. Arch question .

    I have one more question for Jack M.... Where did you get your mirror in your profile pic? I can see that being very handy! Does that clip on the top rail of the fence?
  14. Arch question .

    Hello, I have a question regarding the Sport Arch... does it fold down at all for storage? If so, how hard is it? I have a boat house, and I don't think i would be able to lift it out of the water unless it folded down. While we are on this topic, what is the difference from the sport arch & hybrid arch? Does the hybrid arch replace the standard Bimini top? or can you pull a skier with the hybrid as well? Thanks for the clarification! -Sean
  15. Kaydano - thanks for all the great info. Could you please provide the specs on your boat (ie, boat length, toon sizes, strakes, etc?) Thanks!