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  1. In Floor Storage

    I would recommend getting it. We use ours for all our fishing gear, rods, nets, tackle boxes. everything there and out of the way. Have never had a problem with water in the storage area. We do take the carpet off the hatch when in storage.
  2. Water in Tube

    We had a leak and the dealer could never find it. Bennington sent a new tube and the dealer just swapped them out at no cost. Have not had a problem since.
  3. Thanks from Afisman, Robert E Lee and Dolly Parton. Another year for sailing.
  4. Anyone ever get an e-mail from Bennington like this?

    Received mine yesterday. Liked the new brochure. They have some very nice toons coming out.
  5. We have ours in a slip year round. No problems in the winter. We are slipped at Table Rock Lake in SW Missouri. The slip is covered and we do keep our mooring cover on. We fill the tank and stabalizer, tilt motor up, turn batteries off and remove all our vests, fishing stuff. We do a little clean up before the last coverup. This will be our third winter. Last year was long and cold but no problems. Hope this helps. handshake, stan

    Wishing all Veterans a GREAT DAY . And may all Naval personnel have fair winds and following seas where ever you are. God Bless You All. handshake, stan
  7. What's it called; Wing Nut.....

    put a spot of glue or use plumbers tape on the treads to keep it tight.
  8. center toon bilge pump in the winter

    We just leave the carpet cover off the hatch since the hatch is vented. Never had a problem.
  9. Leaking Pontoons

    I had a toon leak last year the dealer picked up my boat at our slip. Bennington shipped him a new toon and once they installed it they delivered our boat back to the slip. No cost at all to me. Our slip is about 40 miles from our dealer. Hope this helps.
  10. Playpen cover every night?

    chap stick on the snaps works very well. I recoat about twice a year.
  11. Bennington Mini Reunion on Tablerock

    Today not good, wife at meetings and have family coming in over the next three weeks. Later this year or try again next year. This season sure has been wet.
  12. What are these?

    I thought the funnel was to correct a fueling problem that caused pumps to cut off before the tank was full.
  13. What are these?

    Are you sure about the motor oil to the engine? that does not sound right.
  14. Bennington Mini Reunion on Tablerock

    Those July dates work for us 7,8,or 9. Jack we usually eat our bbq bologna hot off the grill with coleslaw on a bun ( I quess it is a Southern thang) and yes with a vvvvvvvery coooold beer. handshake, stan
  15. Bennington Mini Reunion on Tablerock

    Those dates look good for us. Just let us know which one and we will gas her up and see you there. handshake, stan