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  1. Happy birthday fastmnstealth
  2. Factory trolling motor plug

    Mine also included the male plug needed.
  3. 2017 SSRX 21' Yamaha 90 VS 115

    I had a 20ft S series 2 toons and no strakeswith 90 and was told by the dealer at the time that it was sufficient. It went around 22or so. But the minute I put a load on it I was down significantly. I had that boat about 10 months and then upgraded to a 21ft S series with SPS and a 150. The performance difference between these two are night and day. Now the difference between the 90 and 115 I do not have and experience with. If I hadto choose between the 90 and 115, I would go with the 115. Also cable vs hydraulic, I had cable on my 90 was fine and would think it would be on the 115 also. I have hydraulic on my 150 andstill need 2 hands once in a while.If you want real easy then you would need power assist hydraulic. Which I believe for a 115 would not be necessary.
  4. Mid America Trailer Good Choice?

    I do not have a Mid American trailer. But have been looking at new ones and that would be one of my top choices. They are a good trailer. And there are a few that have them on this site so I am sure they will chime in. so imo you would have a quality trailer. Oh and welcome to the club.
  5. Thanks everyone Acually I am in Florida for work then been doing some boating and flying, Darcy had tostayhome because she had to work. So I had to celebrate with out her.
  6. Bennington Owners Age

  7. Opinions please

    I like the darker, to much up keep on the lighter.
  8. I have a 21sfxapg tri toon with sps and a 150 Yamaha. So this boat is fairly heavy.You can see pics in my gallery titled 2014 Benny. I up graded from a min Kota power drive v2 12 volt 55lbs to a min Kota ulterra 24volt 80lbs. I havebothbatteriesin the front starboard (right) storage area or trolling motor battery compartment, if it is set up that way from the factory. And yes 2 size 27 batteries will fit in there. I did not think they would fit either but someone one told me they would so I tried andthey do. Makes for a much easier upgrade to a bigger trolling motor I can look and see if I have a pic with both batteries in there, not sure if I have one
  9. Yes it will help. I had a 55 and switched to an 80. With the 55 it was ok in a light breeze but if the wind picked up at all then it was much harder to control and I had to turn up the speed to almost max a lot of the time. Well then your battery drainsdown faster. After I installed the 80 it was much easier and I actually had longer battery life. But the other side of that is the trolling motor is more expensive and I had to go to 2 batteries because it went from a 12 volt system to a 24 volt system. Hope this helps
  10. Getting Big Kahuna wrapped.....

    Pretty cool, can't wait to see whatyou guys come up with.I am pretty sure it will looknice with what ever your wife comes up with. You never know you might even start a new trend in theBenny family.
  11. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all from me too.
  12. NEW 22SSRX

    Welcome from a fellow Minnesotan where do you boat at, may I ask All depends on what you intend to use it for.A 20 is ok for some and a 300 is not enough for others.
  13. Atlas Rocket Launch

    Yes from what the scientists say about the vastness of space. I would have to believe that we are not alone.