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  1. From the album Pontoon #2, THE Q

  2. From the album Pontoon #2, THE Q

    Our Rave Eclipse trampoline had a lot of patched holes in it and when it would lose air, the springs would fall off and into the lake, never to be found again. It was their design without a metal frame, a big flaw on their part. We bought a new one, but went with a different brand, Island Hopper. This one has a metal frame for the trampoline and the tube consists of three different chambers to prevent sinking if a hole appears. The ladder isn't as tall, so it's a bit more of a challenge to get on the tube, but during the initial 15 minutes, the boy was smiling, so it should work out for us.
  3. Yeah, such a small world.
  4. Anyone have any experience with either of these two or other products? Our neighbor just ran a 120V line out to his boat lift, even though it's ran thru a GFCI outlet, it still bothers me. This is $150: This is about $900:
  5. Aluminum fasteners and aluminum perf in place, thanks again. Boat is afloat finally, the deck is 95% finished, trampoline is assembled, inflated and anchored, soccer season is over this weekend....let the summer begin!!
  6. From the album Pontoon #2, THE Q

  7. OH MY GOD!!! Thank you so much!! I absolutely know this and completely screwed embarrassing ! I actually moved the aluminum perf out of the way to get to the stainless, so I WOULD have dissimilar metals! Sigh!! I need a drink! Too much stress with life and the boat out of the water Thank you again for noticing my gross error, I'll take those off tomorrow and switch the perf and hardware. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  8. My dealer recommended that I install screens over the Ports? on the center tube to keep out Muskrats. Apparently they are really excited to find a manufactured home in the center tube, and then decide the fuel and steering lines are wonderful to chew on, causing a lot of tears and frustrations. I used some SS perf that I found at work, I'm guessing 22ga.???, and retained them with SS screws and nickel plated nylocs (not sure how well the nylocs will hold up over time?) Has anyone else done this or heard of the varmints causing havoc? Any reason this was a bad idea??
  9. I don't know, I guess it would replace my deck inside the helm, I have the remote on the dash, but I haven't got that far along in the thought process. we are heading to the Grand Rapids boat show this Saturday, so I'll check out the G storage bin. Seems like 1 year is a long time these days before PADS strikes again!!
  10. Did you like it? or did you never use it??
  11. I apologize if I've missed a post with a solution to this, but I'm still searching for the best place to have my phone near me at the helm, but not in the direct heat. I just saw this head unit and wondered if anyone has any input on it? Its the Fusion MS-UD650 and it has an integrated phone dock inside. Looks pretty slick to me, but I haven't researched it too much either.
  12. I know this is an old thread, but I'm on my third rubber strap this summer! They are warrantied, but it's a nuisance when it happens and the ladder slides out during the remainder of the day. Any word on an improved strap?
  13. I really liked the heavy duty rubber rub rail on our last boat. The new one has the SS and it's starting to show wear and some surface rust spots. My new overall must have option is dual batteries with a switch. We never had this on any of our other boats, but with the stereo playing much of the time the boat is not running while moored, it's been awesome to just flip the switch and start the motor without having to go get the jump box. Can't wait to see what you end up with. BTW, loved the voting procedure at the top, very cool.
  14. Same experience here also. Our Merc 115 didn't seem to ever have an issue, but the big Yamaha seems to be clogged constantly, but only had the alarm and limp mode kick in once. We clean the seaweed off a lot, but never had any on the Mercury inlets. Now, it's quite possible that maybe the larger motor is drawing more water in, therefore we get more accumulating?? The system does work, but it seems like there should be a better/different design? My dealer (Who is a Mercury dealer) says that the big Verado's have a large inlet instead of our small hole screens. Is it because of the "Offshore" classification of the motor, whereas they don't design for seaweed as much as the inland lakes?? Dunno, but we know that our alarm works! :-)
  15. Yeah, I don't have a good picture of it without the list, but it looks "normal" when you see it, where as before it was obviously a bit off.