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  1. Storing Cover and Poles, etc.

    We start by folding like semper does, 1/4 width. Thenrather than roll I fold bow and stern ends to the center, about to top of helm. Fold ends in half again, then in half one last time. Stored in the rear lounger with the poles where the changing room would be - we don't have the curtain and just use this area as storage. Timing is about the same as his to remove and put on.
  2. Welcome to Club Bennington

    No trailer here. Kept at dock in front of the lake house. Borrow my neighbor's to launch itand take out (he just uses it when he does the same - never travels). I do let him store his trailer on my property though.
  3. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    This picture (ice fishing)came through fine - last one didn't. I'm sure you willsort itout. I seem to see about every other picture posted.
  4. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    Not sure what is happening but first post after mine hadno pictures showing up in it. Next post DIDhavepictures?!? Project sure looks great.
  5. Happy birthday Jack! I just joined that club this past December.
  6. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    Some pictures coming through but others are not? Your last post didn't show pix. Others have.
  7. Aluminum restoration

    Nice work. Sounds like a great deal to look like new.
  8. Which color do you prefer.

    First one - I like the blackout with arch (even though I don't have either) ;-)
  9. What model do you own (or want to)

    22 SLX as described below
  10. Bennington Owners Age

  11. Opinions please

    I like the darker top one better.
  12. 2014 2575RCWB Bimini problem. request photos?

    I agree with Illinois. My top looks like yours. I have to adjust mine occasionally when someone else loosens one or both of theknobs whenfolding the Bimini down. (They SHOULDN'Thave to be loosened). Slide the arm toward the bow or stern then retightento see which helps more. Keep some pressure on the top while you adjust the arms.
  13. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    Was in Traverse City through last Mondayand we had just over a foot there when we left. Not as much as most years. Wassupposed to be warming and get freezing rain,so not sure what is there now. All snow here in Wixom has been gone for a while and we have been extremely socked in with fog every day this week - a couple days it lasted all day.
  14. 90,000 posts!

    I see we just passed 90,000 posts! Seems like we just passed 80,000. Lots of good info and overwhelming for thosejoining now. Seems like I have read most of them these past few years.
  15. Where do you go boating mostly?

    Arbutus Lake, Michigan. SE of Traverse City 400 acres.