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  1. Mine slip in also. Won't fit if you try to put them to the very front or back of rails
  2. We use the same Taylor made as Steve21slx and agree that they are easy to use and have not had any problems with them falling off. Found ours on sale for $2.00 each.
  3. Wow - quick work!
  4. The service guy at my dealer just gave me a couple when I explained what I needed/was doing.
  5. It has been 20 years since I purified water like this so I can't remember the brands I've used. They all worked well though. Involved pumping water through the filter into whatever container you were using - one even had an adapter to pump right into a wide mouth water bottle. We were usually pumping from Lake Superior but also inland lakes. The ones I used were not as big as the one semper fi linked to (we were backpacking) but that one may have a bigger output.
  6. We always float on, but live on the lake so it only happens once a year.
  7. Agree - replace
  8. It's on page 1 (see blue bar at bottom) - first post in the thread.
  9. Can't see pix either.
  10. Our portable cup holders are kept on the boat and they are used by passengers most times we go out - even if just the 2 of us.
  11. We don't have a lift (so I can't say for sure) - but friends with a cantilever lift lower theirs all the way to just barely touching the water to get drive onto it. It's up slightly more If we go out and think it'll be dark when we return - either case, MUCH lower than your pix.
  12. We also don't live where the boat is (about 3.5 hr drive) so don't get out as much as we'd like. Not sure of number of trips but we have 100 hours in 4 summers. LOTS of other stuff to do in the area too. Our place is on a "small" 400 acre lake.
  13. Only time I had any puddling in the front was when the front pole collapsed. Otherwise never a problem.
  14. Thanks link and Alicedream. I've seen floating docks that are around posts that let them rise and fall but wasn't familiar with ones that could change 33 feet!
  15. WOW! May be a dumb question but... We are not in a marina or on a lake that changes depth much, so I'm not sure what going on. How come the docks/lifts are ok when the water is up and submerging everything else? Floating docks? How does that work with lifts? Or are you on a different lake than the flooded one? Glad the boat is doing well.