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  1. New To The Site

    Short answer "Pull ADerrick Syndrome". BulldogsCadillac (Derrick) bought (I think) three boats in a 2 year period upgrading each time. Diseaseapplies here to anyone buying multiple replacement boats or contemplating doing so - in a short period of time. There have been quite a few on the site.
  2. bennington gear

    We bought ours off dealers lot at "boat show price" (we were quite satisfied) and also got two letters and stickers over the next 4 or 5 months.
  3. Different view

    The old previous wall was poorly done by previous owner and falling apart. There is almost a foot more room in front of the "boathouse" than before. It is about 2 feet down to the water so it is really just a storage building for the lakefront - kayaks,dock furniture, umbrellas, tubesand fishing stuff.There is a 10' x 20' second floor room above it though that could be used as a bunkhouse though we don't use it for that. It used to have a wood stove upstairsthat is long gone. It was built originally about 1960 and never intended to actually pull a boat in. Over the last 70 years (I have found out)the water level in the lakehas had alow point of nearly 3 feet below where it is now. We actuallyhad about 6 feet of "beach" in front of the deck when we purchased.
  4. What is an Adequate Dock

    My dock has augers that twist into the bottom of the lake. The dock legsare hooked together in a "H" shape(bolted on crosspiece) and support three12'x4' wood sections. Water is almost 5 feet deep at end of dock so there is an angled brace/tubeon the outside legs for stability. Sorry I don't have pictures of them out of the water. I'll post them if I can get them. The 400 acre lake is down in a bowl so "usually" only lighter breezes and not high winds There is skiing and tubing though so there are waves and we don't have issues with the boat stability at the dock. I used to put it in myself (with help), but have someone who does it for me now.
  5. Our New 2017 24' SSBXP Build

    I I've thought the same thing. We don't even have full time wifi/internet at the lake house. We just use our iPhone hotspot for computer or Netflix when we are there - if we want it.
  6. Our New 2017 24' SSBXP Build

    Our TC power was out for a couple hours (no problems for us here in Wixom though 8x10' section of shingles blew off a neighbors house and a 50 foot tree in the yard blew down - not near house)but not long enough to worry about the heat. Water is never a problem though since thelake house still has the original hand pump next to the sink that was left in placewhen the previous owner remodeled it around 1982. Still works and have had its water tested periodically to be sure it's still good.
  7. Where do you go boating mostly?

    Small?!? Try our 400 acre lake. That's why we only have a 50hp on our boat. Of course, we are only 5 miles from Grand Traverse Bay and Lake Michigan if we wanted the big water. We don't go there to boat though as we really love our quiet waterfront spot in the woods. Not sure what happen in the prior post?!?
  8. Where do you go boating mostly?

    Small?!? Try my 400 acre lake, which is one reason for the50hp on our boat. Of course, we are only about 5 miles from Grand Traverse Bay and Lake Michigan if we really wanted the big water, but we love our waterfront location.
  9. Time for Another Forum Contest

    I have no insight- just throwing out dates.
  10. Time for Another Forum Contest

    All milestones early in the day. 100000 Posts August 20, 2017 7000 Members Dec 20, 2017 7000 Topics Oct20, 2017
  11. Hi ! Saw your post about lake in Traverse City . What is the name of the Lake?  My cousin has a place up there calls Traverse City " The best kept secret"

    Thanks Jeff

    1. swiftm


      We are on Arbutus Lake. About 9 miles SE of town in the "Forest Lakes Area". There are about a dozen lakes in the woods there, (mostly small) but 3 are about like ours - around 400 acres. We do love that region of the state. 



      Ok Thanks ! I will see which lake my cousin in on

  12. What do you take along?

    +1. And onsmaller lake (400 acres) not a long trip back if needed.
  13. Mid Ship Cleat?

    I know my 22doesn't have that loopeither. As stated must only be on the longer ones.