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  1. Guess it was yesterday's deal
  2. Link just went to dog beds?!? Guess I could search after getting there. Did search but didn't find any yetis that seemed to be a deal
  3. If you just need the strap that goes over the bimini you can buy the strapping at a fabric or craft store. They also sell the clips - just be sure to get the correct size/width. I've made straps doing this for camping equipment (not for the boat). If the clips sewn to the Bimini are broken your best bet might be a canvas shop to re sew them. Should not be too expensive.
  4. +1. All my boats have had the lanyard and clip.
  5. We also eliminated the privacy curtain to have the storage space. It does depend though where you boat. We are on a 400 acre lake and can return to the house relatively quick if needed.
  6. We have a hook too but rarely use it. It is handy though when the wind is blowing you away from the dock or if you are by yourself.
  7. Our We do the same and have never needed to clean off yet in 5 summers.
  8. Mine is not a rider. Separate policy altogether from my other insurances with a different company.
  9. $115 per year with Progressive. I've been with them for a while so have zero deductibles (you get that automatically after so many years without claims). I did check with them about spill coverage after a discussion thread here a couple years ago. Though I can't remember the amount, I found out I had very sufficient coverage for spills.
  10. Saw these hangers on sale ($7.25 as an add on item if you are spending $25) at amazon this morning. The ones I use and they work well. They have been discussed earlier. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000MJKKKO/ref=pe_160230_245125390_em_1p_1_im also these that are similar but a different brand I haven't seen or used. $12.45 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06X91WDSB/ref=pe_160230_245125390_em_1p_2_ti both with free shipping
  11. We have the "land" version of that cooler (not the marine) though we never use it on the boat. It works great. We just got back from 4 days vacationing at a friends place and the ice we had - basically 4 quart size frozen bottles of water and 1 half gallon - still had some ice in them when we left. Milk, fruit and various other food and beverages stayed cold. We did not have any uncooked food in there. We always start with COLD food or drinks in it though
  12. No pictures showing up just a boxes that say "update your account" with a photo bucket web address at the bottom. Not sure if they show up in the quote
  13. Thanks for the info. I haven't used photobucket but noticed a couple days ago that someone's (don't remember who now) 3 pictures they posted said that in place of the pictures they were trying to post. I didn't comment then thinking it was just a glitch on my end.
  14. Thanks for this. I don't post pictures very often and usually it's quite a pain.
  15. Mine slip in also. Won't fit if you try to put them to the very front or back of rails