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  1. New delivery - 21SFX

    You will love it. We have a 50 Yamaha on ours andit is great! Ours is used for the exact same things.
  2. BennTexx upholstery

    I am (and was) logged in and still can't access the link. Other links have worked?!? Thanks for the expanded post cwag.
  3. BennTexx upholstery

    Maybe it's just my iPad but the link didn't work. Just got this message I'll try again later "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account."
  4. Fender clips

    On our 400 acre lake we never travel very fast. I usually forget and don't worry if I leave them hanging- if boat is crowded I purposely leave them hanging off sides or store under sun deck if I remember.Never had a problem with them coming loose, but just in case I loop or tie the extra rope above the knot thru the rail or bimini leg next to clip. They are easy and quick to remove and replace in any case.
  5. Fender clips

    I do take our Taylor clips off when cruising and only use them docking - however they are easy to remove and replace. As royal4 said if you leave your fenders on when cruising (especially at higher speeds) you would wantones that attach permanently.
  6. Fender clips

    http://www.overtons.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?pdesc=Fender-Adjusters-For-Pontoon-Boat-Rails-4-pack&i=74625 We use Taylor fender clips. They are about $20 at most places for 4 pack, but I found them on sale for about $2 apiece. They work great for us. Easy to remove and replace/reposition if you want to do so. We only use the fenders at our own dock, so we don't need to adjust lengths once set. Other types of hangersare easier to change length if you need to do so regularly. They do fitbetween top rail and seat back.
  7. Hanging bag from 3M Command Hooks

    I use those in my Explorer to hang a small trash bag. Don't know why I hadn't thought about it for the boat. Thanks for the idea.
  8. Just saw these on Amazon

    I know that feeling! I took ajig saw to the roof and sides of a NEWFord Econolinevan I bought in1979with theinterior unfinished.Iwanted to install a roof vent and side windowsin, before I "customized" it. Even though I had planned on doing it, it took me a week before I could actually bring myself to start drilling and cutting.All did end upwell though. (Slightly off topic)
  9. Populatiry of pontoons

    Math makes sense but we know you won't stay under 10 mph
  10. New owner! Lot's of questions

    Chopstick works to and is easier to apply. Chapstick works too and is easier to apply.
  11. New owner! Lot's of questions

    I guess I didn't finish aboveTaking it off like I described above allows you to easily reverse the process to put back on. Simply start by unfolding then snapping the starboard side and continue working backward. Some install the poles extended to the proper height at the appropriate step to avoid having to crawl inside to extend them. I've done it both ways but sometimes it is too tight with them extended to get the port side snapped so I have to crawl in anyway.
  12. New owner! Lot's of questions

    We unsnap from the port dockside and the bow/sternthat we can reach, then fold in half over to the starboardside. Remove poles and fold again in half to starboard side. Finish unsnapping starboard then fold bow and stern to the middle - roughly at helm- then keep folding toward center again. (Some people roll it up but I find it easierto fold it and rest it on helm for the times I do it by myself.) pretty easy and quick once you have done it a couple times. it is fairly compact and I store it under the sun deck in the back - that is just storage for us.
  13. New To The Site

    Short answer "Pull ADerrick Syndrome". BulldogsCadillac (Derrick) bought (I think) three boats in a 2 year period upgrading each time. Diseaseapplies here to anyone buying multiple replacement boats or contemplating doing so - in a short period of time. There have been quite a few on the site.
  14. bennington gear

    We bought ours off dealers lot at "boat show price" (we were quite satisfied) and also got two letters and stickers over the next 4 or 5 months.