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  1. Update: Mystery solved. Went out Friday night and the alarm went off again. Before we could get back, the motor died and wouldn't keep running. Engine fuel separator was full again. I pumped the ball and fuel came squirting out a spot on the fuel line that had been in the water in the transom. It looks like something had chewed the line in a few places and one of them was deep enough to puncture the line. That would explain why the main separator didn't have water, but the engine one did. Cut out the chewed part and spliced with a 3/8" fitting and a couple hose clamps and back on the water. lesson learned - if something doesn't make sense, investigate deeper.
  2. After our Friday evening cruise, our Yamaha T50 started with an audible alarm when in neutral. With the help of Google, figured out the engine fuel/water separator was full. I emptied it out and replaced the external filter and no more alarm. But, I find it interesting that there was that much water that made it to the engine filter considering there was an external filter. Granted, I haven't replaced the external filter annually. When I took the external filter off, I dumped it into a clear container and let it settle. There wasn't any obvious signs of water in the container. When I emptied the engine separator bowl, the water was easy to see. I've always used non-oxy fuels and treated them with Sta-Bil Marine as insurance. With the daily temperature fluctuations and humidity levels of the northern summers, I wouldn't be surprised if the tank had some water in it due to condensation. I guess from now on, I'll be trying to keep more fuel in the tank all the time and stick to annual changes of the external separator.
  3. My 2013 20SF with a 50HP Yamaha will hit 18-19 with just me and the dog. That's WOT at ~6100 RPM. I took the restrictor plate out of the intake. Prior to removing it, I could only hit 16-17 at 5600 RPM. Boat has 25" toons that are pretty scaled up from being in the water for two summers. According to the performance bulletins on Yamaha's site, they got 19.1 MPH on a 22SLi with a T60 in 2009. If your RPM's at WOT are at or near the redline, then the prop is properly sized. You could try a higher pitch prop, but you'll lose bottom end pull. Which is kind of important with a heavy boat.
  4. Last weekend I installed a Lowrance Elite-4 HDI on my 2013 20SF. I wasn't really sure how I wanted to mount it and searched through the forums for ideas. I kind of combined a couple. I kind of struggled with the idea of drilling a hole in the console for the cabling and mount, but couldn't find an area on the rail that would work with the cover without having to remove a mount after every use. The final set up works for me, but may not work for a larger model. The items I needed were: Ram mount RAM-B-101-LO11Ram suction cup base RAM-B-224-1ULowrance transducer extension cable 000-0099-94crimp-on bullet connectorscrimp-on butt spliceBefore I put the boat in the water this spring, I had mounted the transducer bracket. I started by fishing the transducer cable along the top of the port pontoon. I soon found out that the transducer cable is 20 feet long which means it just makes it through the hole in the floor under the console. If it was 25 feet, it would have been perfect. I connected the extension cable and ran ~4 feet of cable through the opening on the starboard side of the helm. For the wiring, I found that under the console there was a pair of bullet connectors - one hot and one ground. I'm thinking those are the ones that are labeled "For customer use" on the schematic. I found that the hot (red) is unswitched and thus always hot. I used the butt splice to connect the 12v wire of the Lowrance power cable to one side of the Lowrance supplied fuse holder. I then crimped a male bullet connect to the other side of the fuse holder. A female bullet connector was crimped to the black negative Lowrance power cable. I then ran the cable through the opening on the starboard side of the helm. I attached the Lowrance unit to the Ram mount bracket and secured the suction cup base to the front of the helm. The suction cup seems to be plenty strong for the angle at which the unit is held and the relatively calm water that I expect to use it in. The single suction cup may not be strong enough for bigger units, but they do make double suction cup mounts. Pictures: View from the driver seat (sorry for the contrast a storm was moving in) Side view Under helm wiring view
  5. From the album Lowrance-4 HDI Mounting

  6. From the album Lowrance-4 HDI Mounting

    side view
  7. From the album Lowrance-4 HDI Mounting

    View from driver seat
  8. Our chocolate lab "Thunder" always seems to think he's a pilot dog, especially when docking. This is a picture of him on the initial voyage of our pontoon.
  9. From the album Thunder Onboard

  10. With high temps this weekend in the 40's, we pulled ours out for the season. Put 23 hours on it last year (took delivery in June 2013) and it now has 68 on it. Doesn't help when the hard water doesn't leave the lake until May 1st.
  11. Sorry, no pictures of it in use, but we bought a "WAG model SLM-12" at the Minneapolis boat show. Had one of the platform types before that and could never get it to fit right. This was the best designed and built that I found. Just make sure to get the adjustable hook kit to fit the ladder steps. When I had installation questions I called the support number and spoke with the company owner and designer. Great guy that answered all my questions. Ron
  12. When they shrink wrap, is the regular playpen cover under it? If so, will the poles support the weight of snow?
  13. For those that have used or have the Load A Pup, which step did you attach it? I have a 20FS with the fold up ladder on rear (like many others), and it seems that the best step wo attach to is the top step, but the hinge will interfere unless the unit is attached off center. Also, once attached, can the ladder be folded? Can humans use the ladder? I didn't see an easy way to attach it and still fold the ladder or use the ladder. Thanks, Ron
  14. I ended up with: these fenders: with these fender ropes: and these fender clips: I'm not sure if the clips will work on your configuration, but they're handy on mine. I started out with these 5.5 inch fenders, but decided for mooring, the 8.5 inchers provided much better protection. I'm happy with all of these items. Ron
  15. Discounts? We just purchased a new 2013 20 SF a couple of weeks ago (haven't posted anything about it because I haven't uploaded pics yet) and we spoke with two dealers and neither were willing to move off of their prices, which were close to MSRP, from what I can tell. Then again, each time I went to either dealer, they had fewer available. Ron