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  1. Bennington Owners Age

    Im 53, I married an older woman she is 54, I remind her often of her elderly status!
  2. Extra wide captains chair

    I sat in a couple at the Nashville Boat Show last week and these seemed to have allot of play(side to side ) I didn't care for them but I got lost in them also.
  3. If you are considering LC then look a little to the south, just a stones throw from LC is some of the cleanest water and beautiful landscape there is at Dale Hollow Lake. not sure who has the best deal on the Houseboat but Sulfur Creek Marina and State Dock are nice facility's and rent Houseboats. You can see your prop in the water and plenty of places to tie up .
  4. 23R VS 25R ride quality and performance questions

    Todd your making me homesick, We purchased a HB on Center Hill this past year only because of travel time. It takes another hour or more from the house to get to Dale Hollow. I like the eats at Sulphur. And yes when you get out to the big water on a Saturday afternoon you better hold on it gets churned up for sure. Have seen any eagles this winter?
  5. 23R VS 25R ride quality and performance questions

    Todd its going to be 63 deg on Thursday and 57 on Saturday, Plenty warm enough for a test ride! You need to call Ricky and tell him your on the way for your test ride!!
  6. 23R VS 25R ride quality and performance questions

    Hi Todd I have a 2275RL with the 3 tube Express, It rides very smooth on choppy water. We dont get really rough water here in Tn on Center hill or Dale Hollow but what I have been on as far as rough has really amazed me the quality of ride. I have attempted to out run several storms and run flat out on rough water and never once felt out of control or hard to handle.
  7. Water spots

    Do a search for vinegar it comes up all kinds of uses on hear.
  8. Water spots

    vinegar and water is what I use.
  9. 2017 Wishbook

    Ditto lakeliving!
  10. 2017 Wishbook

    I need to start me a go fund me page and move up to the windscreen!
  11. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone, Lets not forget the reason for the season.
  12. Its official and thank you

    Awesome, I love the wind screen. Congratulations very nice!
  13. The damage is done...

    I love the shine, Great job!!
  14. shrink wrap

    What about critters? Great place to den up for the winter