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  1. Vets are are special people, Thanks Carl for your contribution to my and all citizens of this great country. Freedom is not free!! hopefully my PDB mag will be in the box today!
  2. I keep mine in the wedge seat compartment and have room left over, if that helps give you an idea.
  3. Now that looks awesome. Mine are on there 4th season and look pretty darn good for all my effort. Good job!!!
  4. BigKahuna, I thank you for your service as a citizen of this great Nation. Thanks to all Law enforcement . Times are certainly changing.
  5. I don't but I would like to for protection, Ya never know. I do plan to get a carry permit soon.
  6. We have the Paws Aboard and it works very well. I put an additional set of steps on the other side so humans can get out at the same time.
  7. If it was me I would chase all the wires back to be sure what they go to . It will be a little time consuming but you will know its correct. Then take a pic for future reference. It will be good to understand also a bit more about your boat down the road if something comes up.
  8. Me 3
  9. Very nice, Get it wet!!
  10. Todd its a good thing you had cover this past week end, We were on the big boat working on interior all weekend at Center hill, Sat morning the lake was at 631 ft and today its at 645 ft and climbing. That's allot of rain, The dock guys were busy keeping ramps usable. And I will say it again, That's a Beautiful Boat!! I like the swing back
  11. Thats really nice, You all are set for the Season
  12. Turned out really good.
  13. Wow , I need a new career path 9 days . Very cool ! Enjoy!
  14. WoooHoooo!!!!