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  1. Welcome, Good looking Benny and Truck.
  2. I never had a problem, been to 3 different dealers. I didn't transfer anything just told them about the issue and they took care of it.
  3. Could the prop be to low?
  4. I have the stainless, And the docking light is useless . I need to add some under the front deck. I am seeing more folks using lights at night,Saturday night it was full Led super power. I couldn't see a thing. Had to wait him out. I have a hand held for short looks ahead if I need to and throw a towel over the dash so its dark.
  5. Man That looks GOOD!!!! I just love polished Toons. Elevated my heart rate Nice job!
  6. I had to use a cherry picker to do mine, Not hard to do though.
  7. WOT!!
  8. Shiny toons ROCK!!
  9. So sorry to hear , Praying for his family and friends,
  10. I will definitely do that and let you know Thanks
  11. It very well could be, Either way it sounds terrible.
  12. Welcome
  13. The curvy road is what is better known as the Dragon Tail. People come from all over to test there skills on this road with motorcycles and cars made for curves. Not easy access for boaters from the west of The lake for sure. Some day I might though.
  14. My Yamaha has the Clunk, With all the technology out there you would think manufactures could fix that, I feel like its ripping the guts out every time i put it in gear or change from forward to reverse.
  15. That's the best advice I learned from this forum. Turn your wheel while in neutral. Makes a huge difference parking. Also you can get a front corner to the dock and tie a rope at that corner turn the motor to the dock while your buddy holds it and back it in. I did this with the houseboat fighting some wind and work great.learned it on U S Boat how to park your boat good read. Good luck.