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  1. I encountered a very similar situation. The selling dealer where I purchased my Bennington no longer sold Bennington products 6 mos after the sale. He said they would honor the warranty as long as I owned the boat. Two years later I needed a gauge cluster replaced due to fogging and the bimini cover needed fixed at one of the seams. No problem getting both issues resolved. Hopefully you could count on the same type of support for any issues you may have.
  2. I would measure mine and let you know but the boat is still under wraps/storage. Will probably be in storage another 6 weeks. IIRC, it does look like a rubbermaid product.
  3. Are you sure there isn't one already installed under the back of left/front seat?? Lift up the back of seat.
  4. This air horn is self contained and sounds just like the horns on large trucks. I have one on my tractor and it is awesome.
  5. Raystown Lake/Dam near Huntingdon, PA. Lots of coves and places to anchor and hang out. Max. length 28 mi (45 km) Surface area 8,300 acres (33.6 km2) Max. depth 200 ft (61.0 m)
  6. With "6 or so on board" and doing water sports, go with the higher HP engine would be good advice. If you are just cruising around you won't see much difference.
  7. Here are a couple links for more info on Evinrude Etec outboards and pontoons boats. I have an Etec 225HO G! on a Benny R model and have had zero issues to date. The G2 engine series has been out a couple of years and has been holding up well so far according to the etec owners group link given above. Top speed on my current Benny is 46.6 mph with 2 people. I had a very similar pontoon previously with a Yamaha F150 outboard and also had no issues -- it's top speed with 2 people was 40 mph. Not a lot of gain in speed with 240+ HP (HO version is approx 10% higher).
  8. 73
  9. Very nice. Sounds like a great deal too. Congrats.
  10. semperf18387, thanks for the Sharkhide info. Guess I should've tried looking at their website. kaydano, I'm hoping to get close to factory finish using scotch brite pads on small (baseball size) oxidation areas if possible. Except for 2 or 3 small patches, all three pontoons still look like new after 3 summers of use. I wonder if anyone else has tried fixing scuff marks on sharkhided pontoons.
  11. Yes, I do fog the engine as per the Evinrude E-tec Owner's Manual. It's very simple and easy to do with the E-tec outboards using only the throttle lever after the last outing. You can use the boat afterwards if nice boating weather should occur -- just fog the engine again. Repeat as often as you wish.
  12. Looking for advice on Sharkhide. I have a 2014 Bennington bought new with Sharkhide applied at the factory. It is kept in an enclosed building year round and trailered to the lakes when used. After three summers of use, the nice shiny pontoons are starting to show a few small areas of oxidation where the outside toons have rubbed against the dock when parked for short periods while fueling, launching and etc. If possible, I would like to fix the areas, i.e., apply sharkhide where these small scuff areas exist before it gets any worse. Or, would it be best to remove all old SH on outside pontoons and then apply new SH??
  13. We trailer to several different lakes. 1) Bald Eagle State Park/Dam in Central PA, 1/2 hr travel time. 2) Raystown Lake/Dam near Huntingdon, PA, 45 mins travel time. 3) Finger Lakes in Upstate NY, 2.5 - 3 hrs travel time.
  14. My gauge (same one) was replaced last Friday under warranty. Hoping it's fixed for good.
  15. Very nice. Congratulations. Let the fun begin.