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  1. It may not keep the entire pontoon as clean as possible, but does allow us to use the boat as frequently as possible. Unfortunately, at the current time our lake is down about 4' and so there is not enough water in the canal at my house. This means towing, inorder to use the pontoon.
  2. We had individual covers made for our boat. Often we just take off the console cover, captains chair and one other seat. At my age and physical condition, I even struggle taking off an individual seat cover so a complete cover would be impossible.
  3. We had individual covers made with Sunbrella fabric for all the seats and console. If I used the total cover, the boat would just stay covered and I would never use it. I am physically not able to use the full cover and even struggle somewhat with the individual ones. When my Wife and I use the boat we uncover just the seats that we will be using. My feeling is that it is a boat and I use it for fishing, so I do not wish to be a slave to it, but enjoying it.
  4. Two years ago, we drove up there from Des Moines, Ia and had 4 of us fishing from 2 boats with guides for walleyes. The head guide said he was considering having a pontoon that would have accommodated 4 of us fishing. That would have been much more fun than being in 2 separate boats.
  5. They put the radio on the right hand side.
  6. I used to play golf with a Kentucky fan. He told me that he was only a KY basketball fan though and not football. I would guess if Kentucky had a good football team, he would have been a fan. I have stayed the fan course with the two universities that I attended. Iowa and Arkansas. It would be much easier to be an Ohio St and Alabama fan, but that is not how I roll.
  7. Converted from a Razorback fan to a Bama fan. Would Kentucky then be you favorite basketball team?
  8. Years ago, the water or water temp would often cause the lights to blow. I think as someone stated earlier, the newer trailer lights have corrected this problem.
  9. Nice, but I don't see any Razorback decals. Go Hogs!
  10. We live in Inverness, near the West Coast of Florida, and don't venture out much anymore.
  11. I love the St Johns river. Spent a couple of Winters in Deltona, so am familiar with the DeLand area. We have also put in the St Johns at Astor on Hwy 40 and cruised the area. And have spent some time at Salt Springs.
  12. Sanibel is great but out of my price range.
  13. My wife sits in the front fishing seat on the port side all the time while underway and to me it is not dangerous at all, with our top speed of 18mph. Now on the Hurricane Deck Boat I owned, no one ever sat in the front fishing seats while underway, as they were outside the panels.
  14. Bulldog, I understand how attached we can get to those four legged things. We have never had children, but have had 3 dogs. (All strays that we rescued). The main difference with us was that we probably treated our dogs better than most treat their children. They have been gone for over 20 years, but I think of them often. I saw a post on Facebook a while back that sums it up. "You know what I like about people?" Answer: "Their Dogs"!
  15. PMS, I was told by a waitress stood for Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Sausage Pizza.