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  1. Lowrance Elite-5

    They put the radio on the right hand side.
  2. Welcome to Club Bennington

    I used to play golf with a Kentucky fan. He told me that he was only a KY basketball fan though and not football. I would guess if Kentucky had a good football team, he would have been a fan. I have stayed the fan course with the two universities that I attended. Iowa and Arkansas. It would be much easier to be an Ohio St and Alabama fan, but that is not how I roll.
  3. Welcome to Club Bennington

    Converted from a Razorback fan to a Bama fan. Would Kentucky then be you favorite basketball team?
  4. "Free backing" surge brakes

    Years ago, the water or water temp would often cause the lights to blow. I think as someone stated earlier, the newer trailer lights have corrected this problem.
  5. Welcome to Club Bennington

    Nice, but I don't see any Razorback decals. Go Hogs!
  6. River trip

    We live in Inverness, near the West Coast of Florida, and don't venture out much anymore.
  7. River trip

    I love the St Johns river. Spent a couple of Winters in Deltona, so am familiar with the DeLand area. We have also put in the St Johns at Astor on Hwy 40 and cruised the area. And have spent some time at Salt Springs.
  8. Lake Moultrie, Lake Marion in SC

    Sanibel is great but out of my price range.
  9. My wife sits in the front fishing seat on the port side all the time while underway and to me it is not dangerous at all, with our top speed of 18mph. Now on the Hurricane Deck Boat I owned, no one ever sat in the front fishing seats while underway, as they were outside the panels.
  10. Give a guy a break!

    Bulldog, I understand how attached we can get to those four legged things. We have never had children, but have had 3 dogs. (All strays that we rescued). The main difference with us was that we probably treated our dogs better than most treat their children. They have been gone for over 20 years, but I think of them often. I saw a post on Facebook a while back that sums it up. "You know what I like about people?" Answer: "Their Dogs"!
  11. PMS Color Code

    PMS, I was told by a waitress stood for Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Sausage Pizza.
  12. This gets me to wondering, if had the best prop for my Benny, would I be able to get 19mph instead of 18mph? I don't even know the specs of my prop. I looked for a sarcasm emoticon, but couldn't find it.
  13. Acceptance of the hdcp going up is important, if you have been playing a long time. And realizing it is more about the players you play with, than the actual golf. With my age and health this has been a big thing for me, and golf has become too painful to play. I spent ten years as a club professional after playing collegiate golf and then approx 30 years in the golf business.
  14. While still working, I always said that you could Work and Play Golf, or Work and Fish, but not enough time for all three. Anytime that hobbies are very time consuming this exists.
  15. Boat Navigation Lighting - for night visability

    I think common sense should dictate your night speed, but unfortunately many are lacking in common sense.