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  1. Disconnect everything and check wires for resistance between the wire and ground. My fuel gage went wonky two years ago and the only way to get it back was two new wires end to end. Muskrats I think.
  2. file a warranty claim but wait till the off season. You'll get 5 months of free storage.
  3. took mine out a riveted a caulked aluminum cover over the old opening. They don't last. Can't here it when you are moving, and its disruptive to conversation when stopped.
  4. Part of the problem with the S boats is the cheap helm. They mount the throttle to the face of the helm so you have to move it up and down, not back and forth. Had my 207L for three years and I still hate that part. If I could find a boat scrap yard, replacing the helm would be a winter project
  5. replace both pontoons and the fork lift operator Their insurance should pay for Bennington to do the work and preserve your warranty
  6. Can't repair it and use it? they have a major furniture supply chain mess, you're looking at October
  7. Send the hull number to Bennington's cust service and tell them what it is. They will I'd the model and send you the original invoice/build sheet
  8. Shortly after I found mice two years ago after we put the boat in the water I found the mice gone, replaced by a 7 foot black snake. It worked
  9. Dealer doesn't have a guy who can TIG aluminum.
  10. The number of used boats and leftover new stock would say you got lucky. For instance The fact is boat depreciate like cars, not as bad as RVs but they do. guessing there is inventory out there for your needs.
  11. Didn't know bennington built two stories
  12. Two toons? three toons? elliptical toons? ellipticals and a 115 should be pretty snappy. Tubing six kids on three tubes might be doggy but it should Cruise 20. My 207L with 70hp two stroke will do 17.
  13. Defintiely replace it. Especially if its below water line or close. I would let insurance company know and make sure they can file a claim if needed. That would document the replacement because closing the claim would require work to be done. They could order the pontoon and likely change it in a day. Personally I would not trust the dealer unless they issued me a notarized letter or bill of sale indicating that the repair was required. Keep in mind they are insured for this as well. Might have a larger deductible than you but they are covered.
  14. First the obvious - NEVER EVER pay for something this expensive in full until your have seen it complete and can take immediate possession. You didn't state how the damage occurred - specifically did the boat ship damaged?, did the transported damage it? did the dealer damage it in his shop? If it shipped damaged, its a Bennington warranty issue. If it arrived damaged, its a transport claim. Dealer and Bennington need to be involved. If dealer damaged it, he has stupid operator insurance that will cover the claim. Since you paid way in advance, did you insure the boat immediately? Hopefully. If so and its a dealer issue, call your insurance company, report the damage, file a claim and pay the deductible. They will replace the pontoon and subrogate the claim to the dealers insurance and you will get your deductible back. Sometime just the threat of this will make it happen. Regarding my opening comment, a few years ago a friend bought a new Ford F450 pickup for his house building business. They called him when it arrived from factory and when he went to pick it up it was leaking oil. He looked at the salesman as he turned away and said "call me when the leak is fixed and we'll sign paperwork" and walked away. They diagnosed the problem, had parts overnighted from Dearborn, and had it repaired in 48hours. Why? They hadn't been paid!!!.
  15. If I had the money it takes to go 50mph in a pontoon, I'll keep my 20mph boat and finally get my cruise in car. Fastest way to find a floating log is going 50.