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  1. I keep a log book and each of the last 3 years we've been out about 60 times. I work full time but we're out about twice per weekend, and about once a week we meet at the boat after work on a weeknight to have dinner. The 1st year we put 100 hours on the motor doing a lot of exploring. The 2nd year it was 60 hours, and last year it was 50 hours as we do a lot more drifting with the motor off. Love it!
  2. Great news, congrats -- nice looking boat!
  3. Congrats, nice boat!
  4. Happy belated birthday Andy!
  5. Good to see you back Nick, we all love your pics and the stories of your adventures. Good luck with the boat situation. You know we all want to see you back in your Benny!
  6. Late to the party -- happy b-day guys!
  7. Well done BK, looks great!!
  8. Great discussion. When the max HP on my 24' (with SPS) three years ago was 150, I was happy with that. Then the dealer said I could get a 200, so I went with that. I recently heard from a regional Bennington rep at a boat show that S models (Premiums?) can get a 250. I have seen 45.0 once on GPS with my 200, have been over 44.5 a number of times, and easily/routinely get over 43 mph with clean toons. But straight line speed isn't everything (although I love the bragging rights). We do some water sports, but just mostly cruise with 2 - 8 people. The 200 gives me great "load sensitivity." I'm sure I could have been happy with a 150, but that being said -- when I eventually upgrade to an R or Q (with ESP) I will agonize over how much HP to get (meaning $$ to shell out). Those 300s (plus?) are just so darn sexy!
  9. Awesome, looks great!
  10. Wow, great handicraft!
  11. Well done. Beautiful dog!
  12. Quite a head turner out there on the end dock. Good to see her launched!
  13. Great news, congrats!