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  1. New member with new benny on order

    That will be fun -- you'll love that boat!
  2. 2017 2250 GSR playpen cover

    I agree. With your covered lift you might not use the poles, and even if you do I popmine in their vent sockets while putting the cover on, and nudge the bottomsinto place with my foot to make them vertical. No stress on the shoulder or back.
  3. New member with new benny on order

    Congrats! Where will you be boating?
  4. Yep, I mistakenly downloaded the wrong manual instead of referencing the paper manual that came with the boat for my inline 4. Put me in the 89 minimum club.
  5. I saw pictures of my boat being built and told my dealer right away that it had the wrong loungers (no red stripes). My dealer said it was too late to change the seats, but he would take that boat for his showroom and the factory then started working on a new build for my order. My dealer told me later that another way he could have handled it was to just take $500 off the price. We told him it wasn't about the price -- the incorrect loungers would have totally changed the look we wanted. Mistakes do unfortunately happen (although they shouldn't!), and I'm glad my dealer and Bennington made it right.
  6. Yamaha ECM Recall

    Got word from my dealer that my particular serial number isn't part of the recall.
  7. Yamaha ECM Recall

    Thanks for the head's up. I'll have to contact my dealer to see what they know about it.
  8. Ski pylon diameter?

    Congrats -- great build!
  9. My F200 manual says 86 minimum. I always buy from the marina and they have 89.
  10. Happy Birthday Jack!
  11. Welcome to Club Bennington

    No trailer -- love to be able to get the slip and launch right away. A trailer would be nice for put in/haul out and doing my own oil changes, but I don't have a vehicle able to tow it. I could probably borrow a truck, but it's simple to call the marina to do the work and I just write a check.
  12. To Order or Not To Order

    I ordered mine in the fall too. With so many variations in floor plans, colors, and options that we wanted, it probably would have been impossible to find it at a dealer or at a boat show. Wedid a lot ofstudy and looked at other brands too, but once we decided what we wanted we didn't want to settle for something less.
  13. 2017 22GSR new build

    Congrats -- looks like a great boat!
  14. My 2017 SCWXP Build on Order

    Whatever you decide, congrats! You're going to love it.
  15. What model do you own (or want to)

    2014 24SLX3