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  1. Glad to hear you're running well! I noticed the trim gauge showed full down though -- is it working? If so, I bet you'll get even better performance if you trim up a bit.
  2. I just got an SDS prop a few months ago and starting this year (by March at the latest, I believe) every new SDS prop did not require the spacer. My dealer ordered one and I returned it after putting on the new prop. You can see from the picture that there are no cutouts on the prop hub for the "tabs" of the spacer to fit into.
  3. From the album Misc Pictures

  4. The light weight cover sounds like a good idea for those with covered lifts. I'm sure it's easier to manage than the original mooring cover. Where did you get it?
  5. I've never braved it, mostly because we would have a long trip back down to Woodbridge and there is frequently a good bit of wood washed off the shoreline still in the water at that time. Hard to see it in the dark! With you being much closer though it should be a good option for you. You don't have to go all the way up to the Lincoln Memorial to get a great view, and that would help avoiding the crazies. Alternatively, Alexandria puts on a good fireworks show to celebrate their birthday and this year it's on July 8th. Tim's Rivershore does a good show down here in Woodbridge. It's always a great view to see fireworks from the water, provided you can avoid the drunks.
  6. That's the way I do it with my finger slip, also on the port side. I unsnap a couple snaps in the port bow area until I can stand on the extended bow, and I unsnap the rest of the bow and then each side back and forth while rolling the cover from front to back, pulling the poles as I go. When I get to the aft deck I fold the now-rolled cover over in thirds and it fits just right under a seat. I reverse the process putting the cover back on, installing the poles as I go. Usually my wife and I do both uncovering and covering together, with each of us taking a side. Works great.
  7. Awesome, great pics and glad you had a good trip.
  8. Great news, glad you got it dialed in! The numbers sound great.
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. Happy birthday!
  11. I keep a log book and each of the last 3 years we've been out about 60 times. I work full time but we're out about twice per weekend, and about once a week we meet at the boat after work on a weeknight to have dinner. The 1st year we put 100 hours on the motor doing a lot of exploring. The 2nd year it was 60 hours, and last year it was 50 hours as we do a lot more drifting with the motor off. Love it!
  12. Great news, congrats -- nice looking boat!
  13. Congrats, nice boat!
  14. Happy belated birthday Andy!