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  1. Glade to be of service. Be safe Afisman.
  2. Semperfi8387, is it because you have an "R", or because it is an 2011 model? Changes did not go into effect until the 2012 model year. Either way, lucky you......be safe.
  3. kkitowski, by turning the pump nozzel, you are lining it up with that hole at the begning of the narrow opening. (You changed the angle of the nozzel). Are you fueling at the same place, using the same pumps every time? If so, keep in mind that fix may not work with other nozzels. If not and you get the same results no matter where you are filling up, lucky you! Hope that works for everybody.
  4. I know there are at least a few threads here on the subject of refueling our pontoon boats and the trouble some of us are experiencing. I am sorry for starting a new thread, but I did some searching and could not confirm that anybody else had discovered this solution. The slow fill and back splash problems have to do with the “new” fill design developed by “Enviro-Fill Inc.” (When I say Fill design, I mean the fill tube) They developed this new fill and tank system as an answer to new EPA requirements that took effect in July of 2011. In short, the EPA wanted fuel fill systems that would 1. Make sure a gas pump nozzle shuts off when a tank is 95% full (or less), and 2. Capture vapors before they escaped into the atmosphere. The Enviro-Fill product fits the bill. However, the Envir-Fill product was developed with just Gas pump nozzles in mind, not gas cans. And, Gas pump nozzles come in different sizes and angles. As such, they all do not work the same way with the new fill system. Just an FYI, Ameri-Kart Co. makes fuel tanks and other marine parts. They bought the Enviro-fil technology back in 2010, so they now produce the product. Bennington buys their fuel tank and fill systems from Ameri-Kart. (See the attached Ameri-Kart press release attached). For those of us with the 2012 model years or newer, take a look at your fuel fill hose, right behind where the gas pump nozzle goes into the boat. You will see that the “Tube” is wide where the nozzle goes in and then it narrows, then it gets wide again. This narrowing is important. It was developed in conjunction with a single moving part inside the gas tank that causes a pressure wave up the fill tube, causing the gas pump nozzle to shut off when the tank is almost full, but gas does not rise into the fill tube like normal. (It mimics the condition normally found when gas is actually in the fill tube, causing the gas pump nozzle to shut off as designed). For more information, just google "how a gas pump nozzle works". IF you have a gas can nozzle the fits directly in front of the hole of the narrow opening, or if the gas pump nozzle you are using fits perfectly in front of that hole, good for you. You should not experience any back splash problems. But, if your gas can or gas pump nozzle is slightly off center, you will start getting back flow up into the wide part of the fill tube where the nozzle goes in. Guess what, Envior-Fill placed the air-vent tube openings in the fill tube itself and at the 9:00 o’clock position instead of the 12 o’clock position. I know, EPA stuff. The result, however, is that gas can easily get into the air vent tubes, causing a quick and sloppy backsplash! Then on top of that, some of you found that the vent tubes were placed in such a way at the Bennington factory, that they created a “P” trap type of situation that when gas did get into the air vent tubes, they would not clear…..so many issues, so little time…. Some folks have found solutions by finding just the right gas can with a flex nozzle that fits perfectly over that hole. Other have not experienced any problems, probably since the gas pump/can nozzle they normally use fits perfectly in the first place. Others have improvised by using a “Super Siphon”, still others simply added a separate air vent not connected to the fill tube at all. No matter what solution you may find, make sure your vent hoses are clear, or no matter what, you will get a backsplash. Now for the purpose of this post to begin with. Enviro-Fill/Ameri-Kart developed a solution of their own. There is a funnel out there that fits perfectly in the hole and “Seats” in the fill tube, kinda snaps in a bit, sealing the narrow opening with the funnel tube. Works great. You can get the part using Bennington Part # 013963. (See attached). Cost? Well, I think it's free. At least it was for me. My dealer did not know about it. He does now after I contacted Bennington direct. Ok that’s it. Good luck, be safe and happy boating! 07_21_10_Ameri-KartEnviroFillAcq.pdf