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  1. They are similar, as a last resort I contacted HO Sports today and they advised me that the Delta 4 is the more current tube and it replaced the Atomic. They were made specifically for Costco. Guy was great on the phone and I asked him if he knew of any dealers or distributors that may have one and he told me to try Wholesale Marine as they buy the closeouts from Costco. I tried them but no luck. I just missed one on Craigslist here in the metro Detroit Area. Good luck with your search and if I come across anything I will be sure to let you know. BAK
  2. I did the same and then I figured I better call them and see if they would ship to the U.S. I even had a back up plan to have it shipped to a buddies cottage in Windsor ON if they wouldn't to the US. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Thanks again, not in stock, can't get any more
  4. Your the Man !!!! I will call tomorrow and see if they will ship to U.S.
  5. Hey Thanks guys, I did not notice it is out of stock. Looks like its back to the drawing board....
  6. Sir, Thank you I can't tell you how many searches I did for that tube. Was in the 200 range at Costco, now I have to decide..... Thank You again BAK
  7. Sorry I should have been more specific, I am looking for the HO Atomic Tube as it holds 3 people facing forward in there own individual area, and a 4th kneeling in the back.
  8. I have had several HO Tubes from Costco and am looking for a 4 passenger model made by them. It appears that Costco is not carrying them and they are not on HO's Website. I have tried all of the usual online stores but no luck. If anyone knows where I can get one preferably new or very gently used I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your help. BAK
  9. Hey Guys, Thanks for the kind words….The home is on Walled Lake in Novi, MI, approximately 40 miles NW of Detroit. I built it myself (General Contracted) very rewarding once completed. The car was a gift to myself once the house was done
  10. Here is our home, we built it in 2013, it took 17 months and its our second home on this lake. (Last one was just 15 doors down) We are raising our twins on the lake, I try to spend most weekends on it.
  11. From the album bak

  12. From the album bak

  13. Looking to buy a Molecule Tube by HO Watersports. Anyone have any experience or comments? Thanks in advance for looking. Brian
  14. Tom, Thanks for the reply, take a look at the 1st picture it appears there is a floor in it ? It does come with a soft sided cooler which really has me confused ? Want to sell yours ? Brian
  15. I have a 2275 RCW and it did not come with a ottoman or cooler table. I am considering buying the one from Bennington that has the granite top and the drink holders down low on one end. Some of the pictures that I have seen on line show a very shallow compartment with a slanted floor which looks like there is very little room for storage. They want ridiculous money for it and I am willing to spend the $$ as long as I can use it as a cooler. Can anyone help and let me know if it is indeed a cooler table. Thanks for your help and Happy Holidays !! Brian