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  1. Wow, Nice Boat, I am jealous, But you didn't order the ,,,??? Power Shot four corner Anchor system or the... Find any lake in the US/ Global, "Get you there in a hurry" GPS system Well maybe next time,, Congrats
  2. Oh NO!!, Part of my 12 step process, Don't look at anything new, Stay out of Boat,Car, Gun, Classic Car Dealerships. Look away Joe , Look away!!
  3. Makes the boat go faster,,,jus saying
  4. "Old Guys" ride Harleys,(or let the bike stay in the garage) "Young Guys" have the Bennington on the water EVERY WEEKEND,,,,jus saying
  5. About 4000 mph, jus saying,,,,, nah I am guessing 45/46 mph or maybe higher. Same boat, Me and the wife , smooth water, full 51 gal of fuel, 250 SHO 41/42 mph, You will enjoy!!! (Don't tell people about the 70 hp)
  6. Our build was a little over 2 years ago and did me and the wife go back and forth with the same choice and decision. As with the above some time "too much" of a good thing makes it "way too much" I agree. Our final choice, Snap in palm carpet main area (limited snaps) Rear deck only Seagrass. Great for clean up of carpet and deck, great for high traffic days, Great for changing the look once in a while too. After 2 years we still love the decision. May the force be with you!! Regards
  7. Not for long Link!!
  8. We did not get one but our friends did,Our feeling is we will use the money other places. Our friends feel the same way now, To each their own preference. Best Christmas Regards JR
  9. Hawk, Great choice, think Amazon instead of Deltran directly.
  10. Very Nice, It would be great to see that new ship of yours, Give us a call the weekend of the 19th, lets get together for a beverage 817 575 7945 Best Regards Joe
  11. Welcome Hawk! We are also on Texoma, (Little Mineral Marina) You will not regret a lift get one ASAP or keep that boat on a trailer until you get the lift. Heck if it is 50 degrees and sunny any time Jan through April we are on the the lake. (Correct and ample beverage and attire a must) Do not leave that motor in the water, Zebra muscles will move in, The algae and mineral line on the toons will have that new boat looking old in a hurry,,, Oh did I say lift? Cover for the motor is a plus too, The wildlife (Birds) sure like that motor to rest on. We will be up there the weekend of the 19th if you want to say hello. Best Regards JR
  12. Oh yea a little damage on ours, Still functional though. So we will see how long this process takes. Still love the boat and choice. But I have been around manufacturing/warranty/parts replacement/dealer processes my entire life some processes to the end user work well, some do not. We will just do an objective measurement on how long it takes to get a damaged toon replaced from the day the part gets ordered at the dealer until it is replaced on the boat. I am looking forward to this.
  13. Great Pics, Glad you were able to do the tour, We plan on getting up there to do the same in the year or so. Great picture of the Tubes!!!!!!, AND SO MANY,,,Just had a Dallas dealer say 3 to 6 months to get replacement toon(s) in case of damage. Come on Bennington really ???, Three to six months? Think about your dealers keeping the service shop busy during the off season, (Now through April) think about the customer getting the replacement toon and install at the dealer during the off season. Someone dropping the ball here? Hmm? Customer happy, Dealer happy, Technicians Happy, Bennington referrals Continue on. jus saying
  14. I am a cover kind of guy, And really not an installation issue for me. (10 to 12 min install me and the wife, 20 min solo) It is all about how you roll and fold the cover on and off. (My process like Lakeliving) The Velcro around the Bimini brackets can be your friend too if the wind is picking up. I do notice when used on a regular basis the snaps and stretching of the fabric are a nonissue. I do leave the cover off over a long weekend. Man those spiders see that super clean vinyl and have a party. But an easy wipe down (303 user by the way) and off we go to a great day on the lake. After 2 years the interior still smells and looks new. jus saying
  15. The factory had left over parts from many years ago, a great way to get rid of the parts? Or could be extra parts from the "Merger" of the other company,,,,jus saying