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  1. PADs Backwards

    Good call on building the waterproof storage in. I finally got my new boat setup last weekend and I'm taking it out this weekend. I'm still months from having it decked out to be even a little comfortable but at least I'll get an idea of how it will move on the water. So far I'm secretly happy that my Bennington hasn't sold yet. If it's still around in June I'll get another trip or two to Lake Powell out of it while I work on the new one.
  2. PADs Backwards

    This actually crossed my mind! But then I figured how cheap it would be to just build my own pontoon deck and features on top of the rubber tubes! I even downloaded some 3D CAD software so I can get better communicate what I want to the welder. Here's the first draft of my aluminum helm. Yes, it's missing a cup holder, speakers and a couple other things. Damn G series helm mixing me up!
  3. PADs Backwards

    Not yet. I'm going to list it in January once I can get down to a warmer climate and get her ready to sell. I don't suspect I'll sell it to anyone in Utah. Having no Bennington dealer now is a downside, and for some reason they just haven't caught on much here. I'm hoping I'll have better luck in the Las Vegas/Mead/Havasu area. I can totally see towing this thing with the Benny. Crack that whip! I've been going crazy designing all of the improvements I want to make to it. It's a ton of fun to be able to start from scratch. I'm getting a custom aluminum helm made with a captain's chair that raises and lowers. I might position it as a center console at first. The nice thing is, I can move it around!And I'm super excited about having the Mercury MercMonitor on the dash. Seems a little silly for a small motor (I'm up to 40hp), but I feel pretty confident it'll move me almost as fast as my 200 on the GCW. I'm also planning a 17' long double bimini for super shade and to help make it easier to quickly enclose the whole thing. I can't wait!
  4. PADs Backwards

    Thanks. You know, I think the biggest reason I've become less active is the dang software update they did here a while back. As a guy who runs websites and forums, I'm surprised at how muchI've disliked it. Not a Bennington issue, of course. It's just the software they picked. Anyway, I'm definitely incorporating some pontoon-like comforts into the modifications I make to this boat for when it's on the lake. I have a feeling I'm going to have to pick your guys' brains for ideas on how to improvise some of the luxuries I'm giving up.
  5. PADs Backwards

    Hey everybody! Long time no post, but I've been lurking around. As a proud, card carrying member of the PADs club, I thought I better share that it has struck me again. First it was the 22 SX with a 90hp and twin 25's. Then it was the 2275 GCW with ESP and an F200. I didn't think I'd go up from the GCW, and it turns out, I won't. The new boat is unfortunately not a Bennington. But it's not really a pontoon either.... All photos by previous owner. More here:https://goo.gl/photos/q5ge1yr2LkCQeG586 Say hello to my new-to-me 20 foot rubber pontoon (aka cataraft). It has twin 30" diameter tubes and it will have a 30hp motor once I get it rigged up how I want (it has an 18hp now). Seems like a massive downgrade, but this is exactly what I needed all along for how I use it. Since it weighs so little a 30hp motor will actually push it in the mid 20's with a heavy load of camping gear and friends. And more importantly, I can beach/anchor it to shore just about in a lot more places at Lake Powell. With my tritoon, I'm limited to about .001% of the shoreline because almost all of it is solid rock. With this, we can let it bounce on rocks all day long. We can also just grab it and pull it up on the shore.I was getting very frustrated about being able to get off the boat and explore, and this solves that.And the cherry on top: I can take it whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon, Cataract Canyon and other big western rivers and have a far lower chance of dying in the process! I was going to build my own this winter but I got lucky and picked this exact rig up. It wasn't up for sale but I reached out to the owner to ask him some questions and one thing led to another. Deposit is paid and I'm driving out to Chicago to pick it up soon. I'm very, very happy. So now it's time to sell my Benny. It's still down at Lake Powell, but I'm going to go down over New Years weekend and take her out for one more night. I'm going to clean her up and tow her to St. George, UT and store herthereand see if I can't sell it to someone in Vegas with it being a couple hours away. The Bennington dealer here in Salt Lake is officially off of the dealer list so it could be a tough sell close to home. Wish me luck! So I guess I'm only officially in the Bennington club for as long as it takes to sell my GCW, butI'm plotting to put something from the Benny on the new boat so I can still hang like Wooden Pontoon with his Bennington furniture. So how do I change my username to Rubber Pontoon??
  6. After Market Rub Rail

    Nice. I'm going to have to consider doing this to mine.
  7. Shark Hide Show and Tell

    Sharkhide may not be the solution for every situation, but for me it has been fantastic. I put my boat in the water for 4-5 days at at time, 5-7 times per year. My toons still look shiny and new. I couldn't be happier. I'm due for a re-coat before next season but not because it is failing, just planning ahead.
  8. Lower Outdrive protection

    Thanks for that link. I have a little damage to mine so that is a worthwhile purchase.
  9. Dent insurance question

    That sucks about the panel and rail being combined and it being so unfixable. It seems to be very delicate material. I got a nice little mystery dent on my first boat and on my current boat I got a huge one right on the bow starboard panel and I cannot even begin to understand how it happened. It doesn't even look like it got hit with anything, it just kind of rippled. I did hear a weird pop from up there during the crazy iceberg flash flood storm we had though. I noticed it after that trip.
  10. I've never seen anything like this!

    Happens all the time at Lake Powell with rocks that are just under or slightly out of the water. Hell, even being super vigilante about it, it happened to me last April. Those guys must have really been moving though.
  11. Broken ladder strap.

    I've pretty much given up even trying to get them through my worthless dealer. I've been using an NRS cam strap (http://www.nrs.com/product/1440/nrs-1-hd-tie-down-straps). It's not as pretty, but it works and we leave it looped on the deck so we have a little bit of a visual that the ladder is down when we're getting ready to motor.
  12. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Champagne with regatta blue! It wasn't my first choice, but now that I've had it for a while, I like it a lot and it would probably be my first choice now. So much better than my old black boat.The champagne hides dirt and spots well, and the blue still gives it a little kick.
  13. Photos!

    Thanks. I'm glad you enjoy them. Your shots look great too!
  14. Front View

    @VTsslx22- For the actual radio? No, the fiberglass was plenty sturdy and there isn't much load on it.
  15. Photos!

    Sunset with a moonrise at our campsite in a remote corner of Lake Powell last weekend. I've spent close to 20 nights on this boatso far this year. Haven't had to put up a tent for one of them.