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  1. Sounds like the right thing to do. Enjoy your weekend and the cold beer.
  2. I have a Hydro hoist left that I converted from V Haul le to a Tri pontoon.
  3. I hear what you're saying. I have an older lift system. I used it on 27 ft Baja for 20 years. I retro fitted the lift in 2014 to fit my ESP. I think it's a model 6000 lift. The lift set on two fiberglass air tanks and has weather a lot of storms and ice over years with no problems. Actually the thing I have done to this lift is put on two sets on V bucks for the pontoon.
  4. I use a Hydrohoist three buck V lift system on ESP 2375RCW. It works perfectly. I did talk with the engineers at Bennington and they told to be sure and get the bucks under the rear of the pontoons where most the weight is. As you know most the weight is in the rear where the fuel cell and motor are. Look at Hydrohoist website. www.Hydorhorist boat
  5. 72
  6. I too have run at plus 35mph with the Bimini up for more then 40 minutes, no problems. This is one of the reasons I purchased a Bennington, to run with bimini up to stay out of the sun . If your dealer give you push back contact Bennington. Provided the boat is under warranty. Good luck
  7.  Mirror 

  8. My is mounte on the port side I lose depth readings once I get to18 miles an hour.
  9. Easy fix to keep the zipper from leaking. Have a flap added to cover the zipper. Like the flap used on trousers. Maybe heavy duty Velcro would work in place of a zipper. I like the idea. Let us how it works out.
  10. Just replaced my ports side $250.00 installed.
  11. I would agree go to the dealer for sure. Overton may have the light but will it fit properly is the question.
  12. In my opinion more power the better. No regrets later. If 2017's are coming out soon. 2016's should be a better deal. Good luck, I came out of Baja 27' with 454 engine. I have a 2375rcw 250 Yamaha and we love it.
  13. Good idea semperfi8387. Thanks
  14. All the switchs are on everything else is working fine. Just no power to the radio.
  15. Thanks milo851for your suggestion. I checked the batteries and I don't see any wires except the batteries cables and the on board changer. And they all hooked up. Any idea where fuse for the radio would be located?